Drag Queen Story Hour library opponent resigns due to “unprecedented” hostile, malicious response

by Guy Page

After facing reportedly vicious public attacks due to his efforts to cancel Drag Queen Story Hour at the public library in Chester, the library board chair and all but one member have resigned – calling in to question the library’s ability to stay open.

“My natural response to vitriol is to respond with reason, calmness, and professionalism,” Board Chair Thomas Nied said in a public letter of resignation, published in the online (“All News, No Paper”) Chester Telegraph. “This time is different: the attacks are unprecedented in their hostility, baseless, uninformed, untruthful, and some are motivated by personal malice. In the last several days I have faced insults shouted from a passing car and several public comments that cross the line into defamatory.”

The Telegraph reported June 1 that five more trustees have resigned, leaving just one member:

“The six resignations come following a public outcry over the resignation of Whiting Librarian Deirdre Doran, first reported in The Chester Telegraph on May 16. Doran’s action was spurred by a controversy over who has ultimate say over programming: the Trustees or the librarians.

“The situation began in early May over one specific program — Drag Queen Story Hour — which prompted Nied to either ask that the program be paused or in Doran’s words “yelling at me to censor a library program,” citing concerns over public reaction. Later Nied expressed concern over safety and then over one of the performer’s website, which contains adult material. The public outcry was at times rude, with those deriding Nied and the Trustees outnumbering those defending them.”

May 25 letter of resignation by Thomas Nied –

Dear Chester Town Manager and Select Board: 

After almost fifty years of gratifying public and community service, I find myself the target of intense personal attacks in my role as Chair of the Whiting Library Board of Trustees. The attacks have questioned my integrity, fairness, and honesty, then moved quickly and ironically to questioning my support for inclusion and LGBTQ+ rights, to which I have a deep and very personal commitment and have worked, and will continue to work, passionately to advance. 

My natural response to vitriol is to respond with reason, calmness, and professionalism. This time is different: the attacks are unprecedented in their hostility, baseless, uninformed, untruthful, and some are motivated by personal malice. In the last several days I have faced insults shouted from a passing car and several public comments that cross the line into defamatory. While I have not lost my affection and respect for the community in which I have enthusiastically volunteered, it has certainly been challenged. 

The attacks will continue as long as they serve the agenda of some, empower the perpetually angry, feed the social media frenzy, and bring clicks to websites. As they continue, they will apply undeserved pressure on my family and will eventually impact their right to live a peaceful and meaningful life. They will also spill over to the amazing and dedicated colleagues and the critically important institutions that I have had the privilege of working with and for. That undeserved collateral impact is unacceptable to me. 

So, I will leave public service to others who are willing to step forward, and I will focus on working quietly for the people and causes I care deeply about. 

Effective immediately, I am submitting my resignation from the following positions: 

• Whiting Library Trustee and Chair of the Whiting Library Board of Trustees 

• Town of Chester Justice of the Peace and Member of the Board of Civil Authority 

• Member of the Town of Chester Local Cannabis Control Commission Hopefully, this step will help the library return to its mission and continue to serve the community with thoughtful, innovative, and impactful programs and services. I will be available to my colleagues to answer any questions they may have and to ensure a smooth transition in all areas in which I have served. 

Best Regards, Robert Nied cc: Whiting Library Board of Trustees 

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  1. I am sorry to see those fighting on the side of sanity against drag queen story hour resign their positions. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Or give up the fight.

  2. Well, if these “attacks” are verifiable, it is criminal, but of course. Just as it is CRIMINAL to censor the U.S. President on social media, just as it is CRIMINAL to throw bricks through the windows of the homes owned by NPR reporters.

    Freedom of speech, assembly, the press, applies to everyone – a concept many liberals & radicals can no longer grasp. When attacks turn on them, they act as stuck pigs.

    But look at it this way…at least this former librarian wasn’t charged with “trespass” as were those who entered the U.S. Capital unarmed on Jan. 6th – many through open doors and/or waved in by Capital Police – as EVIDENCED on the video record, more than likely at the hand of Speaker Nancy Pelosi as to feebly attempt to implicate President Trump.

    Some of those charged with trespass are unconstitutionally still being held in prisons without trial.

    So this is why the government should not have attempted to breed hate & animus through racial violence, religious violence, illegal lockdowns, reckless laws that upend societal & cultural traditions, open borders, & all manner of tyranny in order to breed chaos, conspiracy, violence, fear, etc. in order to usher in a “New World Order” wherein Constitutional laws are meaningless & the citizenry no longer can exercise God-given rights.

    We live in a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Don’t like that? MOVE.

