“Let’s Go Brandon” GOP rally Saturday in Town of Brandon

The Vermont GOP will hold a “Let’s Go Brandon” rally Saturday, Nov. 13 from 3:30 – 5 pm in Central Park in Brandon, hometown of newly elected chair Paul Dame. 

Dame was elected chair and Rep. Samantha Lefebvre of Orange vice-chair at the annual meeting of the state party committee last Saturday in South Burlington. He succeeds Deb Billado, who has served since 2016. 

The chant ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ has become a euphemism for a more profane chant about Biden heard at sport events and other public gatherings nationwide. “President Biden has done nothing to help the people of Vermont, so Vermont Republicans are going to do something to support the people of Vermont.  And we’re going to start in my own home town – Brandon, Vermont,” Dame announced Monday. 

We are having hats, T-shirts and bumper stickers designed and printed as locally as possible as our first step to make a small contribution to the local economy,” Dame said. “Due to supply chain issues, there are limited quantities and sizes available, but you can go online starting today to purchase your merchandise and support Brandon, VT.  A portion of all the proceeds of sales made for this rally will be going to a designated charity in Brandon, and we have chosen the Brandon Area Emergency Food Shelf. 

The rally will be from 3:30-5pm, and after the rally Dame is encouraging folks to stick around and choose one of the great dining options in Brandon. They’ve got everything from award-winning fine dining at Cafe Provence to simple and reliable Brandon House of Pizza. All within walking distance of the green.

Anyone interested in attending is encouraged to register at http://www.vtgop.org, and while supplies last they can order merchandise for pick up on Saturday at the Rally. There also will be other options to order merchandise for delivery at a later date, he said. 

Dame is a graduate of Otter Valley Union High School in Brandon. The former legislator lives in Essex Junction. At Saturday’s meeting, the state leadership of the VT GOP got younger. A third Young Republican, Michael Valdez of Stowe, was added as an at-large member of the executive committee.  Along with the House Republican Caucus appointee of Rep. Casey Toof, and the Youth Chair who will be elected at the next Youth Committee Meeting, nearly half of the Executive Committee will be under 40. 

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  1. I love that you are doing this in Brandon! I would love to attend, but I will be out of town, I would like to order a couple of t-shirts and hats so please update when this is possible. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  2. Disappointing but not surprising the Never Trumper was voted in. Things in Vermont will never change!

  3. This was swept beneath the dirty media rug along with Hunter Biden’s shenanigans, Omar marrying her brother, illegal migrants given carte blanche and ferried free across America, and, now we taxpayers may get to pay illegals six figures because the left told them to bring the kids, and if you misplace one, don’t worry, we need your vote, and will pay you handsomely for it. Even Gold Star families do not get the amount quoted by sleepy Joe. Was it 150,000, or more? America was first with Trump, but now we come last with Biden. After-all, we are all white privileged racists and must atone for the sins visited upon the aboriginals and slaves of the past 5 centuries.

  4. Im a sixth generation Vermonter. Considered myself an old ( before Sanders) independent leaning towards Republican. I do not think this rally is in good taste. We should be discussing issues…. Not looking foolish in the media. How are we going to attract young intelligent and articulate individuals into our ranks. I hope the Republican leadership grasp the opportunity we have… and don’t blow it with immature actions! We are better than this! We must act it!

    • It is in much better taste than the unbelievable, non-stop, hideous attacks against Trump that we had to endure for four years. Along with phony Russian investigations, two phony impeachments, non-stop attacks from the press, academia, Hollywood, the left ,the RINOs and the dumb never Trumpers. And lies, lies, lies from these groups as well. I am SO SICK of these groups doing whatever they damned well please and we can’t do anything. Give me a break. I’ll bet Trump’s successful policies look pretty great right about now. And all we had to put up with was some trash talk against the constant barrage of criticism that none of us would have been able to endure. And now we have consistent bad policy that is ruining our country – non-stop lying with a guy who supposedly speaks better? I can’t get anyone who voted for him to name ONE of his accomplishments before or after the so-called election. Biden’s done NOTHING for 50 years – and all the idiots who voted for him took that record and thought it was going to get better? This is what you get when you vote for hate instead of policy. This chant is the result of these frustrations. Again – give me a break!