Klar: Trans Randolph student admits staring at disrobing girls was “retaliation”

By John Klar
A boy was asked by a number of teen girls not to watch them disrobe in the girls’ volleyball changing room in a Randolph, Vermont High School. The girls’ understandable complaints have been framed as a “wildfire of bigotry and hatred” by the boy’s mother. Liberal Vermont media have poured ideological fuel on that wildfire by framing the issue solely as one of “trans rights,” ignoring entirely that girls may not want to disrobe in front of what Vermont education guidelines direct must be called “people with penises.” If girls (“people with uteruses”) wish to have their personal identities as biological females respected, they are attacked as hateful bigots inflicting harm.

In a recent interview, the male student in question (a “girl” who is a “person with testes”), using the name “Rabbit,” recounted the harrowing experience of being “attacked” by three or four girls. This is the modus operandi of the left: seek to discredit and vilify anyone (including 14-year-old “people with uteruses”) who dares to question the un-scientific fantasy narrative of “gender theory” being thrust upon schoolchildren.

Vermont school officials rallied the community against the girls, compelling the local media outlet that initially reported the story to retract it. David Goodman, brother to Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman, reported in a recent article that “WCAX featured a single student who objected to Rabbit’s presence in the girl’s [sic] locker room.” This is allegedly a journalistic sin — reporting one girl’s opinion, in opposition to another “girl” (with a penis)’s opinion, though there were a number of girls who felt uncomfortable being topless in front of a person (whatever we’re calling him) with a penis.

The Randolph community is less outraged by the penis-possessing person in the locker room than it is by the school’s — and the ideologically rabid media’s — vicious retaliation against these girls and their families. Rather than address the girls’ legitimate privacy concerns, the teens have become community pariahs, labeled liars and haters. But who is really lying?

In Goodman’s one-sided interview with “Rabbit,” girls’ privacy rights were not considered. But Rabbit affirmed the girls’ story, stating (at 17:30):

The first thing I hear is like “Rabbit, Rabbit, get out. What are you doing here? Rabbit, what are you doing here?” These three girls had screamed at me to get out of the girls’ locker room which I belong in legally. I am a girl — I belong in the girls’ locker room. … I ignore them and I go off to this little sideroom. … And so I just change in there because they didn’t want to see me. They hated me at that point for some reason and so I realized I didn’t know what to wear at the game … so I peek my head around the corner of that little room and I say “Oh hey are we doing jerseys today?” and the first thing I hear is “Rabbit, get out! What are you doing in here? Shut up!” and like “I don’t want you to see,” or whatever and so I retaliated at this point because this is the second time that they had been indescribably rude to me and my gender identity and I was just like “I don’t care. … I am meant to be in this locker room” and one of the snarky responses I got back was “Yeah well we care.”

This corresponds with the account of the several girls who were disrobing and asking for privacy. Yet Victim Rabbit claims this was an “event full of hatred and malice toward me and my gender identity.” “She” with a penis was indignant in particular about a particular remark by Blake Allen:

One of the comments that she made was calling me a biological man. Just a quick dissection of that — not a biological boy considering my age, or not even a biological male — a biological man which had made it seem very precise wording like I was some kind of 18- or 19-year-old pervert. (at 20:20).

The heinous crime here is allegedly not a peeping penile Rabbit, but a girl who dared call her a him. Rabbit admitted that there has been no physical harm to him but conjures tales of right-wing meanies waiting to pounce from the shadows:

There are people out there that have weapons and that will shoot and they will stab and they will maim trans-folk just for existing on the street. … There was this aura of malice and absolute despising rage behind the entire Randolph community. … That was a school full of horrible students that were actively making their voices heard over the voices of the victims involved (at 23:00).

There we have the crime — “cisgirls” “making their voices heard.” Randolph is a school where girls are not allowed to voice their gender beliefs. Indeed, the school attempted to compel Blake Allen to apologize, and fired her father as a coach for similarly refusing to recant. This is government-compelled speech, in clear derogation of First Amendment liberties. We are to believe that Rabbit is the prey when in fact it is the girls who are being tormented by a school saturated with woke hatred and “absolute despising rage.” These disrobing girls are the victims — of a Mao-like oppression of their thoughts, and their basic human right to physical privacy.

VTDigger and David Goodman have shamelessly tried to shame the girls as hateful bigots, ignoring the very idea that teen girls might have a privacy right when naked. But they have also turned a blind eye to the evidence that this same Rabbit did some peeking the previous year, against some other girls. In that incident, one of the girls claims that the phallused Rabbit was watching her change and said, “You’re making my male instincts kick in. I want to f— you.”

Perhaps the Rabbit is not prey, but predator. What is the truth about gender, and victimhood, in Randolph, Vermont?

