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Expect another gun bill next January, Baruth says

But the real question is whether Phil Scott will support it, he admits

By Guy Page

On Tuesday, the Democratic caucus of the Vermont Senate met on the State House steps for a self-congratulatory press conference –  “celebrating their legislative wins,” a party press release said – and then convened to the cafeteria for a convivial lunch of speeches and story-telling. 

As the gathering wound down, Sen. Phil Baruth (D-Chittenden County) strolled past where I was finishing up Tuesday’s issue of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. (The State House cafeteria has great wireless, good food, and the occasional Public Figure like Baruth appearing out of nowhere for a question and a quote.)

With the awful slaughter in Texas on everyone’s mind, I asked Baruth if the Senate will propose more gun control legislation next year. I wasn’t taking notes, so everything from here on is from memory. Below is the gist of the conversation.

Sure thing, the Legislature’s leading gun control advocate said. Vermonters can expect meaningful gun safety legislation to be proposed and discussed next year. But the real question in his mind is this – will Gov. Phil Scott support it? 

Scott’s record shows he supports gun legislation in one session, then does nothing for another 2-3 sessions, Baruth said. Will 2023 be a Do-Nothing or a Sign-Something, from the gun control (or to use Baruth’s terminology, gun safety) point of view? 

Making the fairly safe assumption that Phil Scott is re-elected in November, only Phil Scott knows the answer to that question. 

What’s perhaps most interesting is that Phil Baruth, the Legislature’s acknowledged leader in gun control legislation, admits that Phil Scott has the final say. A glance at Scott’s 2021-22 veto record (nine of 13 vetoes sustained) reveals the truth behind Baruth’s words. 

The Legislative Majority proposes, Phil Scott disposes. Most of the time. 

But that balance is, of course, a highly fluid proposition. This November, voters will replace the unprecedented number of lawmakers not seeking re-election. Will they keep the Democratic/Progressive supermajority, strengthen it, or eliminate it? A few seats changing from D to R or vice-versa could make a huge difference. 

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  1. We all know that criminals follow the law…. If Baruth wants more gun control he should move to Chicago.

  2. Phil (Baby Ruth) Baruth says to expect more “gun control” (citizen control) bills next year ? Whoda thunk it ? Do Vermonters a favor, go back to Lock Port N.Y. ! What, they don’t want you there either ?

  3. I love all the promises that Baruch , Welch ,Bernie , and the rest of the of the “lifers” who have been in the Statehouse or DC forever, promise that if you elect them , they will get something done . The question is what is “it” ? What ever it is they are already blaming it on the opposition . Time to dump them , stop playing the blame game in order to get re-elected , and bring in the second team

  4. I don’t appreciate Baruth telling me the right to bear arms is based on his reasoning capabilities from the pit of hell.

    • Biden wrote the legislation that made schools “gun free” zones. That made it safer for perpetrators of false flag events to murder children. They make sure that police don’t allow interruptions of the event until enough children are killed and the patsy shooter dispensed with so no loose ends remain.
      The Democrat goons then run with the crisis to get gun restrictions. We know how his works.
      Consequently more guns get purchased to protect us from the traitorous officials in government.
      But Patriots are winning.
      METGA. (Make Executing Traitors Great Again)

  5. Baruth, is just another liberal DemocRAT jumping on the emotional bandwagon when
    we have a tragedy no shame for an agenda, people might take this clown seriously if
    he really cared about the safety of our kids ……

    Why is it that Vermont ends up with all these self-righteous clowns from NY ????

    • CHenry, Phil Baruth is not “just another liberal DemocRAT” as it pertains to citizen control, (gun control) year after year he is THE mouth piece for the anti-gun movement in Mount Peculiar. I don’t know why, but firearms, and the people that exercise their 2nd Amendment, and Article 16 rights obviously scare him. Maybe he’d be more at home in a place like New York City,or Chicago where they already have the “gun control” laws that he would like to see implemented here.

    • Vt ends up with these self righteousness clowns because of election fraud. 2000 Mules run Vermont’s elections. We must stop mail-in ballots, have voter ID, one day voting, hand counting, and severe penalties for fraud.

    • The Town of Lock Port, NY is missing it’s Village Idiot. Lock Port, would you please come and get Baruth?

  6. Mr. Baruth is the poster child for people so afraid of guns that his first reaction is to write more gun laws. ( none of the other 30,000 gun laws have stopped evil, but the next one he writes sure will )
    Mr. Baruth would like all law abiding Vermonters defenseless but in typical liberal fashion he offers no protection for any student or school in Vermont.
    His concern that Governor Scott may veto it is laughable.
    Governor Scott signed three unconstitutional Gun Laws into Law on April 11, 2018 on the Statehouse steps because he was afraid of a potential school shooting in Vermont. Ironically doing nothing to protect any Vermont student or school, but he did attack law abiding Vermonters while taking their constitutional rights away.

