Mark MacDonald coming home on Election Day

By Guy Page

Sen. Mark MacDonald plans to return home on Election Day, November 8 following his October 9 stroke, he said from his University of Vermont Medical Center (UVMMC) hospital room today. 

The 79-year-old Orange County senator has been at UVMMC since the medical event. 

MacDonald is undergoing rehab and “they tell me I’m doing well,” MacDonald told Vermont Daily Chronicle in a brief phone interview. He is scheduled to go home on November 8, Election Day, he said. 

The farmer, Vietnam veteran, and retired educator served in the Vermont House of Representatives for one biennium, 1983-84. He was first elected to the Senate in 1996. His current two-year term ends on January 4, 2023. Unlike almost a third of his peers in the Senate, he is seeking re-election.

He faces stiff opposition from Republican John Klar, who has strong name recognition and has been campaigning hard. Also, Democratic supporters are concerned he may be more vulnerable to defeat in the past due to his Senate redistricting. He lost the solidly blue Thetford and gained more purplish Bradford.

MacDonald is known as a vigorous opponent of Vermont Yankee and an equally vigorous supporter of the climate agenda, once comparing the effort needed to reduce carbon emissions to the nation’s commitment to fighting World War II.

During Senate discussions this year on the Clean Heat Standard, he conceded that the CHS is a de facto carbon tax. When a senator wondered what to tell constituents concerned about the high price of heating fuel, MacDonald responded, “Get a blanket.”

According to the Ethan Allen Institute, MacDonald last session also voted twice to limit gun ownership rights.

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  1. I am sorry Senator MacDonald suffered a stroke, I really am. And I wish him to recovery completely and quickly.
    Along with that I am sure Governor Scott hopes he gets re elected. Because Scott made it apparent on WVMT last week that MacDonald is an inspiration to Scott.
    So much so that in his response to a Woman caller asking what Scott would do about the high cost of home heating fuel, Scott told the Woman to turn down her thermostat and insulate her home.
    Reminiscent of MacDonalds, ” just tell them to get a blanket ” statement.
    Great minds ‘eh Governor ?

  2. The hawty arrogance of MacDonald, Scott, et al, shows they believe they are above and beyond reach of the serfs and slaves, aka VT taxpayers. Obviously, they are all in with the globalist agenda and they sold out the State to the CCP. Vermont is captured territory. What choices do the likes of MacDonald and Scott have while the house of cards falls? Are they the types to fall on their swords and confess to what they have done? I believe they are the types that will ride the wave straight into Hell because that is the deal they made. May God bless us and deliver us from their evil, wicked ways.

  3. Mark MacDonald’s votes regularly to damage the everyday, hard-working Vermonter.

    I know many of you are long-time Democrats, but Mr. MacDonald is not the Democrat you remember of times past. He is no John Kennedy Democrat. Those, like Mark, have robbed the party of integrity, caring and its past history of representing the best interests of the people. The Democrat party of today is now aligned with the most radical, control obsessed, far left wing, elitists in the world, and they are using you to hold onto that power and to bring our nation, its people and especially our children to destruction. Some, like Tulsi Gabbard, have left the party and for good reason.

    If you want to be safe in your home, able to afford living in Vermont, and want someone to fight for your rights and ability to provide for your family, who does not cater to out-of-staters but does cater to Vermont families, Vermont farmers and Vermont children, you best consider voting for John Klar for Senate. We need new voices with the commitment to serve us and not themselves or their damaging special interest investors.

    While you are choosing items on the ballot, Vote “NO” for Article 22. The convoluted wording has even the smartest wondering what it truly means, what it will do to our way of life and why it needs to be in the Vermont Constitution. I am a retired lawyer and retired pharmacist and consider this the most dangerous action by the left I have seen over my life here in Vermont. If you need a simple litmus test, know that Mark MacDonald favors Article 22 and John Klar and knowing Vermonters oppose it.

    Ask the question whether you are satisfied with the direction of your state and nation, and when you answer that, then think about who made it that way and who wants to make it even worse. Consider the cost of heating oil to warm your home, gasoline to drive to the supermarket, the doctors or to take your children to school. Consider the spiraling cost of food and everything else before you vote.

    Don’t have time to know all the issues? Then just follow this simple suggestion to not vote for any Democrat.

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