Leahy wants new, $27 million ‘rapid response’ strike force for next ‘insurrection’

By Guy Page

Now that Sen. Pat Leahy (D-VT) chairs the Senate Appropriations, he can request just about any spending item he wants. And what he wants is a new SWAT team for the Capitol, and much more in response to the events of Jan. 6, a review of his $3.7 billion “emergency security supplemental” bill introduced this week shows. 

Supplemental” spending is Congressspeak for “we didn’t know this would happen, we couldn’t budget for it, now give us more money to fix it. We can’t wait for next year.”

Two items of note: Leahy would create a brand-new, $27 million U.S. Capitol Protection Task Force, a rapid response team to deal with future threats. 

Also, capitol police will get new body cams. But Americans concerned about protecting the Constitutional Rights of Congress and its staffers can sleep easy tonight. No footage of them may be shared with police, or anyone else, without them first being notified.

Here’s a partial list of the line items in the bill. Note: it’s heavy on paying for the last ‘Insurrection’ and preventing the next one.

$22 million is provided for the Department of Justice and United States Attorneys for ongoing prosecutions of those who attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

$12 million to pay the FBI, ATF, Bureau of Prisons, and U.S. Marshalls for lending a helping hand January 6.

$25 million for improved security at federal courthouses. 

$1.1 million to reimburse the state and local governments for providing security for president-elect Biden before his inauguration. 

$521 million to “fully fund the cost of the National Guard deployment to Capitol Hill, which is urgently needed to prevent cancellation of summer drills for members of the Army National Guard and Air National Guard.”

About $250 million (more) for federal court security, re: Jan. 6:

“$122.5 million for the Judiciary to improve the security of judges and federal court facilities. An amount of $10 million is provided for additional staff, contractors, and automated tools to manage security vulnerabilities at the national, circuit, and district level and to address increasing threats against federal judges, their families, and federal court facilities, including threats tied to the pending criminal cases associated with the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. $112.5 million is provided to conduct a physical security assessment of approximately 450 primary U.S. Courthouses of the Judicial Branch, and upgrade perimeter security systems and equipment to withstand a hostile incursion like the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.”

$76 million to the U.S. Treasury to prevent money laundering, “including investigations related to the events of January 6.”

$67 million for the District of Columbia for unanticipated costs associated with the January 6th Capitol insurrection and other security requirements.

U.S. Secret Service (USSS) – $6.8 million for several security needs exposed by the January 6th


National Park Service – $9 million for overtime costs and resource damages that occurred

while responding on January 6th and to enhance security preparedness.

Responding to the January 6 Insurrection and Protecting the U.S. Capitol and Congress

TOTAL: $679.3 million, including:

• U.S. Capitol Police – $79.3 million in Salaries and General Expenses for the Capitol Police response to the January 6 attack and to meet urgent gaps and demands to protect the U.S. Capitol Complex, Members of Congress, congressional employees, and visitors, including:

  • $31.1 million to backfill overtime expected until the Department can hire, train, and deploy more officers and benefits to retain current officers, including $6.9 million for hazard pay, $3.6 million for retention bonuses, and $2.5 million for tuition credits to help with retention;
  • $4.4 million for Wellness and Trauma Support, including 6 new mental health counselors and wellness resilience specialists, and $2.5 million to reimburse for U.S. Marshals Service for peer-to-peer trauma support;
  • $3.3 million for the Intelligence Division for intelligence analysts and technical resources;
  • $5.8 million for protective details for Members of Congress due to increased threats and risk assessments;
  • $5 million for Equipment and Services, including $2.7 million for reimbursement for equipment since the January 6 insurrection, $1.3 million for gas masks, tactical vests, body armor and other equipment, $900,000 for cellular phone capability, and $100,000 for legal support;
  • $2.6 million to procure basic riot control equipment to outfit all officers with ballistic helmets, batons, and body shields;
  • $6.8 million for Capitol Police specialized training, including $3.3 million for collective threat, cyber, intelligence, and counter assault training; $2.6 million for physical protection barriers and Civil Disturbance Unit (CDU) equipment; and $880,000 for specialized vehicles and tactics training for the CDU; and
  • $8.6 million to provide body cameras for Capitol Police officers, whose job duties include interacting with the general public. 

These cameras are in addition to the existing network of cameras in place to protect the Capitol Complex. To protect constitutional rights, the Capitol Police must notify any Senator, officer, or employee of the Senate involved before any footage is shared with a third party.

U.S. Capitol Protection Task Force – $27 million to create a dedicated, law enforcement-based U.S. Capitol Protection Task Force (Task Force), including the makeup, activation and resourcing of such a task force will ensure that a rapid response capability exists to be mobilized at the discretion of the Chief of Police for the United States Capitol Police. This Task Force would be composed mainly of law enforcement officers who have had significant training and experience in handling demonstrations, riots, and other large scale events requiring the deployment of civil disturbance units.

This law enforcement Task Force is proposed as an alternative to the approach in the House Security Supplemental bill, which would spend $200 million to stand up a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year National Guard force at the DC Armory under the control of the District of Columbia.

The bill also funds military spending on Covid, resettling Afghan refugees, and for programs for victims of domestic violence.

