Burlington resolution decrims prostitution

by Guy Page

The Burlington City Council last night unanimously approved a resolution to decriminalize prostitution. 

The resolution says decriminalization will make both prostitute and customer safer, will reduce the spread of HIV, and makes LGBTQ sex workers less likely to go to jail. 

H268, a bill in the Vermont Legislature to study legalization of prostitution, is now in the House Judiciary Committee. The bill finds that the ban on prostitution is rooted in racism: “the majority of Vermont’s laws on prostitution were adopted more than 100 years ago and have remained largely unchanged since that time. … Historically, these types of laws were used to prosecute men of color for having relationships with white women.”

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  1. Did you know that you can actually see Vermont from the top of the hill in Burlington ? If Burlington was not so close to Vermont, it would have no redeeming qualities at all !

  2. In the same way that Defund the Police helped Burlington into another problem, so too- the children on the Burlington City Council will create another problem with predictable consequences for those that are forced to provide these “services”. There is a reason prostitution is illegal and it looks like Burlington is going to re-learn the reason.

  3. The definition of the Hospitality industry in Burlington has reached a whole different level, hasn’t it?
    Yay. Can we kick them out of Vermont yet?

  4. Oh, what will they tie in with racism next? Legalizing prostitution brings a whole new world along with it to Burlington. Along with prostitutes soliciting customers comes a complete set of neighbors to accompany the professionals. Nothing like a University Town for business. Parents will be glad to send their college kids to Burlington. The police will keep busy with robberies, physical attacks, loitering and any number of organizing criminals. And it will keep the prostitute ands the customer safer? Reduce the spread of HIV? And prevent LGBGQ Sex Workers from frequent visits to jail? What are they going to do, issue permits or licenses to only women and men prostitutes who are fine upstanding quality citizens, perhaps college graduates, non-smokers, over 16 years old, Will LGBGQ Sex Workers have special qualifications? It is so stupid it makes you wonder what brainless city commissioners would even consider something so outrageous!

  5. Burlington has surely secured it’s place as the new Sodom and Gomorrah. I predicted a while back Burlington would be a cesspool in a few years under this progressive woke city council. My prediction seems to be coming true.

  6. The overwhelming stupidity of the deranged Burlington city council never ceases to amaze me!!

  7. What everyone needs to do is to look into The Nordic Model. Which decriminalizes the trafficking victims and criminalized the the sex traffickers pimps and johns. The Nordic Model provides an escape route for women who have been trafficked. providing social services to help them escape. Also there is Rachel Moran from Ireland who was a victim of prostitution and has created an international organization to help women escape prostitution. You need to pass this info onto your city councilors.

  8. Say What? “Typically used to prosecute men of color..”? In Vermont? What, all five or six of them (historically)? I would add language in the bill to ensure that these newly legalized “houses of ill repute” must be situated near the Legislators homes to “ensure diversity” and not be confined to downtowns & trailer parks but where THEY live. Then see how long it takes to be repealed. H268, whom was it sponsored by? By ensuring it’s only a “study” gets people talking about it, for if it were serious it would be “decriminalized” statewide before being “legalized”, just like Civil Unions (never marriage equality!) and Medical Marijuana (only for the sick!) were. These things have been happening since time immemorial, why should the VP & John Kerry have all the fun?

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