Gov. Phil Scott seeks fourth term

Gov. Phil Scott greets colleague of Dept. of Public Safety official Jennifer Morrison (second from left) as Rep. Ken Goslant (R-Northfield) looks on, at a recent State House ‘meet and greet’ coffee hour. Scott administration photo

By Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott announced this morning he will seek a fourth term for governor.

Scott was first elected in 2016. A centrist Republican, he is criticized by activists on both ends of the political spectrum but enjoys support from many Democrats and most Republicans. To date only Brenda Siegel, a progressive advocate for the homeless, has entered the 2022 race for governor. 

Scott has easily defeated the last two Democrats to challenge him in 2018 and 2020. On WVMT’s The Morning Drive this morning, host Kurt Wright said he would be surprised if any ‘first tier’ candidate runs against Scott, and would be even more surprised if Scott lost. The governor will be a guest on Morning Drive tomorrow morning.

The governor made his announcement on his political Facebook page, “Phil Scott for Vermont.” The full text appears below. 

* * * * * *

First, I want to thank you for all the support you’ve given me over the years.

In that time, we’ve made a lot of progress, like record budget surpluses and record investments in housing, infrastructure, broadband, combating climate change, and more.

We’ve stopped multiple attempts to raise taxes, fees and the cost of living on already overburdened Vermonters. And while not nearly enough, we’ve even provided some much needed tax relief. 

We’ve proven that when we put politics aside and pull together, we can successfully navigate a once-in-a-century pandemic better than most every other state across the country. 

At a time when America seems more divided and polarized than ever, I’ve worked to bring people together. Listening to – and learning from – all points of view, so we can try to find consensus. Always treating others – even when we fundamentally disagree – with respect and dignity. And I’ve never run a negative campaign and never will, because Vermonters, and all Americans, deserve a better and more civil political space – if for no other reason than to be better role models for our children, because they’re watching us.   

Together, we’ve made a difference.

But there’s still much more work to do!

That’s why I’ve decided to seek another term as governor.

My priority won’t be campaigning. I will continue to focus on doing the job you hired me to do and leading our state. You’ll hear more from me in the months ahead, but for now, I just wanted to let you know what I’ve decided.

Thank you for having my back. I’ve always said, whether it’s business, politics or racing, success is always about the team you surround yourself with. And I’m honored to have you on mine.

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  1. This WEF clown locked Vermonters up for months and people will re-elect him.

    Stockholm Syndrome in action.

    • Not only locked us down and TRIED to make us stay inside ( which is the worst thing you can do in the Spring and summer) but , he also sent an edict through the school system to have children snitch on their families at Thanksgiving time.
      Oh yeah, misusing the Dept of Transportation by using them to “monitor” every border crossing , sun up to sun down , for months. Like some communist countries.

  2. I’ve been here over 16 years , got involved with grass-roots GOP people and , ran for state rep.
    Most the the GOP people I know do not agree with 90% of what he’s done and said.

    At the Platform convention , I noticed someone missing. The same missing person that was MISSING from all the other GOP events we’ve had since last year.

    Phil Scott. Not only missing but NO ONE from his office or , a memo from his office or a video greeting from his office. Nothing , Phil.

    Do you KNOW what that speaks to us , Phil??

    Have fun with your Progressive and RINO voter base.

    This house will be choosing someone else.

    • I’ll vote for the most progressive candidate before Fraud Scott. We need new leadership in the Republican party and he is holding the leadership role hostage. His wife runs the show!

      • I would argue against using the word “progressive “. It implies progress. I would argue what we are experiencing is more like regress.

  3. Phil Scott supported B.L.M. a racist, Communist, scam artist organization he voted for Joe Biden and the Vermont Republican is just fine with that!

  4. Vermont is Rigged and has been Rigged for a very long time. The Truth has really shown it’s colors by the “fruits” of the Evil Marxist Uni-Party in Vermont these past two years. Everyone can SEE this.

    Become a Poll Worker and/or Poll Watcher. We The People need to Examine everything from Voter Rolls to the Machines to the Drop Boxes.

    Boycott ALL Drop Boxes – Do Not Use Them, Don’t Vote Early, Go Directly to the Polls on Election Day. Keep the Ballots and envelopes that are mailed to you, when you surrender them to the Polling place – Where do they go? They can be filled out and Dropped into the Machine, or used in anyway the Cheaters want to use them and No one will know. Another way of Ballot Harvesting for a Rigged Election.

    We need a True Conservative American First Patriot for Governor who adheres to the Constitution and We The People!

    You will know them by their fruits.

