Leon: thanks to those with “the courage to stand up and lead”

To the editor:

Life is full of disappointments and the result of this election is one of them. But – this journey, my involvement with much dedication, public engagement and commitments to restore balance was well worth the effort. We are all winners!

Thank you for believing in me, thank you for your support and dedication as well, hope is strong among us and we shall not give up. The work will continue until we can have a fair, just and a balanced form of governance and our challenges met with out further burdening our costs of living. 

Gene Leon

I will be dropping politics for a while, picking up the pieces and moving forward with my business, family, and the new found friendships we have developed. I will continue with my involvements in the community and to our new Republican committee here in our small capital city. It is vital. 

It is a lesson well fought and I made wonderful connections and headway. Perhaps Montpelier is not ready, we may not be able to change the minds of others. But we can change hearts, we can inspire for necessary change and continue to commit ourselves to the righteous values we all hold so dear. 

What will it take for the ignorant and the manipulated who have been so brainwashed and detoured from reality to wake up? Perhaps it may take more devastation to our communities or further radical and awful leadership that continue to jeopardize and destroy our democracy for folks to finally open their eyes…

For quite some time now we have witnessed how the fake news mainstream media has become the enemy of the people and has instilled so many lies and fear among the weak and vulnerable. I am grateful for Guy Page and all those who are part of the Vermont Daily Chronicle and all our other wonderful journalists who continue to report truth to us all. 

For all those who took the courage to stand up and lead; Malloy, Erika, Dexter, and so many other great patriots throughout our state who sacrificed these months and worked so hard for our values and way of life, we honor and respect them for their wonderful dedication and service. 

The Vermont GOP must do better to grow and get more united and restructured in order for brave candidates to be well supported and be able to obtain and uphold positions in our legislation. 

United we stand, divided we fall. Many Blessings! Stay strong and true. The journey continues…

Gene Leon

The author was the first Republican candidate for a Montpelier House seat in many years, and a founding member of the Montpelier Republican City Committee. 

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  1. I give up ! I am so sick of the dems and progs and RINO’s always winning. I need to get away from politics before i hit the bottle again.

    Real life is worth more than the nonsense of politics, at least to me now.

  2. Thank you, Leon for running in the cesspool known as Montpelier. That took guts. Hats off and much respect!

  3. From NH:

    Hi Gene,
    well said and I am sorry that the results came out the way they did. I believe your statement was correct, Montpelier is not ready for you or change yet. Please know there is no doubt in my mind that you will have your day!!

    Take this time to pause.. process.. plan.. and proceed!

    You are a strong leader and I know you can move mountains behind the seen.. for a “leader does not advance himself further but he advances others further for the greater good!”

    Remember continuing to “do your best in this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment!!”


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