K-8 school sexuality-gender group sends support to Randolph / Heroin user busted for catalytic converter theft

K-8 school gender/sexuality group sends notes of support to Randolph – With help from staff, students in Sexuality and Gender Alliance of the K-8th grade Shelburne Community School are sending notes of support to students and staff at Randolph Union High School. “SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance – student group) has been busy coordinating an SCS effort to offer support and encouragement to the students and staff at Randolph Union Middle High School based on the recent incidents they have experienced. Our community has been busy writing notes to send to their community, letting them know we are here for them,” the school newsletter says.

Leahy secures $30 million federal grant for Global Foundries$30 million in federal funding has been awarded to Global Foundries to advance the development and production of next-generation gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon semiconductors at GF’s facility in Essex Junction. With their unique ability to handle significant heat and power levels, GaN semiconductors improve performance and efficiency in applications 5G and 6G smartphones, RF wireless infrastructure, electric vehicles, power grids, solar energy, and other technologies, a GF press statement said.

Alleged catalytic converter thief busted earlier for heroin possession – Dartmouth College security arrested David Gilmore, 44, of Hartford for allegedly stealing a catalytic converter in Norwich on October 22. He was jailed pending arraignment. On September 25, police found Gilmore passed out in a running car in Corinth; he was cited and released for heroin possession and other charges. Catalytic converters contain 1-2 grams of rhodium, now trading at $20,000/ounce or more than 10 times the price of gold.

NOW HIRING, guv says – At tomorrow’s noontime press conference in the governor’s ceremonial office at the Vermont State House, Gov. Phil Scott, the Department of Labor (VDOL) and the McClure Foundation will discuss Vermont’s Most Promising Jobs, a list assembled by VDOL and McClure that includes more than 50 occupations expected to pay above the state median wage and have at least 500 openings over the next decade.

The Joint Legislative Justice Oversight Committee will receive an update on secure housing for violent juveniles at 2 PM tomorrow. At present, there is no dedicated facility. However, last week a Vermont court overturned a Town of Newbury decision opposing the location of a secure facility there. 

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  1. I believe you will find the Sexuality and Gender Alliance is two or three troubled individuals hiding behind a group facade in attempt to cast influence. Identifying the letter writers and staff by name would be more accurate then falling for their”Group/Alliance” ruse.

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