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Woke goosestepping growing stronger, Lindsay warns

James Lindsay speaks at VTGrassroots event Friday night in Montpelier

by Aaron Warner

The banquet hall at the Capitol Plaza & Conference center was nearly full for the 6 PM, Friday night speaking session featuring counter-woke firebrand Dr. James Lindsay and recent first amendment champion Nick Merriweather. Over drinks, lively conversation filled the air as concerned parties shared stories and ideas in anticipation of the evening’s presenters for the VTGrassroots event. 

One Burlington resident spoke of her concerns for seeing her lovely city on the verge of being uninhabitable by someone with her political views. A mother of two, she shared stories of losing friends while gaining others as she spoke up about her political concerns. Though a libertarian and not a Trump supporter she found even that was enough to have friends cancel her from their inner circle. Carrying a degree in microbiology and molecular genetics she bemoaned the lack of science behind the mask mandates. 

Though an expert, she has taken heat for speaking out against the futility of masks for stopping transmission of a highly contagious airborne virus. In her case the narrative proved stronger than the actual science. 

Faces familiar and new gathered to the tables as the event hosts introduced new Republican Party senate hopefuls and other leaders of conservative Vermont politics. The esprit-de-corps was lively for an older dinner party crowd, and the evening began with solemn moments including a pledge of allegiance and prayer offered by John Klar. 

James Lindsay is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after speakers among conservative groups in the U.S. thanks largely to his expertise in understanding “woke” culture. His popular Youtube channel “The New Discourses” has nearly one hundred thousand subscribers, which some will tell you represents what they’ll allow, not what he would actually have were Youtube not a woke corporation. Recent discoveries of Twitter’s number fudging give one pause. 

Lindsay is no doubt one of the scariest voices to the left. He is a confessed liberal Democrat, college educator, and atheist who published a book called “Why Everyone Is Wrong About God”. If he too is wrong about God I can’t help but wonder if the Almighty is trolling him by making him a defender of both Christianity and Christians’ post publishing. Such are the times. 

Lindsay quickly addresses the ominous culture war. Referencing Antonio Gramsci’s “long march to the institutions” strategy he warns that woke goose-stepping is getting louder and more forceful by the day. 

His recent book Race Marxism exposes the roots of Critical Race Theory, as well as the other grievance theories such as queer theory and gender theory, as fundamentally Marxist. All of them have the dialectical model of oppressor v. oppressed first proffered by Marx, who focused on the classes. Lindsay points out the failure of the class dialectic led to Marxists like Gramsci and Herbert Marcuse to switch identities to the “ghetto” population and other societal outcasts, like homosexuals, feminists and the like. The more radical the more revolutionary is their reasoning. 

He reminds the audience Marxism, despite its atheism, is a theology with all of the trappings of a religion. It has prophets (Gramsci, Paulo Freire), a savior (socialist man), a promised land (Utopia), scripture, liturgy, sacraments, and so on. This explains the obvious religious fervor, extremism and evangelism of the youth that is at the root of our current societal dysfunction. 

Lindsay’s warning is more dire than in February when he addressed Dartmouth College Republicans. Though Americans fundamentally favor freedom and a shared American dream, the crypto-communists have co-opted those values and used them strategically to take over institutions (banking, universities, tech) as well as Lindsay’s chief concern – pedagogy. The revolution they want can’t survive a battle among boomer and Gen X, but it can outlast them by indoctrinating our children, which they are doing and with haste. 

As for funding – Wall Street giants like Black Rock and the aptly named Vanguard are acquiring wealth in the trillions of dollars while shaping a Marxist future with such things as their Chinese Communist Party inspired ESG scores and woke corporate grooming agenda. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultants are paid absurd amounts of money to effectively intimidate while codifying neo-Marxism among the workers. 

The picture is bleak to those without the stomach of men such as Dr. Lindsay. However, he won’t let anyone off the hook. The battle is at our door and you get one shot to win this, we are in the ninth inning and up to bat. This is not the time to go to the bathroom, get more popcorn and watch or get to your car to leave early. No – this is the time to fight back with everything you have including what little courage you can muster. It’s all hands on deck and playing for keeps. 

For example, Prof. Merriweather did, in fact, stand up and fight his own battle at Shawnee State. He was accused of harassment for not bowing to a student’s preferred pronouns. Merriweather expected his administration to know their Constitution and support him. Instead they were intimidated by an unhinged college-aged person who lacked the stability of their own identity. 

Professor Merriweather, a Bible-believing Christian, stood firm on both Biblical truth and his faith as he sought the legal counsel of the Alliance Defending Freedom, a group with a 13-0 record at the Supreme Court. 

ADF who padded its stats as it argued Merriweather’s First Amendment right to not be compelled to speak were greater than the student’s right to not be offended. 

The judge agreed. Saturday night Merriweather spent most of his time reading the judge’s decision. Attacked by staff and faculty along the way, Merriweather maintained his reasoned position which the judge elucidated with the following logic: the student’s “I am offended” plea is subjective and therefore opens the door to militarizing speech in the hands of the professional victim class. 

Setting this precedent would open the door to compelled speech whereby complainants could require pacifists to support war, believers to reject God, and so on. Speech standards in line with the principles of the first amendment must be objectively sound. This extends beyond personal preference to the freedom enumerated up to and including speech that offends. 

Both men are examples of the need to stand against this devilish enemy swirling in our streets, schools and even sanctuaries. Brothers in arms, Trevor Loudon, podcaster John Harris and Pastor Judd Saul recently released a documentary “Enemies Within the Church” that corroborate Dr. Lindsay’s work. We recommend you listen to as many of Lindsay’s podcasts and watch that film to get a clearer picture of just who has brought this fight to America, from without as well as within. 

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  1. Hoping there will be some video links to share soon. Lindsay was phenomenal at casually sharing with great ease details of how the Marxist agenda is rolling out. Infant formula and shortages of baby food are just at the cusp of how other countries were buckled under with starvation to the communist agenda rolling out.

    Stand Up Vermont – resist CRT/Equity indoctrinations in our schools, mask and other covid mandates, and other Constitutional violations.

    And PRAY, as well. God answers prayers to heal nations as well as individuals.

  2. This is as real as it gets and we can’t sit quietly .I once was a democrat.At this point it doesn’t matter.WhAt matters is your allegiance to The United States and it’s constitution that has already provided for equality .One nation under God indivisible
    With liberty and Justice for all .The wolves are gnashing their teeth trying to devour our country .Tell your friends ,family ,neighbors this isn’t about parties democrat or republican this is about Freedom .

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