Orleans equity consultants deny teaching white shame

by Guy Page

As Barre prepares for its first Town Hall informational meeting tomorrow night at the Canadian Club, consultants for the criticized ‘equity’ curriculum in a Northeast Kingdom school district deny they are promoting racial shame among white students.

“We don’t ever tell or teach children that they should feel embarrassed, guilty or ashamed because of any trait they were born with, or for any other reason – this absolutely includes their racial identities, which absolutely includes white people,” Netdahe Stoddard commented on Rebekah Perry’s Vermont Daily news story yesterday, ‘Teachers tell students parents are wrong about race, NEK students say.’ “We believe deeply that none of us should ever feel bad just for being who we are.”

A central goal of Critical Race Theory and equity teaching is to get students to renounce their ‘Whiteness.’ At bottom, Whiteness as defined by CRT isn’t about pigmentation – Stoddard is right about that – but about the mindset of a majority white culture that allows it to impose its economic and political will and worldview on minorities. Among the false core values validating ‘whiteness’ are individuality and a belief in meritocracy, Robin DiAngelo writes in her influential 2018 book, “White Fragility.”

Critics wonder how well teachers distinguish between white skin color and this academic concept of Whiteness. If so, should teenagers be expected to mentally and emotionally internalize their differences? And should students be told that belief in the power of the individual is just an excuse of racism?

Questions like these will be up for discussion at the meeting in Barre, where schools are adopting an ‘equity’ policy based on CRT.

On Wednesday, July 14, at 6:30 pm five speakers will take to the stage at The Canadian Club on Rte. 14 in Barre for a two hour discussion on Critical Race Theory/Equity teachings in our schools. The event is sponsored by Vermonters for Vermont Initiative. The event is free and open to the public.

All of the speakers have experience with the public schools and with the introduction of CRT to our children. CRT is also being introduced in many of our public institutions and businesses. Proponents claims that it does not harm children, that CRT teaches equity and the true history of our nation. While opponents argue that CRT is destroying our children and making them think as racist, and pitting races and ethnic groups against each other.

Critical Race Theory teaches people that they are either oppressors or oppressed/victims, V4V Initiative founder Greg Thayer said. It’s been around since the 1970’s, being taught in many colleges across the nation and now it is coming to students of all ages. CRT is a byproduct of the writings of the Communist Manifesto works of Karl Marx.

Information about FAIR, Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism, an alternative to CRT, will be available at the Barre meeting. Speakers include:

Welcome & Comments by Gregory Thayer; “Vermonters for Vermont” Initiative

Martha Hafner, Former Educator

Alice Flanders, Former Educator

Ellie Martin, VT. Grassroots

John Klar, VT. Liberty Network

Rep. Samantha LeFebvre; (R-Williamstown, Orange)

Speakers are allowed 12 minute presentations. After the last speaker all will come to the front for a Q&A with the audience. The event will conclude at 8:30 pm.

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  1. “Proponents (of CRT) claim that it does not harm children, that CRT teaches equity and the true history of our nation,” writes Guy Page. But whose version of “true” with whose “historical facts”? Howard’s Zinn’s People’s History of The United States, as seen through a socialist’s glass darkly, biased of America’s origins? You cannot pass judgement on our founding fathers and their worldview through convenient 21st century hindsight. But this is exactly what BLM, CRT, Antifah and three-quarters of the Democratic Party practices. Also, proponents of CRT cancel global history and solely concentrate on the history of North American slavery. Will CRT teach that Brazil outsold the US slave market 50-1? Will they teach that The Arabs monopolized slavery from 700 AD through the 19th century, and are still practicing it? No, because it does not promote their anti-American agenda. Once upon a time, patriotism was acceptable, normalized and “cool,” but then came the VietNam War, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.

    • good points. They could even stay closer to home and teach that slave like labor conditions exist right here, today in Vermont. Illegally trafficked manual workers are taken to Vermont farms and coerced to work in slave like conditions. They can’t leave these “jobs” or refuse to work, because if they do, then their families in Central America will lose their houses or worse, be killed. The very people who decry American slavery and accuse Vermont of benefiting from it – despite the fact that this state sent 20% of its male population to fight for the abolition of Slavery in the Civil War – also insist on calling these victims of forced labor “undocumented immigrants” while doing absolutely nothing to help them.

  2. It is very tiring to continue almost daily attempting to protect Vermont’s children and families from those who are nothing but Political/Social Activists. These are hiding under the cover of promoting so called equity and/or diversity. I ask you to please carefully re-read the first three paragraphs. The CRT folks readily admit they are seeking to promote “Whiteness”, not skin color but the culture of those who happen to have “white” skin. To promote this CRT wants to reprogram our children even at the expense of familial relations. CIT refers to “teenagers” but actually it affects K thru 12. These are tender, impressable years, important to individual and family. One area is going to spend about a million dollars on CRT. Mostly in payroll expense that could be better spent in educational support. CRT is smart and crafty. They are selling a product, a very expensive product. They have made inroads by convincing a few educators, of the same ilk and administrators that this is a POLITICALLY desirable solution. Do not doubt that Social Activist Organizations are intimately involved. No matter the definitions our teenagers could do on their own with a more effective and less disturbing result. This CRT and other such programs are NOT a one shot deal. This is designed to indoctrinate our children for years, elementary through high school and eliminate or replace parental support, guidance and advice. CRT and other such programs wants to take your children and mold them into prescribed personalities. Not the Home, or the Church, or the Famlly or even Society and Life around them. Please, don’t give up the responsibility of guiding your children into a confident and successful Adult.

  3. On one day the leftist/statist/collectivist contingent is commiserating about how traumatized the delicate, snowflake children are by the COVID pandemic, the Trump Administration, and climate change. Now they want to make all the “white” kids hate themselves. If a “white” kid takes his/her own life after a degrading session of CRT brainwashing, that blood will be on someones hands. There is certainly a bright future for the counseling and psychology professions and in the pharmaceutical industry producing all the necessary remedies for OCD and traumatic stress disorders brought on by leftist self-hate and victimhood-promotion. If this national and regional unhealthy obsession with race does not get cured in the next election, we are in for the full Venezuela treatment by the Biden “administration”. Elections have consequences.

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