21 GOP governors – but not Scott – call for end to military vax mandate

U.S. Navy photo via the Center Square

by Jon Styf, The Center Square

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and 20 other Republican governors sent a letter to congressional leaders opposing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu was among the signers, but Gov. Phil Scott of Vermont was not.

The letter asks those leaders to oppose the mandate from President Joe Biden’s administration that was issued on Aug. 24, 2021.

“As Governors, our ability to respond to natural disasters and conduct emergency operations is contingent upon the strength and size of our National Guard units,” the letter said. “As Congressional leaders, it is your duty to provide for the national defense, and therefore, we call upon you to protect the men and women in uniform – who protect us – from an unnecessary vaccine mandate. As President Biden, himself, stated on September 18, 2022, ‘The pandemic is over.’”

The letter was signed by Alabama’s Kay Ivey, Arizona’s Doug Ducey, Arkansas’ Asa Hutchinson, Florida’s Ron DeSantis, Idaho’s Brad Little, Indiana’s Eric Holcomb, Iowa’s Kim Reynolds, Mississippi’s Tate Reeves, Missouri’s Mike Parson, Montana’s Greg Gianforte, Nebraska’s Pete Ricketts, New Hampshire’s Chris Sununu, North Dakota’s Doug Burgum, Oklahoma’s Kevin Stitt, South Carolina’s Henry McMaster, South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, Texas’ Greg Abbott, Utah’s Spencer Cox, Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin and Wyoming’s Mark Gordon.

The letter comes after 47 members of Congress asked for a similar move to remove the mandate in September. In that plea, the members said that the mandate meant that “eight percent of the Army’s approximately 1 million soldiers face expulsion, Army recruiters cannot meet their FY22 target, and the Army has cut its projected FY23 end strength by 12,000 soldiers. “

The governors’ letter stated that the mandate had led the National Guard to miss its recruitment target by 10% and it was “preparing to discharge approximately 14,000 soldiers in the next two years for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.”

The Army recruitment goal missed by 25%, falling 15,000 recruits short of its target, according to U.S. Army Secretary Christine Wormuth on Oct. 10. And the letter said that the Armed Forces discharged 8,000 active duty members through Nov. 15 due to the vaccine mandate.

“The Biden vaccine mandate on our military creates a national security risk that severely impacts our defense capabilities abroad and our state readiness here at home,” the letter stated.

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  1. Once again, the Republican Party is on the wrong side of history. As reported by the National Park Service:

    “During the 1700s, smallpox raged through the American colonies and the Continental Army. Smallpox impacted the Continental Army severely during the Revolutionary War, so much so that George Washington mandated inoculation for all Continental soldiers in 1777. Though it was a controversial action, many historians credit the medical mandate with the colonists’ victory in the Revolutionary War and the creation of the United States of America.”

    By today’s Republican Party standards, I guess George Washington would be labeled “un-American”.

    • This isn’t small pox and these vaccines aren’t vaccines they are emergency authorization use only gene therapy drugs. No one should be forced to put this in their body. You need to do some reading and research to see what these jabs are doing to people. It is unconstitutional to force this poison and furthermore, they don’t stop transmission nor infection of the virus. An accompanying article here today proclaims more vaccinated people are dying than unvaccinated. You are wrong!

  2. And if the vaccine had failed to work? And if — heaven forbid — it had given the soldiers smallpox (or some other illness) rather than prevented it? Maybe the unvaxxed recruits would have panicked and deserted by the thousands, leaving America undefended. Maybe the British would have won!

    • More like another progressive socialist equity hire. phil scott is a disgrace to any thinking American or the 30% of thinking Vermonters left the other 70% are proven sodomites as evidenced by their votes for Article 22.

  3. Perhaps the true goal of mandated ‘vaccination’ is being accomplished. It isn’t much of a stretch to see this mandate as intentional reduction in the Armed Forces.
    We have evidence that service members are being forced out due to their politics and resistance to current ‘woke’ thinking. How is this different? It isn’t. just a more effective means. A minority of governors and legislators will have no effect on this administrations policies, whomever is really running things in DC.