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  1. OMG, twenty years ago this story would have been filed under science fiction, we live in a crazy world.

  2. The adults in the legislature, the school, and the town have let these kids down and that’s to include the boy. Having a parent to affirm such a silly notion that he is a girl or that this behavior is acceptable is beyond lunacy. I can tell by his words that he’s been coached because he’s repeating ever talking point and rally cry from the lunatics who think you can change sex, and that it perfectly acceptable to push this lie on kids.
    Was the lawsuit dropped when the school backed down or is it still ongoing? Hopefully they wipe the floor with the school and changes are implemented.

  3. If this story evolving in Vermont schools doesn’t concern you, it should. Every school district should have a team of engaged school watchdogs working to educate community members and find concerned candidates for school board members that need to have signatures by the end of January. There are those who view divisiveness as a tool for their game plans. This transgender in the girls locker room could easily be a strategy utilized in any community to stir division.

    There are others brewing and in place to be concerned about as well. Battelle for Kids, Panorama Education, and SEL(Social Emotional Learning) are all tools parents and school board members should learn about and be on the look out for.

    CASEL was aligned with efforts to stir Critical Race Theory and the whole white supremacy and minority oppressed into our education system. It is not on the surface, but CASEL competency objectives are found in the SEL education that the Vermont Department of Education has set in place for every public school in Vermont

    Vermont was the first state in the union to stand up to black slavery. Blacks have a higher educational attainment rate than whites in Vermont and enjoy a median income in the $50K range. This isn’t to say that there are no profiling issues, but not as flagrant as the Equity Agenda people would try to convince Vermonters to think of this Freedom and Unity state.

    For more on Battelle, Panorama, SEL, forming local school watchgroups, and finding candidates for schoolboards write –

    PS homeschoolers and private school parents should still be watchfully engaged about what is being taught to future citizens in your communities.

    • Re: Every school district should have a team of engaged school watchdogs working to educate community members….

      There are watch dogs… right here on VDC and TRN.

      But while you can lead a horse to water, you can’t make it drink.

  4. Twenty years ago this girl (with a penis) would have been expelled. Fifty years ago this girl (with a penis) would have been expelled. One hundred years ago, this girl (with a penis) would be expelled, and probably the town would forced the family to move. I don’t agree with bulling, but the only thing that has changed regardless if you are talking about a hundred years, fifty years, twenty years, or yesterday is the perception of science speaking for it’s self. During COVID-19 we were told to follow the science, and even Fauci saying “I am the science”. But in this case science goes right out the window. Even our new Supreme Court Justice (for fear of being attacked) couldn’t give a definition to what a woman is.
    My question: in the politically correct swamp we are in, what are Doctors supposed to put on birth certificates when children are born ? TBD !

  5. Suggestion: Voters snd tax-payers need to move against a board and an administration that have demonstrated an outrageous lack of judgment!

  6. I was reading an article published in the Journal of Educational Policy about phycho data mining children, which stated that Social Emotional Learning needs to be understood for the economical and political control of the population. They are programming our children to be easily manipulated, or nugged, to control their political views and what they purchase. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Equity are part of the UN Agenda 2030 goals, which are inclusive of Agenda 21. This is all being driven by the UN, WEF, UNESCO, World Bank and others. The WEF also commented on the need to incorporate SEL into tech ED products. They want to merg schools via school mergers to exploit children as human capital, betting on their future production. They want to create a corporate global school monopoly through their stakeholder capitalist model. With one corporate stakeholder being Mark Zuckerberg and his Metaverse technology (fasco-communism).

  7. Outrageous indeed !

    I’m definitely a watch dog at my children’s school.
    My concerns now is from some of the lunacy occurring at colleges, with suppression of free speech, vaccine mandates, forms of political discrimination, allowing male trans participation in women’s sports, among many other issues.

    On the national level much is surfacing now with some transgenders getting some head-waves; White House trans administrator caught stealing luggage at an airport, trans involved in corruption, trans involved in night club murder and trans pedophilia, obviously something is out of wack and not seriously considered as a mental health crises.

    I commend all those for having the courage to speak up and defend their rights and liberties.

    Stay engaged

  8. Personally, I don’t care if you wake up and decide to gender identify as an avocado – just don’t expect that I am going to go along with your lunacy. I won’t…and you cannot force me to. I will address you as your biological sex. Have a penis? Don’t want to be identified as male…..have it removed. Until then- you are male. Deal with it. And if I were a parent and your son was having a hissy fit because he can’t watch my daughter undress – Oh….you and I are gonna have a serious discussion about how he still has the sexual nature to want to —- like a boy. After he made that admission – I really had to question his dedication to being transgender. I stand behind the young girls and their families 100%.

