Jim Douglas to chair Nolan for Senate campaign

Christina Nolan submits her qualifying petitions to be on the ballot for U.S. Senator with Campaign Chairman former Governor Jim Douglas and Vermont Secretary of State official JP Isabelle looking on.

Christina Nolan, Republican candidate for United States Senate, announced today that former Governor Jim Douglas is serving as Campaign Chair. Governor Douglas joined Nolan at the Vermont Secretary of State’s office to submit more than 1,000 signatures qualifying her to be on the ballot.

“Governor Douglas’ ability to reach across the aisle, bring people together and achieve meaningful results is an approach I intend to emulate in the United States Senate, and I am beyond honored to have his support,” said Nolan, who previously served as Vermont’s United States Attorney. “Washington has enough partisan bomb throwers more interested in scoring political points than making progress on the real challenges facing our country, from inflation to energy costs to crime rates. My opponent, Congressman Peter Welch, votes with party insiders in Washington D.C. 100 percent of the time. To those Vermonters who think Washington is hopelessly broken, my message is simple: change is coming, and it starts by retiring Congressman Welch.”

“I am very excited to be a part of the Christina Nolan campaign,” said Douglas, who served as Vermont’s 80th governor from 2003-2011. “Vermonters expect Democrats and Republicans to work together to make life better for everyone. Unfortunately, Washington has become dysfunctional. It’s more about ideology than doing what’s right. Senators shouldn’t just vote the party line. Christina Nolan will be an independent voice; she cares more about Vermont families and less about the extreme politics of DC. That’s why I strongly support Christina Nolan for U.S. Senate.”

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  1. You are missed Governor Douglas. Do you ever think of coming out of retirement ? Mrs. Douglas, Can “Big Jim” come out to play ? Nobody can run up and down the stairs at the Pavilion like you !
    Ain’t that right Gene, Rick, Todd, and Chris ?

  2. Governor Douglas rocks! Remember when he was our governor and Vermont would end the fiscal year out in the black??

    PLEASE vote for Nolan for US Senator! Despite the fact that any of you may have a difference or two with her, that’s natural. Nonetheless she is brilliant, not corrupted, courageous, and was a Trump pick for US Attorney from VT!

    To not vote for Nolan (though your prerogative) is simply a vote for that extremist swamp creature Welch.


  3. THANK YOU, Gentleman Jim for coming out of your well-earned retirement to help rescue Vermont from the wrath of the demoKKKrat party. You have been missed and this effort on your behalf will hopefully be a big factor in getting Vermont moderates on board with voting for common sense. PLEASE emphasize that this will be a chance for Vermont liberals who have always lamented the fact that Vermont has never sent a woman to Congress to put their money where their mouth is.

  4. Oh Douglas, the Scott clone rino proabort. A perfect fit for the huge rino Nolan!

    • So you’ll brilliantly instead vote for no one or vote for the mega D.C. swamp monster, Obama-lovin,’ Chinese Communist invested white male Welch & show them rino’s! Yeah, & the extremist, American-destroying fascists win another round. Good thinking.

      At least Nolan was actually tough on crime in VT, always backed the blue, & was a Trump appointee!


  5. Gerald Malloy is running for U.S. Senate despite the lack of support from The VT GOP.
    Mr. Malloy is a Constitutional Pro Life Vermonter that is a West Point Graduate and has 22 years of service to America.
    Ms. Nolan has stated that Roe V Wade is precedent and should not be challenged, she supported the Nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson despite her rulings on Child Porn, and has said those involved with January 6th should be prosecuted. She said she does not support late term abortions.
    All of this is available from her interview with Stewart Ledbetter in March.
    You can’t be part time Pro Life.

    • She also said she wants to be like Susan Collins of ME that’s a RINO for sure.

      • Jane, are you on here dissin’ Nolan AND working on Welch’s campaign?

        You folks above would all obviously rather see a DemocRAT win yet again than see a moderate Constitutionalist Republican win. Again, genius!

    • I’ve been Pro-life since I was 14 years of age.

      HOWEVER, the fact is – again – at this point no matter who is elected as U.S. Senator, abortion is NOT going to be abolished in VT.

      To state that if Nolan runs you won’t vote for her because she would “allow” abortion until 3 mos gestation and let Welch win who cheerlead to have the baby slaughtered as it comes down the birth canal is: FOOLISH!

      Nolan is an advocate for no abortions beyond the 3 mos. period & for changing VT law to provide the fetus with “personhood status” which in VT it does NOT have thanks to democRATS!

      To encourage “don’t vote for anyone unless it is Malloy – merely murders MORE babies.

      DON’T ALLOW WELCH TO BE CROWNED!!! STOP THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am as pro-life as they come but folks had better open their eyes to the fact that the Democrats are very devious and will use the “leak” from the Supreme court re: Roe V Wade to
      1. Out of fear energize EVERY democrat to get to the polls in November to ensure that abortion remails legal [even thought Vermont has one of the least restrictive abortion law in the Nation]
      2. and more important ….they want to “split” the Republican party… and if we focus on Roe V Wade we will split the party and NO ONE will win.
      Our goal in regards to November ballot issue to change the Vermont Constitution by adding Prop 5: Amend 22 is to EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE what this really means.
      As Conservatives we have a lot of work in the next 5 plus months. I will support Christina Nolan because I believe she can and will WIN ….

