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Asteroid Article 22 hit the Republicans

NASA photo, text added by VDC

By Guy Page

Vermont Election Day voters yesterday added Article 22, the ‘Reproductive Liberty’ amendment, to the Vermont Constitution. 72% voted yes, 22% voted no. 

Voters also ratified Proposal 2, amending Article 1 of the Constitution, prohibiting slavery and indentured servitude. 81% voted yes, 10% voted no. 

Concerns that Article 22 would guarantee the right to late term abortions and transgender medication and surgery for people of all ages apparently had little impact on voters’ decision-making. Neither did last-minute reports of criminal sentencing reform activists’ support for Proposal 2. 

Yesterday, Vermont Daily Chronicle observed that an election asteroid would hit Vermont – although it was unclear whether Democrats or Republicans would be most affected. Today, there are signs that the asteroid impacted on Republican candidates, and pro-life Republicans most of all. And that the asteroid could well be named “Article 22.”

Two years ago, Vermont State House legislative leaders, the Vermont Attorney General’s office, and Planned Parenthood worked together to create legislative language to amend the Vermont Constitution to enshrine ‘reproductive liberty.’ It sailed through the Legislature.

Yesterday, Gov. Phil Scott, who signed and supported the legislation sending Article 22 to voters, was the only Republican to win a statewide race. Rep. Peter Welch crushed pro-life GOP candidate Gerald Malloy 67-27%. State Sen. Becca Balint (60%) defeated Republican Liam Madden (27%), whom her supporter Bernie Sanders incorrectly called ‘anti-choice’ in the final week of the campaign. Pro-life Libertarian Ericka Redic garnered just 4%. Balint outpolled both candidates together by almost 2-1. 

In the Vermont House of Representatives, Republicans appear to have won only 38 seats (there are couple of ‘too close to call’ elections), far away from the veto-supporting goal of 50 party leaders hoped a Red Wave would help them achieve. Vocally pro-life candidates, including Vicki Strong of Albany, were defeated. Of the winning Republicans, less than 10 can be considered at least moderately pro-life voters on the floor of the House of Representatives. Anne Donahue of Northfield is perhaps the most outspoken pro-lifer re-elected yesterday.

There was at least one pro-life pickup: Charles Wilson, a retired store owner and farmer, won a Caledonia County House seat for Lyndon.

In general, Republicans who won their legislative races tended to fall more under the description of fiscal-conservative, moderate on social issues. This is particularly true of the GOP House and Senate winners in Franklin County, which went ‘red’ for both Senate seats (Randy Brock and Bob Norris) and majority red in its House races.  

Last night, one of the pro-choice Republicans (won easily won his House seat) approached me last night at the GOP gathering at the Elks Club in Barre. Noting the House electoral losses, he said, “this is about the abortion.” Hours earlier and miles away in White River Junction, voters leaving the polls said the same thing. When asked by a VDC exit-poller about their number one concern in the election, the voters in the admittedly bluer-than-blue district chose abortion. 

“Planned Parenthood used massive financial resources to launch a misleading advertising campaign on all Vermont airwaves. Voters were inundated with false messaging that successfully managed to hoodwink Vermonters into believing that they must support passage,” Vermont Right to Life leader Mary Beerworth said today. “Thousands of Vermont voters were misled into believing that abortion would become illegal in Vermont unless citizens cast their votes in favor of passage of Proposal 5/Article 22.”

Abortion wasn’t the only reason GOP candidacies suffered, of course. Redistricting hurt Strong and Rep. Samantha Lefebvre, who also lost, in particular. Former Pres. Donald Trump’s announcement that he will likely run again may have mobilized voters. 

Furthermore, Vermonters’ employment is increasingly dependent on government sourcing or approval for funding – healthcare, education, not-for-profits, energy providers, a proliferation of government contracts among manufacturers, and government itself. When government funds or controls your livelihood, voting for the success of Big Government really is a kitchen-table issue. 

No doubt other causes for Republicans’ electoral demise could be named. But even the staunchest of pro-lifers (including your editor) have to admit that this year, anyway, the abortion issue didn’t help the Party of Lincoln. 

No-one can fault the articulate, hardworking activists at Vermonters for Good Government and elsewhere who kept Article 22’s flaws in the public eye until the very end. You can lead a horse to water…..

Neither does it mean pro-life candidates should have done differently. Sometimes you’re forced to choose a hill to die on. As his troops faced Pickett’s Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg, Major General Winfield Scott Hancock was asked to leave the line for a safer place. He replied, “there are times when a corps commander’s life does not count.”