  9. These corrupt school personnel from the top to the bottom need to go and the whole school system revamped. If everyone refused to send their children to school for a month or so and their school taxes go unpaid maybe it would wake a few people up. We can not elect the right people because the elections are so corrupt even to the school board level. A few years ago we voted to keep our school district to our own control. We won that voting but the state took it over anyhow. What good was the vote. There needs to be a way that people can stop what is being done to our precious children. I commend these young ladies for speaking up.

    • Refusal to pay taxes as a form of protest will be responded to by men with guns showing up at your house. This is one of few times when liberals actually find guns useful, when they are used to enforce taxation. The way to deal with this is/was on voting day but a majority of voters are apparently just fine with the marxist takeover of the public education system. We get spanked by our elected officials and keep asking: thank you sir, may I have another?…

  10. Vermont is chock full of liberal loons whose depravity even requires teenage girls to show their private parts to perverts. It’s past time to put a butterfly net over the Legislature and save crazy Vermonters from themselves.

  11. Using the moniker “rabbit” is rather telling. There are many deep pockets now in play for hefty lawsuits. There are lawsuits commencing now of young adults and teens who now regret their decisions to transition. Many facing medical issues and mental distress after being coerced by family, schools, medial practioners, etc. to make life altering decisions. Due to their age, they had no idea how such a decision would impact them so profoundly and in some cases, permenantly. Not only are the girls victims in this case, but the boy may one day realize he too is a victim of abuse by those he trusted. I say let the lawsuits fly in great numbers and drain those pockets dry – each person involved is fair game in this pursuit of justice!

    • Re: I say let the lawsuits fly…

      Every civil action may include:
      Reimbursement of monies lost due to the defendant’s actions.
      Compensation for damage to property.
      Reimbursement of monies due to the defendant’s breach of a contract.
      Reimbursement of medical expenses for injuries caused.
      Compensation for pain and suffering (including emotional distress).

      Make it simple … with an enticing settlement (i.e., financially beneficial for the school district and AOE to consider when compared to the potential cost of alternatives). File a civil suit and agree to settle for the equivalent of a School Choice voucher (the announced annual average tuition defined by the AOE) payable for the duration of your child’s elementary and secondary education years, designated by the parents to the approved public, independent or homeschool program of their choice.

  12. This is just so sad and a travesty. That our deeply rooted cultural values are being undermined in this way is despicable. That the understandable desires and rights of girls to not be subjected to a leering male while changing in a locker room is vilified is beyond belief. That the parents of the girls who have defended their daughters right to privacy and dignity are being punished is reprehensible.

    There’s of course another victim here and that’s the obviously confused and mentally ill teenage boy “Rabbit “. That the adults in his life have been affirming his crazy beliefs and behavior instead of obtaining mental health care for him is unconscionable. That “woke” adults are using him to virtue signal and score “woke” points is beyond the pale. All of the children involved in this debacle have been failed by the adults in charge; the girls by the leftist administration and media and the boy by the same parties.

  13. It really comes down to WHOSE COMFORT AND FEELINGS ARE BEING PRIORITIZED? The established norm is that we as a society have endorsed gender/sex separation in certain venues, such as changing facilities, public restrooms, certain athletic activities and the prison system. This segregation has always been based on ANATOMY NOT PSYCHOLOGY and has typically been done for comfort and safety of females. Historically, we dont have homosexual men use the women’s bathroom based on who they are attracted to and we dont allow homosexual woman to use the men’s room. ANATOMY for these venues has always been the standard. We dont make exceptions for homosexuals, so why should we make exceptions for the “gender”-confused/non-binary? OK, those stick figures on the doors of the person wearing the dress are stereotypical and anachronistic, and a diagram of a penis or vulva may be in appropriately graphic so how about the little circular symbols that science uses…you know the science that we are supposed to be guided by…

  14. OKAY…the games playing must stop. The PERSON admits to trying to bother the girls. Game over. Just….OVER. No compromising now. Seek retribution and compensation from the District, including filing a civil rights complaint and/or suit against the ridiculous Supt.

  15. There is definitely a difference between VT Digger and VT Chronicles on this subject.
    Not for nothing , I am placing my confidence in VT Chronicles on accuracy and fairness ( and to answer your question in advance, I am not related to anyone on either staff or organization- just a citizen observer of our free press)

  16. I was thinking the same thing that vtlaxer75 commented on regarding this issue. Amazing how independent journalist in the same small homogenous State can come to such different conclusions on the same topic?

    • Not sure that’s amazing. For a long time now, Vermont Digger has functioned as our Vermont Pravda.

  17. John, Thank you for posting this article. I also listened to that interview with Goodman. The only reason I listened to it was to actually hear what he/she, Rabbitt”, said, as I already knew about it. I will not repeat it, as you detailed it very well. Most upsetting is that the girls have suffered unfairly, which is an understatement.

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