Letters: Clean and sober House candidate says no pot shops / Gervais a vote for fiscal restraint / ‘Gender-integrated’ military scary

No marijuana growing, retail sales in Barre – My name is Brian Judd, and I am running for State Representative from Barre. I was born and raised in Barre City, graduated from Spaulding High School, and am an Honorable Discharged Military Veteran. I have been Clean and Sober for over 31 years and am a college graduate. 

I do Not support a Marijuana Indoor Growing Operation in Barre City. I do not support any retail stores selling marijuana in Barre City. We have enough drug problems in Barre City, we don’t need anymore. Thank you for your time and consideration. – Brian Judd

Gervais opposes reckless spending – I don’t consider myself a “political person,” but recent events have motivated me to vote.  I have known Joe Gervais for many years now.  He’s an honest, kind-hearted, humble man that has dedicated his life to service.  Anyone who knows Joe, knows his word is good – if he says something, he means it…  If Joe wasn’t running, I likely wouldn’t vote as I have little faith in either political party at this point.

Joe, a long-time Vermonter, has highlighted how Vermont government no longer represents “We The People.”  He sees how government has become hyper-focused on pushing radical policies that increase taxes/ spending, diminish our God given rights and create division. 

If you’re unhappy with the current trajectory of our great State/Country, Joe Gervais should be your vote.  I have no doubt that Joe will work to ensure the recent reckless, unsustainable spending ends and that our true rural Vermont values are brought to the forefront in Montpelier (fiscal responsibility, less regulation, less Government interference, safe communities- law and order, religious freedom, etc.).  As a former military officer and business leader, Joe will bring strength and common-sense practical leadership to the Vermont House of Representatives. 

Joe Gervais – a man destined to restore our God-given rights to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Lenny Davis, Arlington

Women will suffer in ‘gender-integrated’ military – When President Obama called to fundamentally change America, military leaders were picked that advanced that agenda. Today, that wokeism agenda professes America is fatally flawed by race (whiteness), ethnicity and sex. It’s the new norm military leaders must promote.

When a military study concluded that in “gender-integrated combat formations” women would suffer more combat injuries than men it was shelved because it didn’t achieve combat equity. Physical tests were required to be gender neutral and when that wasn’t achieved the tests were eliminated. Before leaving office, Obama ordered transgender acceptance in the military but President Trump reversed that order. However, hours after President Biden’s inauguration, he opened the military to transgenders.

Military personnel are now trained to use proper pronouns and inclusive language. Traditional training of inclusiveness is replaced along racial and gender lines. Black Lives Matter and critical race theory is part of the curriculum at military academies and race quota’s drive military promotions.

The climate change ideology, not China, is now considered the greatest threat facing America. Biden imposed significant environmental goals on the military including zero emission standards. In 2023, $3B will be spent to comply.

A recent Heritage Foundation study says the “US military is only marginally able to defend America’s national interest.” General Jack Keane reported that in US/China Pentagon modeling exercises the US would be defeated. Is there any wonder why military retention and enlistments are falling behind? Our military’s readiness has been weakened by our leaders. Where’s the press? That should frighten everyone. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

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  1. I totally agree with Brian Judd. I voted against every cannabis bill last session and will do the same in the next session if re-elected. It’s a health and safety issue.

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