    • Meanwhile, allowing invaders (military aged unknown vax status males) to cross the borders unchecked by the tens of thousands and even dispersed though out our nation to large key cities by the tax payer to boot.
      Seems to add up doesn’t it?

  4. It’s a clot shot, an experimental substance that had and has deadly impact on people.
    Big pharma knew all about how bad it was and is, yet it is forced on people to take it without any avenue to sue the drug companies. However, .gov entities, Schools, and employers can and will be sued and hopefully prosecuted. The WEF is fully behind this depop shot.

  5. Something is truly off with Scott. It’s like somebody has secret info on this guy and they can pull his strings with ease.

    What an embarrassment to VT.

  6. Guv. RINO & his Lab Coat Lackey Levine will NEVER admit ANY mistakes like the lockdowns (Biz-Kill Phil), mask charade, “essential workers & services”, “snitch-line”, etc etc. Any wonder why they ALWAYS put Guy Page & me LAST in line at their Covid “conferences”? WE were the only ones asking well researched, relevant questions, and when my questions became a little…”contrarian” they accused me of being racist one day (w/no proof) & “hobby news” the next day then censored. ALL their policy decisions we questioned at that time have now been shown ridiculous compared to the FREE states. I’ve asked for an apology, but as we see here, they still think their decisions valid. At least Herr Fauci WILL face hearings, and in a just world, prosecution. THIS “vaccine” will be shown the biggest mistake since Thalidomide and dwarf the 1976 “Swine Flu” debacle. By far.

  7. Our military is sadly lacking as it is. By mandating vaccinations it’s causing more people to not join. This spells big trouble ahead.

  8. Too bad our supposed Republican Governor won’t stand up for his people. The vaccines are not working but still he’s pushing the poison.

  9. I wonder how many of the vax deniers for military personnel actually served in the miliary. Early in basic training, I remember passing through a line with medics on both sides who administered a battery of shots with their air guns. I was never asked if I wanted them or not.

    Perhaps military personnel should be given a right to decide whether or not they wish to go into an armed conflict. The chances of death/injury there are much greater compared to receiving a medically approved and effective vaccine.

  10. Phil scott in not a republican. He’s a liberal democrat who has taken a knee to the WEF’s globalist adgenda.

  11. Scott continues to prove his allegiance to the marxist agenda of destroying the unborn, children, male/female identities, the family unit and so much more.
    Not the first time this lying two faced traitor has betrayed every Real VT Republican.
    ( all those that fight for life from conception and the Constitutions of VT and
    America. )
    Scott and Levine pushed the masks and jabs on the children even though they had zero statistical risk. ( but he cashed in on the covid money from Biden )

    Scott has written illegal and unconstitutional Gun Laws, has a 100% rating from planned parenthood and stole money from programs that protect VT children at risk from domestic abuse and Vermonters suffering from tobacco use by taking $5 Million from those programs to give to illegal aliens not eligible for the stimulus checks.
    Scott signed H57, the abortion up to the moment of Birth Law in VT.
    Scott signed the Mail in Ballot Law.
    He and eight other transrepublicans voted for and supported Prop 5 / Article 22.

    Remember, You Aren’t Essential, but every VT State Liquor Store and planned parenthood employee are.
    Remember, he tried to get your School children and grand children to rat you out for having Grandma over for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Scott remains in the Republican Party because of the failure of VTGOP Chair Dame and Rules Committee Chair Koch among others in the VTGOP.
    They voted down the Amendments I wrote which would have given the membership the ability to remove all support and any endorsement from the VTGOP for any candidate that violated the VTGOP Platform.
    The Big Tent that gave you Madden.
    Scott could still be removed from the Republican Party, just like Cheney was in Wyoming.

    Scott was also the only Republican Governor that refused to sign a letter to Biden condemning his failures on our Borders.

    Scott parroted the words of Democrat Senator MacDonald on WVMT’s Morning Drive program when he answered a Woman’s call about high fuel prices. Basically telling her to get a blanket and turn down the heat.
    Scott endorsed Democrat Senator Mazza instead of the Republican candidate Steve Bellows.

