Local GOP committee opposes Article 22

At its October 12 monthly meeting, the Barre City Republican Committee passed a resolution opposing Article 22, the proposed ‘reproductive liberty’ amendment to the Vermont Constitution. 

This news was reported to Vermont Daily Chronicle by William Toborg, embattled pro-life member of the city diversity and equity committee and husband of Vermont Right to Life Committee policy analyst Sharon Toborg. Both of Barre City’s Republican House candidates – Tom Kelly and Brian Judd – are pro-life opponents of Article 22.

The resolution reads:

Whereas, Proposal 5 would add the following language to our Vermont Constitution: Article 22. [Personal Reproductive Liberty] That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy is central to the liberty and dignity to determine one’s own life course and shall not be denied or infringed unless justified by a compelling State interest achieved by the least restrictive means, and

Whereas, the term “personal reproductive autonomy” has no fixed definition, and

Whereas, the use of the word “individual” would grant to women, men, and children an equal right to reproductive autonomy, and

Whereas, Proposal 5 would create a legal avenue to challenge existing laws intended to protect children from sexual exploitation, and

Whereas, Proposal 5 could lead to taxpayer funding of gender transition for children without parental consent, and

Whereas, Proposal 5, by directing the courts to use a “strict scrutiny” standard of review, would give the right to personal reproductive autonomy higher priority than any other right in our constitution, which could lead to medical providers being required to participate in procedures that violate their religious beliefs or best medical judgement, and

Whereas, Proposal 5 removes the ability of the legislature to determine appropriate public policy as it relates to so-called “personal reproductive autonomy” and instead turns over to the courts all future decisions on the matter, and

Whereas, Proposal 5 is not needed as abortion rights in Vermont are protected by statute, therefore

Be it resolved, the Barre City Republican Committee finds that Proposal 5 carries the potential for serious harm while providing no benefit, and encourages Vermonters to vote no on Prop 5.

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  1. I have read the whole proposal and it is about much more than abortion..read the whole article..I VOTE NO and I am independent

  2. I’m watching the news this morning and the reporter has a selected group of people from the southern boarder in Texas talking about the border crisis. Now this of course is Fox News because they seem to be the only National news organization that honestly reports the news-and it truly is a crisis at the southern border. The conversation goes to fentanyl overdoses and one woman starts talking about a very young person, 2 years old, that was brought in, a fentanyl overdose. I don’t think the child made it because the woman said it was probably a blessing because the child had been sexually assaulted and had a sexually transmitted disease!!!!! This is CRAZY!!!! This should be on every news outlet out there—-on Facebook and Twitter, NYT and WPO but it’s not!!!! What Vermonters need to know is that Planned Parenthood has entered the public schools all over Vermont promoting promiscuity with free condoms and sexually transmitted disease treatments and advertising gender reassignment treatments and surgeries to be the state’s primary provider of said treatments and surgeries!!!! Parents say NO on Article 22.

    The progressives are going after our children—-it was evident when on Tucker Carlson last night the 14 year old girl at the Randolph school who was on the volleyball team and complained about a biological boy watching the team undress made her feel unsafe and the school administration suspended her because she refused to apologize to the biological boy??? What why should she apologize???? She felt unsafe!!!! Her father spoke up for her and he was fired. He was a soccer coach at a his same school. I believe the girl is suing the school!!! Girls rights are being trampled upon too so vote the progressives out!!! Remake Vermont —- remember to vote Republican on every ballot and NO on Article 22.
    D. LeBlanc
    Williamstown, Vermont

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