Mazur: Wheels coming off Biden’s wagon

by Frank Mazur

Our supply chain problems are self-imposed, caused by a truck and driver shortage. Trucks must meet new California emission regulations (50 percent of port trucks don’t) and new trucks must be electric. Drivers are hindered by limited driving hours plus entitlements to stay home are more attractive. Biden’s 24/7 imposed work schedule, already in effect, will do nothing.

Gas has increased 50 percent because of Biden’s regulations. Working rigs are down 50 percent, drilling on Federal lands is down 20 percent and labor shortages all add to less production. Biden reversed all of Trump’s policies that got U.S. energy independent. Now we’re dependent on the whims of foreign suppliers who don’t have our best interest in mind.

Also, there’s not enough Semiconductors to meet demands. Many are sourced in Taiwan. Sensing U.S. weakness, China’s threat to nationalize that island will affect supply. The largest U.S. chip producer is threatened by environmentalists trying to impose more stringent environmental standards.

None of these problems existed a year ago. Everything began to unravel January 20 when Biden’s Presidential edicts reversed policies that Made America Great Again. We’ve fallen off a cliff and we need to prepare for the impact that has yet to come.

The author is a South Burlington resident and former member of the Vermont House of Representatives.

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  1. I’m not a big Biden fan, but facts matter, and this piece is lacking badly.
    The truth is gas was lowest under Obama, rose under Trump and continues to.
    Semi conductor shortages resulted from, commodity price driven industry consolidation, and long term strategic planning by Taiwan, supply chain problems resulted from Trumps well meaning, poorly defined and executed trade war with China and covid made it a lot worse.
    The truth is that the problems we face are global, strategic, issues, the only way to solve them is by focusing on the future a decade out, collaborating internationally, and dropping the partisan bickering promoted by so many. Stop blaming start working together, and honor the roots of our country.

  2. Frank- will you please consider running for office again? Your April piece on climate crisis and top down control and this one as well clearly depict your big picture understanding and ability to sift through the deception. Please consider.

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