    Scott is not a Republican, his left/far left agenda prove who he is.
    The failure of Dame and Koch enable Scott to spit in the face of VT Republicans.
    Scott and Dame have their defenders though. It’s easy once you sell out.

    *** for Dame, Koch or anyone that defends Scott and the others that have violated the VTGOP Platform, I will debate anyone at an organized GOP County mtg. ***

    Here is your opportunity, you take cheap shots all the time. Step up or shut up.

    • Let’s see, Scott has won Republican primary, after primary. The right to represent Vermont Republicans. Scott has won general election, after general election. The right to represent Vermonters.

      He represents Vermont Republicans and Vermonters using our democrat process.
      Everyone respects democracy, the voice of the people, and elections. I think?

      How’s your election record.

      Elections have consequences.

      Given your not a republican and your not in the party, who would debate you and why? You have nothing to offer.. a voting block, money, resources.


      • Arnold is either incapable of understanding that Scott received 60 – 70% of his votes in all 3 Gubernatorial elections from democrats, or he is just spewing because he is afraid to actually do something.
        FYI Arnold, Scott does represent the marxists who vote for him.

      • Jim,
        Now I get it.
        I thought you were serious about trying to win elections. But, I’m wrong.
        Clearly you’re attempting to create a fringe Republican Group that is ideologically “pure” and Authoritarian.
        I guess something similar to:
        Jim Jones – Jonestown, Guyana
        David Koresh – Waco, Texas
        Warren Jeffs – Texas
        Marshall Applewhite – San Diego, CA

      • Anyone else notice Arnold never addresses any of the facts I point out about Scott, Benning, Dame, Koch and the other transrepublicans that have betrayed Real VT Republicans ?
        You know, those of us who support life from conception and fight for our Constitutional Rights ?
        You notice he never addresses any of the comments from all the others that say the same things I write ?
        You know, those of us who have done the work and continue to fight those who are trying to destroy the unborn, children and the Family Unit ? Those of us who fight for our 2nd Amendment and the other Constitutional Rights, against the Marxists who prove who they are and the transrepublicans who pretend to be your friend ?

        You see it’s really this simple ; Arnold is the screaming child on the floor of a store because Mommy won’t buy him a toy.
        He needs to attack me personally because he can’t defend any of those I call out, including himself.

        I hope Arnold gets some sponsorship money from the VTGOP. Maybe they could get him a jacket with some patches.

        I’ll bet the first one will be – You don’t have to be a Republican, just say you are.
        Followed by – Rinos aren’t just liars, they will stab you in the back too.
        And – Madden is Kool !
        And then the Topper – VTGOP Good – Sexton Bad

      • Gentlemen, Gentlemen. I, for one, notice that you both continue to miss the point. Instead of speculating on what someone’s personal philosophy or state of mind is, address the actual circumstance. I doubt if Phil Scott knows anything about Marx. He does what he does to stay in power… period. Nearly 80% of Vermonters are drinking the Kool-Aid. They, including Phil Scott and Paul Dame, are the many wolves, who along with the few sheep, are voting on what to have for lunch. And most of us here on VDC are on the menu.

        Characterize yourselves as you see fit. Republican. Marxist. Whatever. ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’

        We’re all being played in the same blood sport by our handlers, like pit bulls and fighting roosters in the pit. Clearly, working within the political system isn’t working. The question I ask is: what are we going to do now?

      • 1. Scott, Benning, Dame, Koch – won VT Primaries or VTGOP elections – maybe the party has changed with Vermont demographics. Looks as if “Real VT Republicans” can’t win general elections and subsequently are useless when it comes to getting elected and blocking legislation. The question is why, in general, can’t “Real VT Republicans” win primaries or general elections?

        2. support life from conception and fight for our Constitutional Rights
        – abortion – unfortunately a settled issue in Vermont – like it or not, it looks like 75% Vermonters voted for this. You’re not changing this by protesting and continuing to be unelectable.
        – VT constitution – out the window without veto votes – again “Real VT Republicans can’t win a general election to save it.

        The recent election should be a learning lesson for Republicans but, apparently not.
        The questions we should be asking are;
        Why did we get out voted in the general election? If you’re more interested in winning a primary and then using the general election to make unelectable, unpalatable points, you’re doing more harm than good.

