Malloy trails Welch by less than 7 points in Senate race

By Guy Page

A poll by a national public research group shows Peter Welch leading Gerald Malloy 49.7% – 43.2% in the race for the Vermont U.S. Senate seat held by retiring Patrick Leahy. 

The Trafalgar Group poll, released Friday, was conducted September 3 – September, before the first statewide debate conducted last week in which Welch reportedly explained his support for the increasing IRS funding by $80 billion because “there are a lot of Americans who make an awful lot of money who aren’t paying their taxes.”

Welch has been in Congress since being elected in 2006. He handily won the Democratic nomination. Malloy, a Republican, is a retired U.S. Army officer and Perkinsville resident making his first run for office. He ran hard in the primary and easily defeated former U.S. Attorney Christina Nolan and businessman Myers Mermel. 

Malloy’s primary victory surprised many – including VT GOP Chair Paul Dame. 

“During the primary, many regular political observers – including myself – were surprised to see Malloy out-polling U.S. Attorney Christina Nolan,” Dame wrote in a letter to GOP members. “It is not difficult to believe the same thing may be happening again as President Biden’s divisive rhetoric and series of cascading crisis after crisis have put an unprecedented amount of pressure on Democrats like Peter Welch who have accomplished virtually nothing of significance in the past decade and a half but have instead been a rubber stamp on every bad policy over the past 2 years.”

The poll featured 1072 respondents who were likely general election voters. It claimed a response rate of 1.43%, a margin of error of 2.9%, and a 95% confidence rating. 57% of respondents were Democrats, 30% Republicans, and 13% were listed as other. 

Trafalgar claims it was “named the best polling firm of 2016 presidential race, and this year, Real Clear Politics called us “‘he most accurate pollster of the cycle among those firms that polled multiple Senate and governor races.’”

The same poll also showed Vermonters supporting incumbent Gov. Phil Scott over Democratic challenger Brenda Siegel by a 68% – 15% margin. 

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  1. I watched about half of the debate on Youtube but had to stop because I couldn’t stand to listen to Welch any longer.

    Gerald needs to take a Toastmasters course or something. His presentation, talking in a low, monotone is not conducive to public speaking. He needs to speak up and have a little enthusiasm.

    He needs to bone up his responses. For example on the question of student loan forgiveness, he mentioned in passing that it wasn’t fair. I would have liked to see him pound that home, pointing out how the vast majority of people who don’t go to college will be paying for these deadbeats who got a useless degree in something like East African Lesbian Art History.

    • We need someone honest and who is a Patriot, who is willing to represent the people.
      Take a look at this short video from a meeting with the Anti-War group in Barre. Weasel Welch claimed to be anti war but never took the opportunity handed to him to stop wars….watch to the end. 7 min.

      Anti-war/Welch/911316 views12 years ago
      Antiwar /Welch / 9/11


      Anti-war/ Welch 9/11 followup: Bradford 09


  2. So whether you liked Christina Nolan’s “middle of the road” viewpoints on abortion or not — Nolan would have almost certainly won VT a Republican US Senate seat against China loving extremist Welch……..and the leftists KNEW IT!

    Hence their strategy to grab up the GOP primary ballots & fill them in with GOP candidate picks they knew couldn’t win in November against the familiar socialist democrat swamper names of their own party.

    Seems to me what they were involved in constitutes election interference or fraud though it’s “totally fair game” in VT.

    They knew Vermonters have had it! Therefore, they are back to relying on mail-in ballots, drop boxes, fraudulent tactics in the primary, & college student voting which should NOT be allowed! Revisit a claim of action, VTGOP!!!!!!!!!!!

    So…..what are the solutions, Mr. Dame? I know, I know: “Crickets” once again…….Most of us don’t speak Crickets. How about an answer in Swahili or something?

    • There is a ballot inspection of Montpelier’s 2020 election in process today, 9/12/22. We shall see how much election integrity exists in our capitol city.

    • Utter and complete rubbish. All GOP candidates had close to zero recognition in the ‘marketplace’, and so then misogynist GOP voters went into the booth and voted for “not the woman.’ ,There is no other plausible explanation for the same electorate electing both Malloy and Madden – one who nobody knew but appears to be not a Republican and the other a ‘hang ’em and flog ’em’ red meat MAGA man.

      Also, if Democrats had voted in the GOP primary, there would have been a lot more than the paltry c. 25k voters in a contested vote! After all, Welch alone got over 86K in a vote that was a foregone conclusion.

      4% of all Vermonters voted in the GOP primary, BTW about the same number of Vermonters that think the earth is flat. Coincidence?

      • Christian, Guzziman
        You must feel lonely over here. Do you own a Motto Guzzi? The election in November will change things nationally so whoever the progs send to Washington won’t matter much. Too bad you’re on the losing team but we accept all opinions here unlike the censorship on the dem/prog sites.

    • Kathy Nolan could not even be open and honest about who she voted for in the 2030 presidential election. You want another one of those people in DC deceiving us?

  3. It’s really simple, actually. Name one or two things Welch has done in congress to improve your life in Vermont or in the country. On the world stage, the senate is the upper body, since Welch is a rubber stamp for all things Biden, who has destroyed our energy, created the worst inflation in 40 years, abandoned $85 billion in Military weapons and vehicles to our enemies in Afghanistan, continues forced vaccine mandates and has decimated the military, has sold strategic oil supplies to China, has ballooned the national debt to $31 trillion and has called 74 million Americans domestic terrorists and that’s the short list and Welch assisted in this with every vote as congressman. A vote for Peter Welch is a vote for the continued destruction of our country under Joe Biden.

