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Hartford, CT fentanyl dealer arrested in Burlington

Devontrez Flowers

An alleged fentanyl dealer from Hartford, Connecticut was arrested in Burlington Wednesday.

On October 5 the North West Vermont Drug Task Force (NWVDTF) and Burlington Police Department (BPD) with the assistance of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) arrested Devontrez Flowers (26) of Hartford, CT subsequent to a weeks long investigation into his distribution of fentanyl in the Burlington area. Flowers lead police on a short foot chase along Church Street in Burlington before being taken into custody without further incident.

The investigation was a collaboration between the Burlington Police Department and the NWVDTF which consisted of two controlled purchases of fentanyl as well as a search warrant conducted at 88 North Street, Burlington following Flowers’ arrest.

Flowers was arraigned at the Chittenden County Superior Court, Criminal Division on October 6 was held for lack of $5,000 bail.

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  1. While the official functionaries may try to put this off as out of area elements causing Burlington all these issues, in reality it remains the policy and practice of the politicos in Burlington which have led to this outcome.

    Keep voting the way you have there will be more visitations from these undesirable elements with the predictable outcome. Burlington, you have only to look in the mirror to determine the root cause.

  2. The sale of fentanyl should be considered attempted murder, $5,000.00 bail is laughable. No ties to the area and a disregard for life, Vermont better get serious about this new wave of crime we have.

  3. This is what shows up when your City Council spends a few years rolling out a welcome mat embroidered with the words “defund police”. Burlington, now you must eat the fruits of your stupid, petty politics and policy squabbles.

  4. I guess none of the people from New Jersey who are currently running Vermont now remember what happened to small towns when NJ Transit began offering service to NYC and Philly in the early 80s.

  5. 5000$ Bail for anyone not forced into knowing about the drug world, equals 500$ bond. And off he goes, only to be replaced by another fine human specimen. It Doesn’t take much narcotic sales, or robbery to gather 500$. In Southern Vt. we have the Southern Vt. Drug Task Force. Their biggest task, seems to be making sweet undisclosed deals, with local Dealers who they become ‘pals’ with. State and local Police are in on it too. This in return for not properly arresting and prosecuting them. It’s called the Informant Program’. This allows the dealers to be free, and continue to deal albeit less obvious and quietly,This in return for given information. The problem is that the local dealers appear smarter, and better deal makers, than the failed Task Force. Career dealers know States Attorneys, State Police, Local Police, and DEA. They also know Freedom. The bigger problem is that the younger kids just starting drug use look up to these free, and clever dealers. Can t blame out of state gangs for this.

      • I ve thought about the Trump Political issue of the Southern Border. A fence was supposed to be built, and all would be solved. Cheers at a rally? Some problems exist. One is that there is a fence there now, and the determined immigrants find a way under or over it. Plus the fence only keeps out the mostly hard working families, of small brown people seeking the American Dream. It would also require us then, to put up netting around all major US airports? People from China, Taiwan, India, West Africa, etc. fly in. (and just stay). It Doesn t make headlines, but it’s happening. Also the idea that the beyond imaginable tons of narcotics coming in via backpacks or (up the rectums) from these people doesn’t add up. The math doesn t work. Try containers in the Ports of Newark, Miami and Los Angeles. Look into cargo air freight. Lastly all those trucks and rail cars coming across the Mexican border. That’s your drug importers most probable working supply routes. And you can bet that there are American Businesmen and Officials in on it

    • Unfortunately, the informant program is really the only useful tool in the law enforcement tool box. It’s been repeatedly said that Vermont can’t arrest it’s way out of the drug problem. Law enforcement has, and continues to do the best it can. It all falls apart in the judicial system with low bail, the world renowned Conditions of Release, and little to no jail time. The real no brainer was changing the age of a “juvenile”. That alone pushed the door wide open for out of state gang bangers to take full advantage of liberal politicians who don’t have a clue about the real world is about.

  6. What? No “amounts”? No “street value”? Surely Slippery Sarah George the Soros backed D/A will advocate for a lesser sentence as he’s “UVM”, “Underprivileged, Vulnerable, & Marginalized”..ALL these cases SHOULD be handled by the USAT w/FEDERAL charges..BTW– WHERE were the Feds when the guy just arrested for TWO recent murders was “investigated” after a downtown shootout Sept. 28th & found to be a felon possessing a 10mm? NO arrest? Then a WEEK later he’s charged w/”clapping out” (His Confession) TWO guys & throwing SAME 10mm into the lake after being “beanbagged”, which the BPD was made to file a “Use Of Force” report as the perp was a “POC”? Maybe IF they’d TAKEN that 10mm at that time TWO people might be alive now, what is going on HERE? When reached for comment Devontrez’s mother said “He’s a good boy! A VERY GOOD boy!”.

    • It’s a good point and maybe beginning of a solution, these out of state dealers should be automatically subject to federal prosecution, the case law and precedent is there.

      • When they are felons/ prohibited persons and possess or use guns in the commission of their activities, they absolutely should be prosecuted federally, where the EXISTING LAWS are tough and provide for serious time in the slammer. Vermont’s laws, judges and prosecutors are a joke.

      • Except the feds are all in on the no bail/get out of jail free policy. You’ll get no help from them.

        On the contrary, they will send some more social justice warriors to indoctrinate our youth and beat into everyone else’s heads how a common sense law and order system that holds everyone equally accountable for their own actions is racist.

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