        Why did so few people vote against prop 5?

        Why are so few people interested in being involved and supporting the party?

        If Real VT Republicans took over the party and won the primaries, can they win a general election?

        Real VT Republicans should reconsider their approach. There’s a lot of activity but nothing to show for it. Perhaps, picking up a book or two about strategy and tactics or find a consultant to help out. Perhaps listening to the 75% of Vermonters, who didn’t vote Real VT Republicans to figure out some common points of concern.

        Or, just do as you’re doing.

        Winning general elections is how things change or by having tons of money.

        The final score is what counts. Not how much you’ve practiced or participated.

      • Re: “The question is why, in general, can’t “Real VT Republicans” win primaries or general elections?”

        Asked and answered. Because 65% of Vermont voters are progressive/democrats and 15% are Independents and Republicans who think the same way.

        New question: Now what?

      • Re: “Or, just do as you’re doing.” And what might that be?
        Re: “….picking up a book or two about strategy and tactics or find a consultant to help out.” Oh, there you go.

        Re: “The final score is what counts. Not how much you’ve practiced or participated.”
        Yes, but which game are you playing? If it’s the election game, in today’s Vermont, you lose.

      • Re: “Why do 65% of Vermont voters vote for progressive/democrats?”

        I still can’t figure that out. And many of them are my friends.

        I suspect it’s because they don’t understand the long-term ramifications of what they’re doing. Even those enjoying their short-term power. And speculating in that regard is an exercise in futility – because what happens depends on who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing. One size doesn’t fit all.

        Consider what I am actually doing – presenting alternative concepts when presented with questionable positions – as I’m doing now. But most of the time people aren’t paying attention.

        Ask the prog/dem politicians why they aren’t advocating to purchase more Hydro-Quebec electricity. Ask them why they don’t favor School Choice.

        You know, I asked Joe Benning to name one Trump policy with which he disagreed. He couldn’t name one.

        You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. So, now, the question is, what are you going to do knowing that you live in a dystopian society? It may not be what I would do. But at least I can learn from your successes and failures.

      • If we don’t know the needs and wants of at least 51% of our customers/voters, how can we serve them, earn their vote?
        If we owned a restaurant and only served the food we liked and didn’t serve the food we didn’t like, how long would we be in business?
        Also, how long we would be in busy if we stopped serving some of our existing customers (so called RINOs and etc.) because they asked us to hold the pickles?

        Do we have the trust of prospective customers to ask them about their actual wants and needs?

      • If 80% of Vermonters don’t like the food your restaurant serves, you can do one of two things.
        1. Change the menu.
        2. Scale your restaurant to serving the 20% who like your food.

        You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t tell it what to eat, either.

        I’m scaling my restaurant to make the food I believe is best for me and my family, and doing my best to stay out of the way of the other 80% of Vermonters rushing to the ‘animal farm’ trough.

        “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

      • Niches are great with the understanding that you accept the fact the big boys will control the setting of regulations and policies.

  12. Mr. Scott is trying to hold on to his position and power at the expense of his soul, right along with the rest of the traitors of our Republic. When the light of truth shines… what faces will be revealed.

  13. Scott can’t play in any GOP sandbox that goes against his allegience to The Biden and the CCP. He led the chicken dance for months! He pushed the propaganda weekly, allowed mandates against employees under threats of termination, restricted travel and business, etc. The big pay day from The Biden is grants and recovery funds. He is now distributing the Biden bucks to his non-profit allies and backroom supporters. He painted himself into a corner being the Panderer in Charge and a deceiver = RICO

  14. As “moderate” as his persona is, there are times for him to reach deep down inside his soul and find his inner Republican, and this is one of those times. As scared as he is to offend the liberal snowflakes of Vermont, there is no downside to taking a stand against this vaccine mandate. There are recorded clips of Biden, Pelosi and Fauci all declaring that no vaccine will be mandated.

