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Drag Queen Story Hour comes to Waterbury

Drag artists Emoji Nightmare and Katniss Everqueen (seen in poster for an LGBTQ dance) will hold a Drag Queen Story Hour next month at a Waterbury bookstore. Photo credit

In partnership with The Children’s Room and with a generous grant from Revitalizing Waterbury, Bridgeside, an independent book store, is hosting its first Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) with Vermont Drag Queens Emoji Nightmare and Katniss Everqueer, according to a Revitalizing Waterbury calendar listing.

Following the story hour, The Children’s Room volunteers will lead kids in an activity decorating their own crowns.

DQSH promotes reading through the art of drag and “creates diverse, accessible, and culturally-inclusive family programming where kids can express their authentic selves and become bright lights of change in their communities,” Revitalizing Waterbury said. “In spaces like this, kids can learn from LGBTQ+ experiences to love themselves, celebrate the fabulous diversity in their communities, and stand up for what they believe in and each other.” 

Emoji Nightmare and Katniss Everqueer will share stories focused on individuality, activism, gender, creativity, expression, and social responsibility. 

DQSH was created in San Francisco in 2015 by Michelle Tea and RADAR Productions, a queer literary arts organization. DQSH has now has now grown into a global network of local organizations (including the one here in Vermont), each of which is independently managed and funded.

Drag Queen Story Hour has some controversial history in Vermont. After facing reportedly vicious public attacks due to his efforts to cancel Drag Queen Story Hour at the public library in Chester, the library board chair and all but one member resigned in late May. New trustees have since been appointed. There are no drag queen story hours currently listed in Whiting Library’s upcoming activities.

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  1. After being unwelcomed at the Chester public library , Pizza Stone restaurant , in Chester VT, offered their location for the drag-queens to read to little innocent children.

    Isn’t that quaint?

  2. Lord help us if this attempt to “keep Vermont weird” becomes commonly acceptable. Vermont has always been welcoming petri dish of differences. Now, it’s become a putrid dish of odd balls, wackos, and social, and moral deviants. What would Cal Coolidge, or even George Aiken think of their (our) State today ? The saying “keep Vermont weird” should be changed to reflect the reality of today. Maybe “make Vermont weirder than California” ? It’s a race to the bottom of the cesspool .

  3. Another in a series of heart warming , north country events.
    Great to see the 802 getting back to its roots
    Keep shoving this crapola in everyone’s face in an attempt at normalization of the not so normal will not have the desired effect.
    Unfortunately, the pendulum usually swings to either extreme only to be dampened out with a few bumps along the way.

  4. Jesus warned in the Bible (yes, Jesus, the God of Love) that if a person leads a little child astray, it would be better for him if he (or she) had a heavy millstone tied around their neck and they should be cast into the deepest sea. New Testament, folks. Look it up. Have people no more holy fear and reverence for God and His laws? People who corrupt little children will enjoy high heat in eternity.

  5. Let them have the event. In the end it’s the sick depraved parents that take their kids to these grooming events that are the true wackos.

  6. First of all, what does a little kid know of “Drag Queens”? ALL they see is a lady (of sorts) wearing WAY too much makeup & if that prompts them to actually read more words/books the better. What I don’t GET is the “adults” shoving sexuality at elementary age children, why? If anyone on the street tried this they’d be arrested & prosecuted yet these pink-haired, tattooed, & pin-cushion-faced “teachers” are pushing indoctrination/grooming of the very young. WHY aren’t THEY busted for doing this? Let the “pervert parents” do what they will, it may backfire on them when, like that old Michael J. Fox series on TV, their kids grow up to be arch-conservatives!

    • I agree with the general premise of healthy literary experience. I certainly DO NOT AGREE with that experience coming with PROMOTING DRAG QUEENS as role models to young children. Even to the point of creating costumes!

  7. This is SICK……children is where I draw the line; and my line is draw in heavy ink……..who would subject a child to this ??? someone call DCF

  8. As an ACTUAL born & raised female, I cannot understand how women do not find these men prancing about as deeply exaggerated & comically superficial embodiments of women….they appear and behave NOT as women who are strong, courageous, & bring forth life but as clowns in serious need of mental health help.

    This idiocy was brought to Dorset, VT recently & guess how many Vermont parents brought their “kiddos” in to witness this nightmarish spectacle that was promoted on Facebook & on a large poster in front of the library for weeks? ZERO.

    But kids at the Dorset quarry merely about a mile down the road swimming & enjoying their traditional summertime activities? HUNDREDS.

    The sad part is is that the parents of these same youngsters will almost certainly go & vote “progressive” & “democrat” in the elections coming up. Clueless & self-appointed oh so very”virtuous” .

  9. How come there are rarely any disturbed radicals on this site whatsoever defending their general chicanery & completely amoral actions & policies? You guessed it……. asking for a friend.

  10. Generous grants from The Children’s Room and Revitalizing Waterbury??? If this is where their money goes; time to stop giving to these organizations!!

  11. Any parent who takes their child to this event should have their children “dragged” away from them. So frickin stupid!

  12. The Evil is right in front of everyone. It’s in plain sight. Which side are you on? God or the Devil? Eternity is a very long time, hell is real and so is heaven. Make the right choice. Save the Children.

  13. Over 24,000 Americans have been killed by drag queens so far this year! Not to mention that for every death many more (relatives, friends, bystanders are traumatized by the exposure to a lad in a frock) No wait, sorry – killed by guns. I am still researching the number killed by drag queens.

    • The overwhelming majority were for suicide. What’s the suicide rate among trans people again?

      To compare guns to story hour is a patently absurd false equivalency. If this is your idea of logic it might be time to don the dress and dust off your copies of Hansel and Greta Thunberg and The Non-Binary Who Cried Wolf.

      Nevermind that shooter who dressed up as a woman at the Fourth of July parade in Wisconsin. That gun would have shot itself.

  14. What’s next prostitutes coming to job fairs at schools
    And library’s to explain the work and opportunities .

    • Libraries – there is no possessive in the phrase that you used. Here to help the under-educated. No need to thank me.

  15. Waterbury I will boycott every business and encourage others to also .Say no now to exposing children to others ludicracy.

  16. “The overwhelming majority were for suicide” – the number is 13,266 out of 24,388. So 54.4% were suicide. And do they not count as gun deaths? I mean, the person is dead and there was a gun. By your standard, Biden’s popular vote victory in 2020 was also ‘overwhelming’.

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