Your Letters: Climate crisis & vodka

Sanders, others to blame for lost energy independence – Thanks to their work as climate change activists, Senator Sanders, Congresswomen Cortez and her squad, Secretary Kerry, and Vermont’s Bill McKibben have motivated President Biden to shut down America’s oil pipelines and drilling.  As a result, Biden reduced our energy supply by 20 percent and increased inflation.  Our military has also been directed to combat climate change instead of training for war, and Biden’s education focus is on saving our planet rather than emphasizing math, science and cyber-security. 

Although Biden believes climate change is an existential treat to our country, he was compromised when his family received $3.5 million from the wife of the former Moscow mayor, who is a strong Putin ally.  By killing America’s energy independence and recently withdrawing support from the EastMed pipeline, Biden assures replenishing Russia’s treasury and gives payback to Putin with American oil dependency that has doubled in price.  America currently imports a million barrels a day from Russia, which is funding Putin’s Ukraine aggression. 

Let’s get real!  Biden’s climate change focus is redistributing our wealth and establishing the basis for a “Great Reset” to change our culture, economy and governance.  Let this be a wake up to American people to vote for more responsible leaders, who will restore an “American First” agenda for energy independence and preserve freedom, liberty, and fiscal strength. Biden’s dream to control/prevent climate change is having dangerous consequences for the world. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

Open letter to Governor Scott about vodka & Joe Biden – Yesterday you announced in a brave move that will shake Russia to the core, that you have ordered Russian Vodka removed from State Liquor outlets.

Putin must be terrified. (Maybe you could issue an emergency order that Liquor Store Employees are still Essential and we must tip them better.) When will you tell your hero Biden to stop buying Russian oil ? You may not comprehend this, but because your hero keeps buying Russian oil he is funding the attack on Ukraine.

So far the Russians have been successful in attacking residential areas and killing innocent men, women and children. But who cares about them ? Have a drink on me. Just not one made in Russia. You prove everyday that you are all in on the left/far left agenda.

I have written a rule change proposal to the State GOP Platform that would remove you, and others from the Republican party who have betrayed Republican and conservative Vermonters.

The Rules committee voted 7 – 2 against it last night. I will present this at the State GOP meeting on March 19th. I have many Co-sponsors that want real Republicans to represent us. The lines will be clear. – Jim Sexton, Essex Junction

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  1. Climate Marxism – Control the means and (re)distribution of production by controlling the means and distribution of energy. It’s the marriage of the Degrowth Movement with Marxism.

  2. Biden also is out doing Trump when it comes to leasing drilling permits on federal land, and is entertaining among other things the ConocoPhillips’ Willow project.

    The Willow project is a proposed oil drilling project about 36 miles from the mostly-Indigenous village of Nuiqsut in Alaska. If built, this project would include the construction of pipelines, roads, a processing facility, and up to 250 drilling wells. It could end up producing as much as 130,000 barrels of oil per day at its peak, and about 590 million barrels over 30 years.1

    It was rushed through the approval process in the Trump Administration’s final days, only to be temporarily halted by a federal judge in August.

    Before it was halted, however, President Biden defended and supported the Willow project, even though it’s in clear opposition to his supposed climate agenda.

    There are so many lies that are packed in Frank’s letter, this is one big example. Biden is far from being a Marxist. And I have a strong feeling many who post to this page know very little about Marxism, which as an analysis and critique of Capitalism is spot on.

  3. Joe is too compromised , mentally , to know what a marxist / neo-communist is but , the rest of his administration are the spiritual offspring of GRamsci and Marx.

    Ivan please tell us what Marxism is and , collectivism too .

    We’d love to hear your take.

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