Licata seeks Burlington seat in State House

Tom Licata is running as an Independent candidate for the Vermont State House of Representatives for Burlington’s Chittenden-13 district.

“The traditional Democrat Party is dead. It’s gone. Progressivism has subsumed it. Progressivism is a euphemism for today’s deception-laden, postmodern-Socialism,” said Licata.

Tom Licata

“Socialism’s 45 goals were read into the Congressional Record in 1963. Among these are: (1) Get control of the schools and teachers’ associations. Soften the curriculum. (2) Emphasize the need to raise children away from the influence of parents. Promote promiscuity. (3) Transfer powers from police to social agencies. (4) Discredit America’s founding.” ‘Sound familiar’? Licata asked.

Licata points to Act 35, which allows children to consent to psychotherapy without parental consent; proposed bill H659, which allows children to receive medical treatments without parental consent; proposed bill H630, which legalizes prostitution; and particularly to Article 22 – a very deceptively-worded constitutional amendment – which will appear on November’s ballot and will not only allow abortion up to the day of birth but could enshrine human cloning, designer babies, eugenics, prostitution and three DNA conceived children as proof that something very wrong – dare he say evil – is occurring in the halls of Montpelier’s State House.

Licata quotes former Vermont resident and Noble laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn from his prescient 1978 Harvard University Commencement Address:

“The split in today’s world is perceptible even to a hasty glance…. [F]reedom toward evil has come about gradually… to which man,… does not bear any evil within himself, and all defects of life are caused by misguided social systems, which must therefore be corrected…. The humanistic way of thinking… did not admit the existence of intrinsic evil in man, nor did it see any task higher than the attainment of happiness on earth. And yet in… American democracy at the time of its birth, all individual human rights were granted on the ground that man is God’s creature. That is, freedom was given to the individual conditionally, in the assumption of his constant religious responsibility…. We have placed too much hope in politics and social reforms, only to find out that we were being deprived of our most precious possession: Our spiritual life.”

Licata would bring professional financial experience to the job of Representative. He has ten years’ experience in corporate and strategic finance, including jobs with IBM, Virginia Electric & Power, and McDonald Associates, as well as an MBA from the College of William & Mary.

Tom and his wife Anita have lived in their Burlington, Deforest Road home for nearly 30 years, where they raised their two children. Over those years, Tom emerged as a community leader, volunteering as a Little League baseball coach, Cub Scout master, and event organizer. Tom earned Burlington’s Leadership Award for organizing Burlington’s largest ongoing Block Party for six consecutive years. He is now a caregiver for the elderly and individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Tom will bring pragmatism, common sense, and prudence to the job of Representative. “I will measure every action I take against its impact on jobs and your family’s economic health. My goal is to help heal the damage done not only by the Coronavirus but also by the reckless and imprudent inflationary, economic, social and family policies of today’s post-Modern socialist ideologues’, most notably hiding under the guise of today’s Vermont Democrat Party.”

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  1. Licata sounds like a total hack, and the CIA probably wrote that list about Socialism. Or the John Birch society.

      • Would not surprise me in the least if they, the CIA or a psy ops unit came up with that, so you can repeat it. Also, you have about as much chance of winning anything in Chittenden county as Elvis has coming back to life.

    • Thank you so much Tom. This is great news. I am so grateful to hear you are standing up to represent the people and to ensure our constitutional rights and liberty in its truest sense. Your wisdom, bravery and priorities will be a necessary breath of fresh of air in our statehouse. Thank you again and best of luck. Hope you get in there for the sake of Vermont and the future of our children.

    • I’m for the principals outlined in our Declaration of Independence and the means to better achieve them, contained in our United States Constitution.

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