    Matthew 7:15-20 New King James Version

    You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

    15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

  5. Thank God Phil is running again, despite all his ideological shortcomings. He could very easily just say that he has had enough criticism from his own party and go back to the private sector. There are no other GOP candidates that would be able to prevent the horrid nightmare scenario of a Gov. Molly Grey, Becca Balint or Jill Krowinski. Thanks Phil, hang in there.

    • Well then, he should run for governor correct party more in line with his views and stop the pretense.

      • But the article literally says ‘as support from most Republicans.’ Could it possibly be that you are the one out of touch with Vermont GOP voter sentiment here. Or is Guy telling lies about the levels of support Scott has. Binary choice, pal!

  6. better the RHINO you know than the RHINO you don’t know. At least he vetoed that clean air bill. The one that would have made fuel prices go higher than ever

    • Yeh, I’m out of touch with the Vermont Republican Party my friend! I’m an American Nationalist, not a One World Socialist Multiculturalist.

  7. What is extremely worrisome is that the so called Republican party would rather reelect Scott to finish the destruction of Vermont than elect a real Republican

    Let’s get rid of the rinos…

    We can’t get the dirt out of the water until we get the pigs out of the creek

    Tom Burditt of west Rutland sold us out twice….who in their right mind will vote for him?

    Let’s clean house..

    Wake up Vermont

  8. I have been from 2016 on…a Phil Scott supporter; however after months upon months of “the party line” every tuesday…I’m done. I want an independent thinker, someone who isnt afraid to think outside the box, to look at ALL the information not just the pablum being spoon fed from “on-high”. He lost me……I dont know where his “common sense” went…..but I know it’s not there anymore, and hasnt been for the most of this term…..voting for someone else this time around, hoping for a real contender…….I’m not repub or demo…..that’s part of the big problem

  9. Phil Scott defeated the three democrat challengers he faced because he received between 60 – 70% of the democrat vote each time. Why wouldn’t democrats vote for him ? He’s their guy. A 100% rating from planned parenthood, and a left / far left agenda.
    He wrote and signed illegal Gun Laws and then spit in the face of Republican and Conservative Vermonters by signing them on the Statehouse steps. After he lied to thousands of Vermonters promising to protect the 2nd Amendment.
    He signed one of the most horrific abortion Bills into Law, H 57, abortion up to the moment of Birth. He could have vetoed it or not signed it. But he chose to sign it, proving his allegiance to planned parenthood. That is one of the reasons he has given them Millions of State Taxpayer dollars during his term. Not one Dime to any Pro Life organization though.
    He supported the domestic terrorist’s by allowing the blm name to be painted on our streets and their Flag flown over our State Monuments, State buildings and our schools.
    He called the Rally I held in July of 2020 at the Statehouse to support Law Enforcement ” a racist event. ” Despite the fact I had worked with three Police Agencies for weeks prior and shared with them the threats I had received from blm supporters.
    He asked schools to interrogate children about who their families had over for Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.
    He unconstitutionally paid bribe money to school districts with high vax rates while withholding money from those which chose not to.
    He stole three million dollars from the Tobacco settlement fund for Vermont victims to give to illegal aliens because they weren’t eligible for stimulus checks. And two million dollars from a program to protect Vermont children from domestic abuse for the same reason.
    He stole eight hundred thousand dollars of State Taxpayer money to put covid warning signs along State Highways and the Interstate system, and another seven or eight hundred thousand dollars to take them down.
    He told Vermonters, They weren’t essential, while keeping planned parenthood, liquor stores and government open. None of them missed a check while your family suffered.

    The list goes on and on, here’s the point ; He isn’t a Republican. He supports abortion without limits. He recently said that he supports Prop 5 / Article 22 and he will vote for it.
    Supporting this means he supports the State to chemically, physically and psychologically molest children regardless of age, and to take them from their parents. It would criminalize Parents and Health Care workers that would fight to protect the children.
    As a member of the State GOP Platform committee I proposed a method by which Republicans who have betrayed the Platform to not receive any support or endorsement from the State GOP.
    It was defeated twice.
    State Chair Paul Dame and State Rules Chair Tom Koch have fought to protect Phil Scott and six other Republicans who have voted for Prop 5 / Article 22.
    By doing so, Dame and Koch also support Prop 5 / Article 22, along with two thirds of the membership that voted against my Amendment at the Platform Committee meeting held on April 30th. Koch spoke and said he wouldn’t tell Republican candidates what they should say or how they should vote.
    Effectively making the State GOP Platform meaningless.
    The Vermont GOP is making it possible for anyone that claims to want an R behind their name to run for office.