  6. We do not need another moderate voice in Washington, we need a republican to clean out the mess that’s there now destroying our country!

    • Well, you’ve got a choice between a very brilliant, Trump appointed, well-spoken, Constitutionalist Republican OR Welch.

      BTW, who are the “other” moderate voices in D.C. from VT??? Sanders?????? How about Sarah George??? LOL.

      You guys are the very reason why Welch will slide right in again…all he has to do is keep breathing.

      If you’re all so “conservative” – YOU run. The VT GOP is chronically calling for folks to run! What ticket are you on??? Or are you all just too busy complainingg?

      • Malloy is the only true Republican with outstanding qualifications. He is by far the best candidate for Vermont Senate to Washington in a long long time. It’s time Vermonters. You may not see this opportunity again in your lifetime.

  7. Still a lot of delusional people out there who engage the fantasy that Vermont can elect a pro-life, hard-core conservative to any office. The best we can do ideologically is Ms. Nolan. We who are grounded in political reality are grateful and blessed that Nolan is in this race as a Republican. Get a grip, the pre-Phil Hoff days of a real conservative representing Vermont are unfortunately OVER. This once great State of Vermont has a majority of voters who are firmly attached to the gov’t teat.

    • GREAT reply!!! Yet look at how many are already insinuating they are going to waste their vote away by not voting, sit & complain and effectuate ZERO change and just let Welch weasel his way into his anointed position – as yet another aged white male elected as the throngs of hypocritical democRATS whine over not having a woman to send to the Senate from VT.

      Many of these replies are nothing less than pathetic (if they’re not “bots” or spies) and tell me all I need to know as to why virtually NO Republicans get elected in VT…..none are ever good enough, so the democRATS win time & again & the state sinks lower & lower into the depths of oblivion just like a sinking battleship.

      Great strategists. Quite impressive.

    • Maybe I’m wrong but I believe that to flip this state back in the direction of true conservatism we need to employ the same tactic as you would use to boil a frog. You have to turn the heat up slowly. If the water is comfortably warm more might jump in. If the water is briskly boiling, who do you suppose is going to jump in ?

      • Nolan will never get our vote no matter what. Welch and Nolan face each other, a blank vote! Malloy or nothing. Spread the word, and stand tall. Don’t fall for this scam.

      • ‘Tis true.

        And Vermonters? Stop kicking down the road the half-dollar you just noticed, because you’re waiting to find a silver dollar.

        That’s just plain insanity. You’re being laughed at by the democrat Communist party.

    • Excuse me Rich but due to my age I may not have enough time to wait this out. I also point out that we have primary elections for a reason. The reason is so people can choose the candidate who aligns with their hopes and dreams for a better America and life in Vermont. So given the choice, I will vote for that person who represents my thoughts. I have been forced to vote for the lesser of two evils many times, Romney, McCain, George W all candidates groomed by the party elites. Neither me nor others commenting here want to see (The Peter Principle) as senator. Whoever wins the republican primary will have my vote. Accusations at this point are worthless until the primary is over.

      • Dano, Once again, I echo your sentiment.You stated “Whoever wins the republican primary will have my vote”. Amen to that. To those that would withhold their vote in search of the almost mythical “perfect” candidate, just let me say that a vote not cast is a protest not heard.

  8. Foolish, narrow-minded reasoning. If the ultra-conservative I want isn’t on the ballot – I’m not voting & I’d rather have a corrupted Communist the US Senator of VT.(??????????????)

    And the democRATS kick back & laugh at you & wait for Welch to be anointed.

    Roger, you are the one playing into THEIR hands and you are the one being scammed. Big time.

    • I’m sorry Kathleen but I don’t recall you having ever been voted in charge of how the rest of us think, act or vote. Do you understand what a primary is about? Are we to walk in locked step according to your orders or be shamed by your ridicule. If Ms. Nolan wins the primary she will be the party candidate. Until then it’s wide open to the three that are running. She has name recognition and will probably win however, that is yet to be decided. I stated that if she’s the republican candidate she will have my vote.

      • Dano, I was not referring to you specifically, but the others above. I’m stating: fact and reality. I realize that that is difficult to hear from some after years of them telling us that boys are girls and throwing drag queen reading hours in libraries are totally normal, yet reality & truth somehow still exist.

        The gentleman above (and others) has stated very clearly that if HIS candidate doesn’t win the GOP primary (and it’s likely he may not) he will:

        1.) NOT vote for anyone on the ballot from the GOP
        2.) Encourages others to do the same – NOT vote in the election

        If Republicans yet again do that en masse – because their specific candidate wasn’t chosen – it will:

        1.) RESULT in the democRAT winning AGAIN
        2.) Is not the action(s) of what most consider “democratic” processes in action.

        Good luck with your candidate on the ballot. I’m just hoping & praying a GOP’er wins this Senate race regardless of them being moderate or not being of the exact same mindset as me.

        Encouraging Vermonters NOT to vote for Nolan (if she wins the primary) as stated above is absurd at best. They are either democrat operatives on here attempting to subvert the vote or just plain, well, short-sighted.

  9. Christina Nolan Is a wolf in sheeps clothing. She put an R next to her name in order to ride the red wave. I am shocked that the Honorable Jim Douglas has not seen this!

  10. Ms Nolan’s critics, Please explain how a Republican Party in a state that votes 3 to 1 Democrat can split itself in 2 and win elections!

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