And finally, there’s this thought: like comic book characters, political fortunes don’t always stay dead. When need calls, they can be miraculously revived.

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  1. Who has dominion over our elections in Vermont? There were more blank votes than votes for the Addison County Senate seats.

    • Blank votes are not being shown accurately on the election results website for State Senate elections. Actual blank votes for Addison County Senate is 5,009 (vs 45,180 shown)

  2. And now for some hopeful election news
    From Indiana Right To Life today 11/9/22
    “ “Yesterday was a big day for life in Indiana. Every pro-life incumbent in the state legislature won re-election, while Indiana’s United States Senate seat, along with seven of nine House seats, stays in pro-life hands. Every statewide office was won by pro-life candidates. In addition, a strong class of pro-life freshmen will now join the Indiana general assembly. These results are highly significant considering Indiana’s legislature was the first in the nation to pass pro-life legislation following the demise of Roe. In spite of predictions by some pundits and pollsters that Indiana went too far in its approach to protecting unborn children, yesterday’s election results serve as a reminder that Indiana is a pro-life state. We look forward to even greater opportunities to show Indiana is a state that cares for pregnant mothers and their babies.” Mike Fichter

    • Vermont already has an abortion law allowing abortions all nine months, now it is in the Vermont constitution and it will take an act of God to get it out of there!!!
      Along with abortions on demand you also have an individual’s personal reproductive autonomy so transgender hormones and puberty blockers, any gender, any time and any age!!! And you don’t need a parents consent to do it. I’m figuring that kids will be taken away from their parents if the kids want it and the parents don’t. Oh and yes, taxpayers will pay for all of it.
      I don’t get it?? Roe vs. Wade didn’t apply here—article 22 r/t late term abortions where there is a live baby—a 2nd and 3rd trimester baby who can live outside the womb. A live baby and the pro-choice voters couldn’t muster enough empathy for an living breathing infant?? Or to not allow children to make life altering decisions when they cannot fully understand the consequences of their actions because if they made them —they were destroying their bodies and there was no turning back!!!
      I believe like every time the democrats want something to pass, they either don’t talk about it or lie.
      I’m not even going to get into article 2 except to say the Dems will be releasing criminals soon oh and yes, crime will go up!!!

      • Mary I understand how bleak the situation is here in Vermont . I just could not help but be struck by the contrast with that report coming from Indiana .

      • It was never about roe v wade……that’s why people don’t get it. Don’t believe what they say, believe what they do. This law does all sorts of things, as you say, not needed. That’s the first clue something is afoot.

        If you know their goals and methods, everything makes perfect sense and fits together perfectly. Because we fail to acknowledge and learn their goals we are destined to lose the public sentiment every time.

        Once again we’ve be played. Once again we responded, just as they wanted.

        Once again uniparty wins.

  3. Charles Wilson and Dennis Labounty were both elected; there will be no recount as it is a two seat district. That Wilson won in what has long been a Republican district is no surprise. What is surprising is that the Republicans failed to field two candidates in the race. Labounty also received the support of pro-lifers.

  4. It’s pathetic that defending the most vulnerable/voiceless is a political liability. As our view of the human person goes (from the moment they are conceived), so goes the society at large. Vermont is a prime example of individuals having lost their way. I suppose it goes hand in hand with this being the least God fearing state in the Union as well. May God help the people of this state.

    • I have wondered the same Renee, and I’m afraid this is a prime reason for this. Many of us attempted to “educate” at least some people about the (potential) ramifications of 22, but many have responded like we don’t know what we’re talking about. Oh well-we tried.

    • You don’t suppose that timing IS everything? And that USSC Chief Justice john roberts know this also? There was a reason that the USSC decision was made when it was- and that it was leaked the way it was. Not much said about the ‘leak’ or the leaker these days. It was a factor, nationwide.
      Here in Vermont, Planned Parenthood paid for this ‘amendment’ and wrote it. Regardless of one’s personal views of the issue, Vermont now has an constitutional amendment specifically stating that the ‘state’ may at it’s pleasure, derive a ‘compelling interest’ in a citizens reproductive rights. An seemingly innocuous sentence, with dire consequence.

      • Once again proving vermont is bought and paid for by lobbyists, this is not the only lobbyist, non-profit group that runs our state……

        All the lobbyists know, go to Vermont you can get anything passed.

