Letters: Balint, Welch donate FTX campaign $$ to Right to Life? / Young people terrorized by climate conversation

To the editor:

Give FTX money to pro-life groups – This is my humble suggestion to both Becca Balint and one Peter Welch.

If they are both deeply concerned with the money they received from FTX, and will be donating to charity, let’s put their remorse to the test. I suggest they take that donation, and send it to a pregnancy center, such as CareNet or Vermont Right to Life. This would show true remorse and put their money, where their mouth is. And would truly show distancing from the whole FTX debacle, by donating to their opposing viewpoint.

I know they will be voting against my view points and using my tax dollars to fund modern day Molech child sacrifical abortions in the future. Just a consideration. – Josh Elkins, Richford

Young people terrorized by climate conversation – I’ve come to think of the Democratic party as worshipping at the altar of corrupt and fraudulent science. I think they did so throughout the pandemic and I think the ‘climate change’ conversation is utterly inane. 420 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere is supposed to comprise a global heating system. It’s like telling me that the dust motes that float through my house comprise a heating system. I wish! I just paid $6/gallon for heating fuel.

I have 2 types of radiators in my house—contemporary thin-steel Runtals and old-fashioned cast iron. When the thermostat stops calling for heat, the Runtals cool down quite quickly, while the cast irons stay warm and continue to radiate heat for a while. It is big things with mass and weight that retain heat. It’s why some wood stoves are encased in slabs of soapstone.

According to Gary Novak “Fake math, called radiative transfer equations, was contrived for calculating heat trapped in the atmosphere,” and CO2 molecules radiate any absorbed heat in 83 femto seconds. According to a PBS Nova program (“Polar Extremes”), CO2 combines with water and rains out of the atmosphere. Everything rains out of the atmosphere. Ask someone who maintains a pool outside in the summer how often they find black scum swirling atop the water in the skimmer baskets.

It’s sad how many poorly educated young people are being terrorized by the climate conversation.

‘Climate scientists’ strike me as infants when it comes to science. There are so many things that I don’t hear any mention of in the conversation. No mention of cyclical weather patterns like La Nina and El Nino, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation. No discussion of volcanoes as giant vortical heat pumps. No mention of geothermal heat, submarine volcanoes, and thermal vents. No acknowledgement that we’re on a giant spinning orb with plate tectonics and a wobbly axis, sailing through the galaxy! No mention of the historical records of coastlines having come and gone around the world, as a result of plate tectonics, volcanic eruptions, the collapse of fragile geology, erosion, etc. No admission even that glaciers normally calve large chunks of ice called icebergs. Can you say “Titanic”?! Please, everyone, pick up a copy of Chris Burt’s book “Extreme Weather.” No politician has the power to reduce it. And if they are in favor of any war effort, they are blatantly lying if they also assert that they care about the environment.

No discussion of the broadcast, communication, and radar frequencies with which we’re filling the atmosphere. No discussion of all the weather modification programs going on around the planet at any one time. In late 2019, the United Arab Emirates contended with flooded streets and “rainwater flowing down escalators at the world-famous Dubai Mall” as a result of the cloud-seeding operations of their Rain Enhancement Research Program. Was that same program perhaps responsible for a year-end drought somewhere else nearby?

There’s a place in the Philippines dubbed Soda Springs where CO2 pours from the seabed. The adjacent coral reefs are perfectly healthy. But, we are made to believe that a little extra CO2 in the atmosphere will be devastating for coral reefs elsewhere.

The IPCC insists that we view the climate of the present time against that of the period from 1850-1900. (Keep in mind that the minimum time period for a discussion of climate is supposed to be 30 years. The word is misused often, when “weather” should be used instead.) But, during the mid-1930s temperature records were broken all across the country. It was the time of the Dust Bowl and a decade-long extreme drought in the west. While 1850 was the end of a period known as the ‘Little Ice Age.’ During the 1960s and 70s, climate scientists were terrorizing the planet with speculation that we were about to descend into another deep ice age. So, if these times are indeed warmer than usual, taken into consideration with the 1930s and the late mid-century, isn’t there perhaps evidence of a natural climatic variability?

Twice during debates in the last year, I heard Becca Balint talk about the climate catastrophe that she’s been seeing in Windham County. I have no idea what she’s talking about. I thought this past summer was gorgeous. Dry, yes, but that’s not at all unusual. I’ve been an avid mushroomer for many years and use that as my gauge: It was a bleak season, as a result. I’ve hiked miles fruitlessly during others, too.

Here’s an experiment for you: If you share a bed with someone, turn off your heating system tonight and close the door of your bedroom. In the morning the CO2 levels in your bedroom will be well over 3 times the level outside your bedroom window. Write and let us know if your bedroom is warm in the morning.

I read an interesting article from NASA recently. It said that common pollutants from cars and industry help to breakdown methane in the atmosphere. “The hydroxyl (OH) radical … is one of the most reactive gases in the atmosphere and regularly breaks down other gases.” The nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) serve to replenish OH in the atmosphere, so it’s never depleted. It keeps recycling through the atmosphere. Now you can all stop worrying about cow farts.

I’ve lived my whole life in New England, a place sculpted by the melting and retreat of glaciers, leaving behind beautiful streams, ponds, lakes, and perhaps bountiful aquifers. I wouldn’t begrudge anyone else the same amount of lovely water. My concern is the mountains of waste we’re not recycling and whether the planet will soon be buried in plastic.

My thoughts on ‘net zero’: If you’re all for it, stop breathing. Jacqueline Brook, Putney

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  1. They remain sad people doing sad things.
    Put alongside of them Vermont Digger who buried the essence of the story in their moralistic rendition of what they did with the contributions to their campaigns.
    Becca has already demonstrated her lack of integrity in this escapade and Peter has been there for awhile.
    This has been like watching an onion being peeled back.

  2. Very good compendium, Jacqueline. Thanks for writing. Nice to know there are a few others out there with some common sense and a little bit of well rounded research.

    Unfortunately, the climate scam has been promoted, emoted, and repeated ad nauseum since the 80’s when the globalists flipped the narrative from apocalyptic cooling to apocalyptic heating. It is like a religion to low information voters under 50 and many older ones as well. To the manufacturers of solar panels and windmills, it is pure profit at the expense of taxpayers, the environment and our national security.

  3. Hey Chronicle a suggestion……how about a story on the Vermont legislators who are employed by, or own, “green energy” companies….SunCommon as an example. Who are they? How have they voted on legislation that is favorable to their “cause”? What are their earnings from their employment and businesses? Who/ what has contributed funds to their campaigns? Asking for a friend……

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