Leicester mom, dog-sledder challenges incumbent for House seat

A dog-sledder and healthcare IT professional has thrown her hat into the ring for the Addison 2 (Leicester, Goshen, Salisbury, Ripton, Hancock, Cornwall) House seat as a Republican write-in.

Christine Stone of Leicester faces incumbent Peter Conlon of Cornwall. 

Christine was born and raised in Revere, Massachusetts, in a small coastal community. She is a third generation American of Italian and German ancestry. She attended Revere High School, where she functioned as the Revere High School Cross Country team co-captain. The team reigned as the Greater Boston Area (GBA) Cross Country Champions.

Upon graduation in 1984, she attended the Maryland Institute of Art, and later the Art Institute of Boston. She completed her studies at Southern New Hampshire University in 2021, earning a Bachelor of Arts General Studies, with a minor in Communications, to reflect changes in her professional goals.

As a young adult, Christine managed a wire harness manufacturing business, operating out of the Waltham Watch factory, in Massachusetts. She managed inventory, staff, production, quality assurance and shipping. The business provided employment opportunities to hard working immigrants with limited English-speaking skills, most originating from India.

Due to a connection with Hopkins University, Christine moved to Baltimore, where she lived for 10 years. During this time, she worked at the Baltimore International Culinary College, as an Elderhostel coordinator, managing the college’s domestic and international Elderhostel culinary programs. She also worked as a human resource recruiter and staffing specialist for a multinational corporation. She created a pilot program with the Department of Labor to train and mentor socio-economically challenged individuals to provide them with marketable, entry-level office skills.

She was a customer service representative at Bell Atlantic, Maryland. In this role, her expertise earned her the opportunity to train an office of eighty new hires on customer contact, escalation resolution and programing of complex orders. Christine’s experience working in and integrating with GBA’s and Baltimore’s culturally diverse communities and formed her strong belief in the value of individualism, content of character, and America as a positive multi-cultural experience.

In 2001, Christine moved to Vermont to reconnect with family, who relocated to the Green Mountain State. She married a native Vermonter in 2003, and welcomed her daughter, Grace, into the world. 

She has worked for multiple, large Vermont businesses to include HP Enterprise Services, as the Vermont Medicaid Publications/Communications Coordinator, responsible for provider communications relative to federally mandated health initiatives and changes to Vermont Medicaid policy. 

Her performance landed her a seat on a proposal management team for a Health IT company in Columbia, South Carolina, where she has provided proposal management and technical writing support, since 2015. Christine is an Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP), Foundation Level certification proposal management professional.

Christine currently lives on Lake Dunmore, in Leicester, with her husband. She moved to Addison County to enjoy its diverse green spaces, lakes, and agricultural community. Living on Lake Dunmore has proved challenging, as winters are cold, but beautiful. Cold, even from the perspective of a volunteer, supporting a dog sled team, whose prime task was to keep the team safe and moving in the right direction. This effort involved committing to a long season of coordination, physical exertion, and the occasional hit and run, by overly enthusiastic teammates. Christine believes this experience demonstrates two essential qualities, humility, and grit: positive perseverance of effort combined with passion for a particular end state that addresses the specific needs and concerns of Addison County residents. 

To achieve an end state that benefits Addison County, Christine will work to restore k-12 public education’s focus to reading, math, and science; protect individual and parental rights, and Civil Liberties from governmental overreach; support farmers and their economic interests; as well as addressing Vermont’s labor shortage and skyrocketing cost of living.

Christine has played an active role in the VTGOP, as a Republican committee member for Essex, and in her current role as the Republican Vice-Chair for Leicester.

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