  5. I hope you who voted to murder babies at full term and allow sick drs to administer meds to children who think they are another sex are so very proud of yourselves..sleep well and may God forgive you

  6. The election showed that most Vermonters just aren’t buying what Republicans are selling. I’m a moderate independent and would have loved to have voted for some Republicans but, other than Phil Scott, they are just too far right of center.

    • Mike, you are not a Vermonter and should consider moving back to the hellhole called New York or the den of perverts called California. Perhaps you would feel more at home with Dear Leader in North Korea?
      Oh, and by the way, Phil Scott is not a real Republican, he is a spineless, jackass RINO.

      • Unfortunately, Mike is right. His views are the majority view. That was proven to us yesterday, yet again. Vermont’s politics and population has changed into something we old dinosaurs don’t like and don’t want to accept. Mike is as likely native Vermont born as anyone else here, now. We allowed this to happen, by our apathy and individualism for the last 50 plus years.
        Politics in Vermont has morphed into a dirty, sordid business, with campaign funds, lobbyists with pockets of cash and grift- just like everywhere else.
        I don’t find it acceptable, but accept I must- or leave. There seems to be a fairly steady stream of conservative folks leaving Vermont- with an equally steady stream of liberals in.

    • Mike, it is shocking you fail to see progressives/democrats have been selling chaos and destruction – higher violent crime, more depression, self-harm, and suicide among our youth, poor academic performance . . . YAY for left of center, huh? Frank Bammo under the Constitution the minority group’s rights are not to be infringed, even if that minority is one. We are not supposed to be living under mob rule. Most legislation introduced and passed is unconstitutional. WHO ARE THE ONE ISSUE VOTERS? People who vote “yes” on Article 22 and vote out Republicans, that’s who.

      • You are correct. The US and Vermont are constitutional republics, not democracies. There is a huge difference. Unfortunately we are led to believe otherwise. Your rights as a citizen of the minority party are being eroded, while
        perverse behavior by an extreme minority of left wing people is embraced, both in popular culture and law. Were a poll taken with the only question being the structure of our government, most responding would say “democracy”.

  7. Just more proof that election fraud is alive and well in Vermont. Condos has a very hot seat waiting for him down there. Vermont can now officially be considered a “dead zone”.

  8. Vermont Republicans have become almost completely irrelevant. In order to have a place at the table, one needs to get elected. While I’m not a big fan of Phil Scott, he’s been elected repeatedly on a center-left platform. Vermonters passed a poorly worded constitutional amendment that purportedly allows unlimited access to abortion by an over 3-1 margin, a fact that needs to be accepted by anyone aspiring to public office. Further, Republicans have no bench depth. While Mr. Malloy may have been eminently qualified, the chances of a political novice being elected to Congress in Vermont are zero. The Vermont party needs to move to the left of the Reagan era or it dies. I think the day is coming when people will need to vote with their feet. Those looking for “true conservatives” will likely find them in Texas or Alabama.

  9. Vermont has become a spiritual desert. Killing unborn children and making it a constitutional right!. Legalizing drugs, putting criminals back on the street, blaming viloent crime on the law abiding. Placing biological boys in girls locker rooms. How long until prostitution becomes legal. Lucifer is smiling down on this sad state and it’s evil inhabitants.

  10. Article 22 is about personal reproductive autonomy. It does not mention abortion or gender nor does it have any age limits. Interpretation is wide open. I’m looking forward to reports of legal actions and how the court will decide. Although reports so far have been infrequent teachers having sex with their students will be a constitutional right.

  11. Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”
    As others have written, neither abortion or gender were mentioned in Article 22.
    Just a year ago, on Oct. 16, 2021, House Speaker Jill Krowinski and Senate President Pro Tempore Becca Balint stood at the Statehouse and apologized for the early 20th C. state-sanctioned eugenics movement. Now Article 22 blesses the eugenics movement by enshrining it to the Vermont Constitution. Abortion without limits, and how ironic, without even forcing it on anyone, children can volunteer for sterilization by taking puberty blockers and cross sex hormones, having their genitals surgically altered or having breasts removed. All this with the full support of the Legislature and POTUS. (VT Bill No. R-255) is the joint resolution supporting transgender youth and their parents who seek “essential” medical care for the treatment of gender dysphoria.
    Is it confused children or confused adults that permit the eventual sterilization of their children? Where are the mothers who will act out of love for their children, not fear of what will happen if you don’t follow the fashion, or the authorities?
    Meanwhile as global awareness grows of the low quality of evidence of the benefits of “affirmative” medical interventions, countries like Sweden have stopped all use of puberty blockers and cross sex hormones for under age 18 outside of research settings. They’ve recognized the harm, so they’re recommending non-invasive alternatives for ameliorating minors’ distress, such as the provision of ethical psychological treatments and support.
    How many VT children will come to harm? I guess we’ll find out.