    Four Vermont schools have received actual threats in the last two weeks including the evacuation of the Malletts Bay school on June 1st because of a training Grenade that was brought into the school.
    Scott’s response to the recent shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde is to call on Congress to write more Gun Laws. *** See disarmed Vermonters above. ***
    Maybe hiring armed and trained personnel, placing metal detectors at school entrances and locked, secured entrances would be a good idea. Scott should take some of the covid money and actually do something to protect Vermont students and schools.
    Mr. Baruth and other members of the Legislature have violated their oaths of office to uphold the Constitutions of Vermont and America by writing unconstitutional Bills.
    Vermont voters will have the opportunity to replace these people with someone who will actually fight to protect their children and grand children.

    • While Senator Baruth is at “work” under the Golden Dumb he has armed security, the Capitol Police. Can y’all say hypocrite ? Sure ya can. I knew ya could ,

  7. Poor Phil Baruth. A very sad example of representation. Even sadder that Vermonters in his district keep giving him terms to wreak his demagoguery and Progressive playbook (which is all about high ideals and zero principles). Rather than addressing the real problems of Vermont (Taxes, Housing, Business growth, Criminal mayhem, etc.) he chooses to pick the red meat material for his Progressive Minions. I’m sure this guy laughs at Vermonters since the Joke is on them.

  8. Will there be Drug control in the next legislative session ??

    Illegal drugs and stolen guns seem to go together,
    along with lazy prosecutors and lienient Judges.

    Shots fired, three days in jail, released, three days and
    MORE shots fired… Out of state drugs and guns come together.
    And around it goes again!!.

  9. Baruth is, frankly, a disaster. Was and is and will be. Apparently he is allso gunning for Phil Scott.
    I’m no fan of Phil’s…….but God help us if Baruth should ever rise higher than State Senator.

  10. Guy, you seem to think that next year will be similar to this past 2 years session. With so many Dems and RINOs leaving, it will surely be different. Vermonters are fed up with legislators who hate their constituents.

    • here hoping it is different but i fear Guy may be right and the newly elected citizens lol will have one thing on their minds. just because a lot retired doesn’t mean they are being replaced with ppl that are better, they may be worse.

  11. It may be time to wall off Chittendon County and let them have their own fiefdom. Phil Baby Ruth can be anointed King and Martin Bowtie LaLond can be his trusty advisor. They can confiscate the pitch forks and torches from their loyal idiots who cast support on them. Tax them to death and ration their firewood to save Burlington from the ravages of the climate houx. The weird energy Phil can hire the palace guard and he can fetal position himself in bed knowing that us law abiding gun owners would not breech his wall and he could stop quacking in his shoes. It’s a good thing Ethan Allan and the Green Mountain Boys are no longer around, they really disliked New Yorkers messing around in Vermont.

    • Vermont has a Supreme Court, has anyone seen them? I always thought the job of the Supreme court was to defend the Vermont constitution. So far, that hasn’t been the case for Article 16.

      Article 16. [Right to bear arms; standing armies; military power subordinate to civil]
      That the people have a right to bear arms for the defense of themselves and the State–and as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up; and that the military should be kept under strict subordination to and governed by the civil power.

      The first sentence is self-explanatory and stands alone. Can the people of Vermont even rely on the courts to stop unconstitutional laws? It appears we can’t!

      • Then we ignore them – and take our Constitutional rights back. Jury nullification is in order.

  12. What’s really messed up is GOP thinking peoe.have given up in chittenden county. One GOP running for one of the six seats in Sentae. The people challenging this guy are worse. It seems that in this area there are a lot of mouth pieces and when they don’t get their way they scream and yell but the work they are not interested in if they don’t get their way. They run. Just because your keep losing the battles don’t mean you stop the war you keep fighting for what you believe in. As soon as you quit and run the ppl you run with are tainted by your willingness to give up cause you don’t like the rules or outcomes.

  13. I am just now hearing about an escaped murder who allegedly shot a family of five, and stole their truck. I am just guessing, but if that family had been able to defend themselves, would it be the opinion of gas bags like Phil Baruth that they should not have been able to ??? By the way, this escaped murder was armed with a semi-automatic pistol, and rifle. How would any new laws discourage a dirtbag like this from acquiring firearms ? He obviously walked right through any existing laws (of which there were many) acquired them illegally . How would disarming lawful citizens have changed this outcome ?

  14. Too much sensationalism. Remember this day, May 18, 1927 Bath, Michigan,. That is a school massacre that no one is talking about because it does not push the “take guns away” narrative (no guns used) . If and I do mean IF anyone wants to kill they will, with a pipe, stick , rock. fire, dynamite, It is easy to make the stuff you need to do a mass killing. There is something else that triggers people and I am of the mind that they will do or get what they need whether they are legal to or not. Guns are for us against the government and property protection and hunting, nothing more.
    The founders saw this kind of usurpation based on past kings and countries. The government is held in check because they will set off a civil war the power structure WILL NOT WIN. We are not , mostly conditioned, to follow what they say, they are not our leaders but our representatives and that includes the president. We do not vote for leaders but people to have our voice in the forming of laws. I will ask any of them WHO TOLD YOU TO DO THIS? and HOW MUCH WERE YOU PAID?

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