  15. H. Jay Eshelman doubts if Scott knows anything about Marxism.
    Arnold is so fixated on his love affair with the tyransrepublicans he can’t understand that voting for Scott, Benning, Beck, Walker, Martin, Leffler, Sheureman, Toof, Parent or any of those that have betrayed the VTGOP Platform is in fact a vote for the left/far left agenda. None of them are Republicans.

    Marxism in simple terms ;
    Control every aspect of an individuals life.
    Control Religious beliefs.
    Control the legal system.
    Control cultural norms.

    A. Scott pushed the mask and jab mandates to the point of destroying small businesses and causing massive suffering to Vermont citizens and families.
    Even going after Children at zero risk from the plandemic.
    ( But he kept every State Liquor Store and planned parenthood open. You aren’t Essential, but they are according to Scott. )

    B. Scott paid the VT. Catholic Church $3 Million to shut down.

    C. Scott used Donovan to go after VT individuals, businesses and Churches that fought the illegal and unconstitutional mandates.

    D. Scott purposely refused to define the word Woman, giving in to the insanity. What happened at Randolph High School is a direct result. Putting High School girls in harms way to a predator that admitted watching the Girls change was retaliation. Giving creedence to every School Board and Superintendent to force the CRT and Equity garbage.

    I can have a logical discussion with Mr. Eshelman. He is at least trying to find logical solutions.
    Mr. Arnold doesn’t think logically, he thinks emotionally.

    I have proven my points about the transrepublicans multiple times. Each time Mr. Arnold spews more hate and vitriol directly at me.
    ” Sexton quit and ran away ! ”
    ” It’s all Sexton’s fault the VTGOP failed in so many ways ! ”
    ” The Real VT Republicans can’t win anything ! ”
    In fact I have put in far more time, money and effort fighting for the unborn, children and our Constitutional Rights in the last 16 months than all the time I worked on them before I left the VTGOP.
    The VTGOP that wants a Big Tent, where you don’t have to be a Republican, just say you are. And because of Dame and Koch you got Madden.

    In fact Charles Wilson from Caledonia 3 won the Seat for VT State Representative. 100% Pro Life and Constitutional.

    ” Sexton didn’t change any votes ! ”
    In fact the people that I and my Wife spoke with before the General Election about Article 22 thanked us. Because they asked why I was fighting ” against the abortion law ? ”
    And then we explained that abortion was already guaranteed to the moment of Birth because Scott signed H 57. Then we explained about the transgender component and the ” State ” deciding what Reproductive Autonomy is.
    And then they voted against it.
    But you see, when the State decides an individuals Reproductive Autonomy, it removes the individual from having any control over their Reproductive Autonomy.

    Mr. Arnold loves to point out that 75% of Vermonters voted for it. So in his thought process, join them because you are going to lose anyway.

    Reminds me of my Mom saying, ” Just because your friends did it does that mean you have to ? ”
    ” No Mom, I’ll stand up for what I believe in. My soul isn’t for sale. ”

    So yes Mr. Eshelman, Scott and the others that sold out are Marxists. They all voted for and support the destruction of the unborn, children, Boys and Girls, the Family unit and the American Culture based on Judaeo Christianity.
    They all voted to remove Religion and individual Rights.
    They all voted to allow the State to criminalize anyone that would fight to protect their children.

    • Again, Mr.Sexton, you have “proven my points about the transrepublicans multiple times” – that certain politicians have done what you point out is not in question. And I’m not questioning the justification of your point of view or your right to have it. But again, as I’ve said several times now, while you rant and rave as you do (we get it), I’m still waiting to hear what you recommend be done about it.

  16. Based on your writings on marxism.
    “Marxism in simple terms ;
    Control every aspect of an individuals life.
    Control Religious beliefs.
    Control the legal system.
    Control cultural norms.”

    You should go back and read your posts and compare and contrast them to your definition of marxism. Expecting everyone to live based on your moral beliefs is kinda of controlling individuals’ life.. no. Expecting everyone to conform to your, frankly ours’ religious beliefs is kind of like controlling religious beliefs.. kinda of Marxist. I’m not sure about the reference of the criminalization of protecting the unborn.

    I don’t doubt your efforts. But results are what matter. Not effort.