    Don’t want to be on the receiving end of unjustified criminal threat, violent acts, vandalism to property, harassment? Do NOT tolerate such when those you happen to “disagree” render the same.

    The public library is NOT the appropriate locale to display your personal sexual proclivities.

    Your bedroom at home is.

    Grow up. And shut up. I’m old and don’t want to hear about or see what you do in your down time, so to speak.

  3. Their parents must be proud of these POS, trying to convince kids it’s ok to be a drag queen,
    yeah like that’s normal ….. WOW !!

    This is why we have ” psychiatrist ” to help with a demented and or twisted mind…………….

  4. They win again by being just as vile and disgusting as the drag queens themselves.

    Now that may sound harsh, but the reality is this has to stop.

    My personal feeling is that I don’t like it, I don’t agree with that path in life religiously, politically, or personally. I think it’s a confusing way to live life and I don’t want to see it. I’ve never publicly said that nor wanted to push my views on others. I’ve taken a live and let live approach it seems I was wrong.

    However the real problem is that the small percentage that are “confused” can’t seem to be confused on their own. They have to “drag” (pun intended) everyone else along with them. Due to this I don’t care if it offends anyone anymore and neither should you.

    Any attempt to subvert children to these confusing, Marxist, disgusting, acts of depravity should be met with shame and disdain, and in some cases down right anger.

    You can’t watch TV without seeing this filth. Nascar, Taco Bell, Disney, Saturday morning cartoons, commercials, it’s everywhere. Yet until 2020 it was only 5% of the population in VT identified in these categories. 3% nationally were listed as LGBTQ. Yet they now run the Television and corporate policy?

    If you don’t see it as a subversion of our culture you certainly must see it as a subversion of our Republic.

  5. Who would bring children to such an event? I question those parents and guardians. The bar for deciding what is appropriate for children is much higher than for one’s self.

    A terrible disservice was done to Chester Library Board Chair Thomas Neid and the other trustees serving the public. He is right, of course, the abuse will continue until the expectations of the people of Chester are made clear. One would think Chester residents would rise up in support of their library board trustees. After all, if the personal beliefs of a very few can be thrust upon the many with malice, anger, hate, threats, vitriol, and aggression to where the purpose is no longer expression of viewpoint but intentional harassment and interference with the performance of public officer duties and with their personal safety and literal lives, then none are safe. All have been victimized. That can not stand.

    How many bullied children, how many bullying episodes does it take for a community to act to protect the victims? No one person’s rights are more important than anyone else’s. Stand up for Thomas Neid and the board! Their perceived safety and their actual safety are deserved and sacrosanct. Citizens of Chester, rise up in support of those who have served you honorably and selflessly for decades! For them, for your community and for yourselves.

  6. What a sad story. I can think of something for the entire community that would have enriched learning which is the primary responsibility of public libraries. With the celebration of the Queen of England, serving for 70 years, there are many wonderful stories and interesting history to share at a public library program without controversy. What a sad day for children and adults to risk having a library possibly close over this situation. Many years ago the Carnegie family offered their personal fortune to build facilities where everyone can learn. Please use this public gem for educational programs and leave political statements for others.

  7. Do what you will but stay OFF the “social media”, ditch the government tracking devices disguised as phones, and you’ll be a LOT happier..Wake up, live life, notice your surroundings, get outdoors, visit friends in person, get a hobby, something, anything..Calling these “apps” social media is a HUGE misnomer, as they are addictive dopamine inducing mega-distractions taking up more and MORE of “real” life..Ditch ’em, NOW.

  8. I’m dismayed to hear that the board members resigned. Good people know that drag queens are after our youth. They are free to do as they please behind closed doors at their home or their private parties, but when they try to get to people’s children, they are crossing a line. They are trying to normalize predator behavior. My understanding is this is a national effort to get to our children. People need to speak up and drive this evil out of your communities. This is a cult after your children’s innocence and to confuse their minds. Please protect them! Children do not need their minds seeing this craziness that is trying to eliminate masculinity. This is an attack on humanity and the strength men have offered our species since it began.

  9. If they can hold Drag Queen Hour – then someone needs to go in there the next day and provide God and Bible Hour. Any takers?

    • Sorry, but that’s just too much like “going along to get along”…. drag queen story hour for children is simply totally and completely unacceptable, period!

  10. Anyone else smell a conflict of interest here?

    We have the transgender-by-day Rep. Taylor Small (D – Winooski) sponsoring legislation to normalize his recreational sexual fetish in schools, libraries and other places of public accommodation, and by night (and off legislative season) he’s lining his pockets as the transvestite drag-queen “Nikki Champagne”.

    Nothing to see here, folks!!

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