400 lbs. of feces dumped off Long Trail

By Guy Page

Black garbage bags filled with human feces have been left repeatedly by person(s) unknown off the Long Trail near its Winooski River pedestrian bridge, and the Town of Bolton wants it to stop.

Town officials don’t know who’s doing it, although they suspect it’s someone with a failed septic system. They’re not looking to prosecute, they just want it to stop and the guilty party to ask them for help solving their problem. 

On May 4, the town received an email with photos attached from the Green Mountain Club (GMC), noting that one of GMC’s Long Trail adopters had discovered dozens of black garbage bags thrown over the guardrail along Duxbury Road adjacent to the Long Trail and near the GMC’s Winooski pedestrian bridge, town officials reported on the Bolton Facebook page.

Further investigation revealed that the dozens of black plastic bags contained human feces and toilet paper. 

“Our thanks to the GMC for mobilizing 10 volunteers who spent hours cleaning up the 400+ pounds of feces and toilet paper,” the official said. “In their words: ‘Gross.’”

The Bolton Select Board, Town Health Officer and Conservation Commission were made aware of the situation, and although multiple conversations ensued, the only solutions identified were to alert all area residents and to perhaps install temporary signs about this issue. 

Town officials determined that game cameras would not work well in this situation. 

“We all hoped that the dumping had stopped,” the official said on the FB post. “It hasn’t. Black garbage bags filled with human feces and large amounts of toilet paper continue to be dumped in the same vicinity on Duxbury Road.  Some of the bags are being dragged off by animals, ripped open, and their contents spewed onto folks’ properties.”

The Town posted the matter on Facebook because “we want everyone to be aware of this situation, as it is extremely concerning on multiple levels including environmentally and with respect to personal health and safety.” The town offices can be reached at (802) 434-5075.

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  1. And a game camera wouldn’t work why exactly? One reason I can think of is if part of the camera’s field of view would trigger the camera every time a car went by. So? Take a piece of electric tape and cover the lens facing the road. Another? They’re worried about the cameras being stolen or vandalized. Well, now that it’s out in public that could be a problem. It would have been better to place the camera(s) discreetly back in May, and if anyone asked, just say it was part of a wildlife tracking initiative. They had four months to come up with something so simple a fourth grader could think of it. Now? The cameras could still be hidden but would become quite obvious to anyone looking for them once the foliage drops, and then bye-bye cameras.

  2. The town isn’t looking to prosecute…….um…why not? This act was deliberate, repetitive, unsanitary, & very potentially hazardous both environmentally & to passers-by. Is this the same government seeking to eventually prosecute citizens for using fossil fuels in their autos or heating sources in the not-too-distant future? Asking for, yeah you know, – a friend.

  3. Could it be- as speculated by the town that a failed septic system is somehow at the root of this? Vermont’s over-regulation of wastewater systems may have a homeowner over a barrel- a failed system and a replacement system is either cost prohibitive or not allowed by ANR?

    • Frank, I can tell you as someone who served on a town commission for years in VT, like corruption everywhere when it comes to municipal & State governments – the State itself & the towns individually – are experts at very selectively enforcing environmental regulations. If the government “likes” you (i.e.: you play good ‘ol boy/girl games like a trained dog) then they look (or sniff as it is here) the other way. Trying to do the right thing in terms of even age-old environmental regs? They may try to persecute you for one lame-o reason or another. Who knows what’s going on here, but this person’s actions were invariably wrong no matter what.

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