    Scott pushed the mask and jab mandates to the point of destroying small businesses and causing massive suffering to Vermont citizens and families. I’m not sure this is the case many VT Businesses were tanking before the pandemic. I’m heavily involved in VT Small Businesses and many of them (failing businesses) were bailed out by the taxpayer.

    Scott paid the VT. Catholic Church $3 Million to shut down. We got ourselves into this mess.

    Scott used Donovan to go after VT individuals, businesses and Churches that fought the illegal and unconstitutional mandates. Okay. I’m not sure how illegal this was. Where are all the lawsuits.

    Scott purposely refused to define the word Woman, giving in to the insanity. What happened at Randolph High School is a direct result. Not sure about the direct result or correlation. Is what happened in Randolph weird. Absolutely.

    Frankly, it sounds like you have an axe to grind with Gov. Scott. Dare I say, it can be perceived as hate.

    Elections have consequences and it looks like we’re paying the price.

    I get the Catholic thing. Catholic educated. Built orphanages overseas. Studied and witnessed, worshipped in Rome. Been to Jeruslem and worshipped numerous times. But, I don’t want to get into who is “Real” Catholic with you.

  17. Mr. Eshelman, I don’t rant and rave, but thanks for the shot.
    I point out facts of who, how and why.
    Everything I do is to show others they can step up for themselves.
    Why are you waiting for someone to tell you what to do ?

    Mr. Arnold, I have never done any writings on marxism. What I have done here many times is to prove that every lying two face that disregards the VTGOP Platform and claims to be a Republican is anything but.
    Your attempt to compare marxism to what I fight for is laughable.
    For the 300th time – what I do is use the VTGOP Platform as proof of how these frauds portray themselves. ( but facts don’t matter to you )
    You see, if you vote for something, stand behind it. Don’t betray those you pledge to support. It has nothing to do with my way or the highway. It has everything to do with getting rid of people who shake your hand while stabbing you in the back.

    My written words are taken from the definition of Marxism. Scott has proven many times that his agenda is the destruction of life and the family unit.
    ( but you ignore that )
    My reference about the criminalization of protecting the unborn is to point out that Article 22 provides for the State to take any child, regardless of age from their Parents if the Parents refuse to give them up to the sexual mutilation the State would force on the child. While making it a crime when the Parents and any Health care provider refuses to participate. Resulting in the suspension of their license to work in VT.
    Maybe reading and understanding what Article 22 will do would help.

    What I have done is shown the proof.
    What you do is cover for them.
    How does your new jacket fit ? Get your honorary Rino Patch yet ?
    ” Frankly, it sounds like you have an Axe to grind with Gov. Scott. Dare I say it can be perceived as hate. ”
    Must be you missed the multitude of reasons that prove Scott has voted for, signed on to, and participated in the destruction of the unborn, children and our way of life.

    But that isn’t why is it ? Much easier to attack me for proving it to you than to face the fact you have sold out and given up. Your words Mr. Arnold, ” 75% of Vermonters voted for this. ”
    So you have given up.
    I don’t hate Scott, Benning, Beck or any of those who support the marxist agenda. But I hate what they stand for.
    Conversely, you hate me for telling the truth. Which is why you have not responded to the multitude of ways I point out Scott and the others have betrayed Republican voters in VT.
    ( those pesky facts keep getting in the way )

    One more thing Mr. Eshelman, there are people in Southern VT trying to form a Constitutional Republican Party in VT. I would suggest contacting them if you want anything to change.
    Dame, Koch and every member of the VTGOP Committee will be be running for re election later this year. Voting them out and supporting those who step up for Life and our Constitutions will be a good start.
    Or you can look forward to another two years of giving up.

    • Mr. Sexton, I appreciate your comments and you are not the only person frustrated and disgusted by the outright corruption in this State. I imagine Calvil Coolidge rolling in his grave so much, he’s likely going to breach the Connecticut River. The “go along to get along crowd” is not new here, but they are the death nails swinging over the coffin of this State. Freedom and Unity my behind. My mother (5th generation VT) always said this State was full of ignorant idiots…I now know exactly what she meant and concur with her assessment.