Letter: Biden blunders lead world to war

Biden blunders mean war, inflation – President Biden blurted “No one —– with a Biden” to the Fort Myers Beach mayor after he was thanked for touring the hurricane devastation in his community.

World leaders have no trust in Biden after he ordered the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and abandoned allies in the middle of the night without warning. These allies, are threatened by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, but provide only token financial support despite his plea. So, the proxy war burden falls on US taxpayers.

After criticizing the Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia, Biden asked him to increase oil production to lower gas prices to fight inflation but instead the prince cut production by 2 million barrels a day which will increases our gas and heating oil prices. It also increases Russia’s revenue used to fund Putin’s aggressions in Ukraine which we oppose.

Iran promotes death to America and Israel while Putin threatens nuclear retaliation to save his expanded empire. Both are committing heinous crimes against humanity. Yet, Russia is representing the US in negotiating an Iran nuclear deal that will give the mullahs billions of our taxpayer dollars while Russia and the mullahs are ratcheting up their military cooperation in plain sight, inflicting damages in Ukraine and the middle east with our money.

Actions speak louder than words and what Biden has done in 20 months has destroyed our country economically and weakened our resolve in foreign affairs. American people are fed up and we’ve had it with his policies. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

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  1. Hmmmm. As I recall, Trump agreed to the withdrawal, and set the date in the first month of Biden’s presidency. And then did nothing to prepare for evacuation.

    From all the foreign reactions to Biden’s election and his performance since then, they seem to have a better appreciation of his actions than some of our citizens.

    It is much easier to criticize then to cooperate. And, if facts don’t count, then it is even easier.

    • Even though I’m 100% positive you don’t know why but get that they are working in tandem. Well played

    • Trump agreed a withdrawal date after negotiation.
      True, he did nothing.
      Biden unilaterally changed that date when he said “won’t be ready til September”
      Taliban said “fine, but we only agreed to May”
      This was all on Biden. He could have negotiated. He didn’t.l

    • Biden fans belong over at Vtgravedigger. Oh, I forgot, you’re not allowed to comment over there. None are so blind as those who refuse to see! Sure the country is so much better off now that we may be on the brink of WW3. We are all allowed to criticize in America. Joe Biden doesn’t even know if he has pants on or not. He is running nothing and he’s as pliable as putty. Donald Trump isn’t the president and neither is Joe. Wake up!

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