  12. I will be pro life, and vote pro life, no matter the political consequences.

  13. Countless people who support abortion up to a reasonable time also oppose that inconceivably nebulous Amendment which allows atrocities.
    The issue is people’s inability to see moderation. Also Democratic gerrymandering.

  14. 211,000 People voted for it out of 498.000 registered voters? Were all of those 498,000 fully aware of this change of our Constitution? I can’t believe that the whole state allowed 211,000 voters decide to change our Constitution ! How is this even legal ?

  15. Lovely, just lovely. Vermont (on the heels of California) just encouraged MURDER and Infanticide under the new term of “Reproductive Rights”. Thanks to false claims, a play on words as well as extremely vague wording on the ballot Vermonters were played on this issue. May God forgive you !!

  16. Unfortunately, ignorant electors took the bait of the blue checkmark brigade and are fully flimflammed. The Truth is this is not about Democrat or Republican. It is about the New World Order and the globalist mantra of depopulation and absolute disregard for the sanctity of life – born and unborn. Take note, where were the clergy on this issue? The left, the right, religious leaders, medical professionals, educators, large corporations all jumped in on the “race issue” and the “reproductive issue.” With that, I see the globalist agenda has taken hold. It is destroying our society and most of our society is oblivious to the facts and implications. Educate yourselves. Listen to Yuval Noah Harai when he says: ” We are probably one of the last generations of Homo sapiens.” Let that sink in.

  17. The liberal faction in Vermont is one problem but the main driver of all things liberal is the Vermont corporate media. Some of their traits have infiltrated here as in censoring comments. Until the media is held in contempt of their FCC licensing and nonprofit 501C3 social justice organizations lose their standing nothing changes here.

    The media is supposed to be the Free Press and the arbitrator of truth to report the news, not choose what they want you to see. The same with social media, it’s all liberal with censorship and omission of one side of an issue. All forms of media are required to be neutral unless it’s the Opinion Page. The media is an unofficial arm of the left here in Vermont.

    During this election cycle, I talked with numerous people who had no idea about almost anything. Some people won’t vote and make excuses why they don’t. When pressed, it’s because they aren’t interested and read or hear nothing about important issues.
    Other than this, the republicans here are democrat-lite and will never win the state. Those who call for left of center republicans to win here are like independents, not committed to anything. If you have to sell out to other people’s ideas to win, what have you accomplished? Vermont is lost and ignorance has a lot to do with it, like it or not. People are shallow and Vermont does not have a republican governor. Vermont has an Executive Officer hired by liberals.

  18. Mary Beerworth, knows what is going on.

    For every dollar spent or ad run or article stated, there were surely 1,000 going to EVERY smart phone in Vermont. The power of propaganda and the power of the smartphone, the most effective tool for spreading propaganda on the planet. We were not even in the stadium, let alone the same sport.

    Through in debates where everything is orchestrated, through in a populace that has no education in spotting a lie vs. truth and you have a wonderful mix in which to control power and discussion across the state. We are so divorced from truth and love we are so entwined with our own selfishness, narcissism, lust and thoughts; we don’t know how to even check them with reality.

    This will backfire on women tremendously. It will bring about brokenness, which is one of the underlying goals, as this is not designed to strengthen the family. They played this hand perfectly and we responded just as they wanted, assuring they have control of power and women.

    Thankfully there will be reprisals on this, because the law is so self-centered, untruthful and narcissist, it will not bear fruit in the light of day.

    This law states there is no such thing as a baby, until it is born.
    This law states the woman has total prerogative affecting 2 other lives.
    This is the woman’s choice alone.

    There by logic would surmise that pregnancy is totally and entirely upon the woman’s choice.

    1) the state is no longer obligated to further support any single birthing person financially; it was completely their choice.
    2) men no longer are obligated to provide any child support, as they are no longer responsible for any children coming into the world, it is entirely the choice of women.
    3) medical plans no longer have to provide prenatal care, as this is a voluntary and sole choice of birthing people, they do not have a child in their womb.
    5) parents no longer have any say in the discussion and raising of their children and their sexual training and advice. This is the sole responsibility of the state of Vermont, and what every comes to your 7-year old’s mind. And of course, what is provided for them on their smart phone.

    Vermont will be the leader, but it won’t be what people thought they were voting for, that’s for sure.