    • Afghanistan can’t be an enemy – Mr. Trump signed a peace deal with them. If they were an enemy, then signing a peace treaty would be, well, treasonous, wouldn’t it?

      Also, Mr. Trump vowed to pay off the national debt in 8 years. In four years he made considerable progress as it went $20 to $28B. In Bidens first year it to go up – to $28.4. https://www.statista.com/statistics/187867/public-debt-of-the-united-states-since-1990/. Also worth noting that in 2017, Mr. Trump sold half a millions barrels of oil from the SPR to China: https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-allies-biden-selling-oil-china-but-did-same-2017-2022-7. But it was OK then, just a bad thing now, right?

      Facts can be a bit awkward, can’t they?

      • Not for me, you’re probably indoctrinated if you think what Biden has done to America is good. Trump sold oil because we were energy independent. Joe went to the Arabs with gas can in hand begging for them to increase production after his policies drove prices to $5.00 per gallon. China was not going to invade Taewon and relations were different on the world stage. You can have your own opinions but not your own facts. Biden has his media lapdogs while the democrat-controlled media tried to destroy him for 5 years.

      • Re: “Also, Mr. Trump vowed to pay off the national debt in 8 years.”

        No, Trump didn’t make a ‘vow’. If we’re referring to Trump’s interview with Bob Woodward in April 2016, Trump said:
        “We’ve got to get rid of — I talked about bubble. We’ve got to get rid of the $19 trillion in debt.”

        BW: “How long would that take?”

        DT: “I think I could do it fairly quickly, because of the fact the numbers . . . .”

        BW: “What’s fairly quickly?”

        DT: “Well, I would say over a period of eight years. And I’ll tell you why.”

        Read the whole interview here.

        Of course, Guzziman can’t be blamed for making this exaggerated remark on his own. Newsweek and other of the MSM repeated the overstatement over and again during the 2016 presidential campaign. And keep in mind, Trump has yet to complete his 8 years as president.

      • Re: “… Trump sold half a millions barrels of oil from the SPR to China: … But it was OK then, just a bad thing now, right?”

        Well, yes. When Trump sold the oil, Saudi Arabia had experienced a drone strike halting half of its crude oil production and world petroleum prices had become significantly unstable. Furthermore, in early 2020, Trump authorized the purchase of 77 Million barrels of American produced crude for the SPR. And keep in mind that: “On April 20th, 2020, the price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil slumped into negative for the first time in history, falling to negative 37.63 U.S. dollars per barrel.”

        Imagine that. Trump buys oil for the SPR when there’s a negative market price for a barrel of crude – and then sells it to China for $52.30 per barrel. Not a bad transaction by any measure.

        That Guzziman omitted these details underlines his failure to recognize his own own caution:
        “Facts can be a bit awkward, can’t they?”

        Yes – It’s ‘the art of the deal’. Something Guzziman, apparently, knows little about.

      • facts are awkward for you I see. Trump made it clear to the Taliban that if any American soldier was injured or killed then hell would rain down on them. That isn’t a treaty. And you do understand that the house writes spending bills not the president right? It is completely obvious that our politicians are completely fiscally irresponsible.
        and you can understand the difference between selling excess oil to China as opposed to draining the SPR while selling it to China?

      • You mean like the fact that the contents of Hunter’s laptop were surpressed until after the election? Since any vote in Vermont is under control of a third party company in New Hampshire, the selection process is locked in and Pervmont remains a cesspool of corruption.

    • And Trump didn’t sell oil from our national strategic stock, he sold to many countries and gas was #1.87 per gallon and the USA was producing more energy than ever before. Projecting half-truths is not going to get you a participation award.

      • But this https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-usa-trump-budget-spr/trumps-budget-proposes-sale-from-emergency-oil-reserve-idUSKBN2042M0 says he did. So was his budget lying? Or are your sources saying he didn’t do it better than mine? If so – name them! Also, what a dummy for selling it when the price was so cheap.

        But in all seriousness, petroleum products are a globally traded commodity. How can anyone (Trump, Biden, my dog) sell a globally traded commodity for less than the best price available at the time? Capitalism rests on the principal of ‘willing buyer & willing seller’. Sure, I’d love to buy my gas for $1 a gallon, but if you are willing to pay $2 who will sell to me?

        Gas prices are broadly similar globally, the differences arise only from 1.) Distribution costs (a gallon is more in antarctica than Saudi Arabia. 2.) taxation (the US taxes it less than Canada) 3.) government intervention to lower prices (Numerous places including Venezuela)

  4. Hey Dano: “You must feel lonely over here. Do you own a Motto Guzzi? ” Not at all, why would I want to be in an echo chamber of people that think like me? I have an open mind and want to hear all sides. Sometimes I find the comments here to be just Q-Anon silly, while at other times they are well thought through and even things I can agree with! Won’t find out if I don’t visit every day or so, will I?

    I have lot’s of bikes – one is a Moto Guzzi – well done on being au fait with dubious Italian engineering!

    • The problem is that you can ramble on here, true or not, but we can’t on most of the dem/prog sites due to shutting down their comment sections. There’s no echo chamber when there’s no voices.!

  5. Put all the Liberals on a slow boat to China period!!
    Vote malloy vote malloy!!
    Vote Red, Red, Red vote Red period folks!!
    Send the Liberals packing period!!

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