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  1. Seems to me that what we really need are federally funded response teams to Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, SanFranciso, NYC, all the Democrat run cities. It is amazing how the Dems and their official public relations office, three-quarters of the US media, has done in downplaying Antifah trying to burn down major cities, with murder, arson, theft, and treason. And, whatever happened to the testosteronal Governor of New York’s impeachment for sexual impropriety and Hunter Biden’s computer? Twitter, Google and Facebook shut down the re-election of President Trump. Trump may not be a real classy guy, but he could have saved our borders, cities, and economy, in short, the USA. Nobody’s perfect, and now we got tottering Joe, senile-sock puppet of socialism..

  2. As Chair of Senate Appropriations, his staff can stick anything in his face and he’ll sign it because he’s so old and senile, he won’t know if he’s signing for office supplies or $27 million for another DNC/RNC money laundering scam. Don’t forget Pat, 10% for the Big Guy and Nancy Pelosi needs another freezer full of premium ice cream…10% for the old hag clinging to the gavel across the hall…and finish your pudding cup…

  3. Isn’t it amazing in spite of everything that has gone on across America and continues to go on destroying neighborhoods and businesses and the looting continues in other businesses today that the only thing Patrick why he is concerned about it’s protecting his corrupt butt.

    He belongs to a party in favor of destroying police departments across America and yet he’s worried about himself.

    It’s amazing how corrupt our politicians are

  4. All they need to do is allow the capitol police to do their jobs rather than telling them to stand down when they knew something was brewing. And, there was no insurrection, so how can there be a “next” one?

  5. As Leahy mumbles platitudes in senate hearings and we wonder if he’s senile or not-
    Rest assured he has long ago made arrangements for his continued comfort and protection.
    27 million is the down payment for an improved “private” security force for Congress. A security force not encumbered with all the pesky rules set forth in the US Constitution.
    This budget request is about retaining power for the democrats- in the same manner as HR.1
    and there isn’t a thing you can do to stop it, unless you vote carefully in 2022 and 2024.

  6. Leahy is a corrupt commie politician, taking from the taxpayers. He and his fellow comrades are desperately trying to destroy America (the middle-class). They know their time is very limited as the Truth gets closer to being exposed in a major way.

    So easy to see their plan, a Marxist strategy. It’s part of their playbook to cripple the majority of Americans who will never surrender our Constitution or our Bill of Rights.

    America must always be the shining light to all the world.

    Liberty is from God not men.

  7. This is just a power grab AGAIN…

    The funny thing about the capital police is they’re not required to respond to FOIA requests. I heard they were also opening up two new offices one in Florida and the other in California. This makes them only accountable to government officials not accountable to you the people. And now they’re expanding where they’re located. Completely explains why they support defund the police they want to install their own police force that’s only accountable to them.

    Does anyone pay attention to history?
    https://www.fox13news.com/news/in-wake-of-january-6-riot-u-s-capitol-police-opens-field-office-in-tampa. (I know it’s Fox News but it gives the gist of it the easiest… If you don’t like it look it up)

    “They’re opening these field offices to put their own boots on the ground, to do their own intelligence gathering,”

    Most likely they should probably look at themselves first seeing as how they’re the ones responsible for this. Couple of little birdies told me… the same birdies that have been right time and time again for the last two years.

    In short it’s the STASI police that they’re attempting to fund.

  8. I don’t suppose there is any money for strike forces in our metropolitan areas that are being trashed by “peaceful protesters” and criminals that don’t give a rats — about the paper laws that dim wits like him think are the answer to everything ?

  9. Mr. Leahy constantly brings up the word “insurrection” yet it seems he hasn’t looked up the meaning. If he did and he was honest, he would see himself and many of his political colleagues described.

    Mr. Leahy and many of his colleagues have been “revolting against our established Constitutional Republic” for as long as they have been in our Government. Doing so makes them insurrectionists and some would even say treasonous traitors.

  10. THIS is nothing new, in the 1930’s Rep. Martin Dies created the ‘Dies Committee”, AKA the ‘House Un-American Committee” (HUAC) which was made famous in the 1950’s for the Communist “hunts”. Dies actually wanted “offices” in every major city just like the FBI and when asked about this he replied “what good are Secret Police unless they have the power of life and death?”..As usual Leahy, et:al think we are ALL stupid, calling a slight disruption & protest an “insurrection”, well they can call a cat a dog and a small boy a man but it doesn’t make it SO! We WATCHED cities burning and yet barely 1/2, IF that many, were even cited to court yet some 400 folks REMAIN jailed for misdemeanor trespassing charges? SOME still in solitary like the “Viking Horns” guy, even without ANY prior arrests/convictions for VIOLENT crimes? WHERE is the 400 HOURS of video Senator? HOW many in that crowd were U/C agents or police themselves? WHO shot (unarmed) Ashli Babbit? WHY have NONE been charged w/”insurrection” or ANY felonies? Answer the questions Senator! We’re waiting…SM.

  11. this is a treasonous thing for a u.s. senator to do! where is serve and protect the constitution, in this!

  12. The dems just want to further line there pockets with our money. All need to be voted out.

    • No. That’s what their “infrastructure” bills are; this is to build a private police force that they control to hunt out people who don’t agree with them.

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