    Thirty percent of us, The Real Vermont Republicans, support our Constitution and are Pro Life.
    Phil Scott is an embarrassment to all Republicans. Just like the six other Republican candidates that voted for Prop 5 / Article 22.
    Hey Scott, pull a Jeffords and make it official.

    • Perfectly stated and a few more things, he voted for the destruction taking place in America right now, Joe Biden. Also,Tom Koch and the same old gang. The same names in the republican party responsible for wrecking it. The governor is not a republican but he changes his stripes now and then to appear as though he is by vetoing certain bills. Since not all, but most democrats are progressive, many actually support the governor because their candidates are too far off the rails leftist. So, it is for this reason that Mr. Scott keeps getting elected with the aid of old time democrats. Any human who can vote for the killing of a viable unborn baby up until birth to win election to office does not deserve that office. And to codify that disgust by changing our state constitution to support such a grotesque act and to call it a right is a tragedy for our state’s history going forward. I personally can not vote for such a person. Add to this, the forced coercion of making people submit to an experimental drug, the lock down of constitutional rights to freedom and the constant claim that those injections were safe and effective and the push to inject healthy children without knowing what could happen to their perfect immune system is enough for me. Hiding behind the republican banner while acting otherwise is dishonest at best. I would rather vote for someone who is honest about who they are than the Chameleon.

  10. Time to clean Vermont’s government. Write in John Klar for Governor. Just because someone isn’t on the ballot (which currently has only crappy canidates running for office) doesn’t mean you have to settle for what’s posted. You can still write in who you want in office. Scott is a Rino and needs to go. His loyalty is not to Vermonters but to UVM, Burlington and his own pocket book. Vote him out! With the 3 Senate seats also up for election, time to put in real people who support VERMONT and REAL VERMONTERS and stop allowing demon-rat socialists control over Vermont!

  11. Chameleon ,urban dictionary

    A person who blends with their environment to acquire friends, money, respect and any other desired traits. Most of these people lack one simple trait, self respect.

  12. The Republican Party is too small a party to win state wise or nationally without independent’s support. Republicans figure the left has so alienated and repulsed the voters, that they can’t lose the coming elections. They better smarten up and remember what happed in Georgia Senate elections last time when they ran with Rinos. Since the Jan. 6th demonstrations we have almost 500 political prisoners some held over a year without a court hearing, a clear violation off their constitutional rights and only 4 patriotic Republican House members and 0 Republican senators have visited them. That’s the kind of backing patriots can expect from the current Republican Party. Nothing will change if we don’t deal with the Rinos first.

  13. What’s the alternative? A REAL “Repub” would NEVER gain traction up here UNLESS citizens/residents became VOTERS. Just look at the SMEARS John Klar had hurled his way last time from the “media”..Do we REALLY think Phil’s gonna come out & ADMIT that BLM’s a scam, that Levine/Lockdowns were ALL for naught, that he’s “pro-life”? Luckily “Planned Parenthood” is closing most ALL their..”clinics” anyways & until/unless their gruesome deeds are recorded on video & disseminated most ALL Vermonters don’t seem to care..Again, WHAT is the alternative? The wing nuts on the other “side”? What we NEED is a massive shift in the House & Sen-nut, start THERE..Still…It hurts to even think about Old Picklenose’s future term but..It’s better than..the alternative..May a just God forgive us..

  14. I voted for him his first run for governor optimistic that he would represent Republican voters. He has been nothing but disappointing. I challenged him the year he told the legislature to pass gun bills. There was outrage but when the primary came up few bothered to vote against him. So who wants to run against him when the prevailing thought that he’s the only one who can win the election? I just leave that vote blank.

  15. Thank you Dano for an honest comment about all the lies. I will take all the slings and arrows for calling out Scott and all the Transrepublicans that have betrayed Real Vermont Republicans. Real easy to find out the other six that voted for Prop 5. They all need to self identify as marxist’s. Because that is their agenda.

  16. Phil’s speech is nothing more than recycled word salad with buzz phrases used during COVID. He says he wants to bring us together? Is that by calling Vermonters inherently racist and homophobic? He is nothing more than an empty suit reading scripts handed to him by his Masters. Considering the clown car full of candidates in this State, it is clear to me it is time to move out of this State and watch it burn from afar. There is no incentive to stay here.

  17. Term limits.
    How many mules will it take to keep this NWO sycophant in office abandoning Vermont’s humans?
    Marxist in chief.

  18. Lots of tough talk but we are not united enough. The Burlington GOP -newly founded and active is trying to follow our Republican principles supporting candidates and being vocal in this woke city. Contact our chairman Christopher Felker or/and join us the 4th Tuesday ea monthe ( May 24th) at 20 Allen St. Old North End Community Center, 2nd flr. Let’s Go Brandon!