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It’s Sarah George’s turn to feel desperate

Ted Kenney (right) has growing support in his effort to unseat George Soros- backed Chittenden County prosecutor Sarah George – leading her supporters in the State House and the media to point fingers of blame at local police.

By Guy Page

Back in June – the ‘crime is rising and where are the cops?!” of June of 2022, not the ‘Defund the Cops because George Floyd’ June of 2020 – a Winooski cop stood before a group of local residents desperately unhappy about the ‘catch and release’ of drug criminals. 

Some brave person fearful that their child would be the next victim of the drug dealer next door calls the cops. The cops arrive. The perps leaves in cuffs but returns hours later….armed, unhappy, and still very much in business. 

This is State’s Attorney Sarah George’s Chittenden County. Just don’t say so out loud. 

“There’s a lot of crack houses in Winooski,” Officer Owen Dugan reportedly said, as captured on body camera and reported in VTDigger. “Unfortunately this is kind of the product of Sarah George’s super-progressive, soft-on-crime approach, where we arrest the same people daily and they get out the same day…..“Come August, Ted Kenney is running against her. I would implore you to vote for him because he actually wants a sea change as far as putting career criminals in jail.”

Now Winooski legislator Taylor Small says the cop said The Wrong Thing. 

“I’m disgusted and disappointed in @winooskivt Police Department for offering this political commentary in the line of duty,” the first-term Progressive/Democrat lawmaker who is running for re-election said. “This accusation is abhorrent and unacceptable, especially for public servants.”

The way Small and George see it, cops have no business sticking their noses into politics, especially on the job. 

The way others see it, Dugan is a cop who is powerless to fix what’s broken and is begging for his community’s support. Maybe Dugan knows the rules about talking elections on the job but he’s tired of seeing people die – Vermont had 210 fatal overdoses in 2021, leading the nation per capita in 2021. Maybe he wonders why he’s sending cases to a prosecutor who has publicly announced she wants to end incarceration. 

Maybe – like scores of Vermont cops have already done – he’s decided the heck with it, I’m gonna say what I’m gonna say and if they don’t like it, I’ll find a job where they actually care more about stopping crime than punishing cops who Say the Wrong Thing. 

But Dugan’s not sounding desperate. Which is more than you can say for Small, George, and their media pundit friends, as more business, police, and first responder organizations say no to George and yes to Democratic challenger Ted Kenney. They’ve seen other George Soros’ backed prosecutors Chesa Boudin (San Francisco) and Marilyn Mosby (Baltimore) get the boot from liberal Democratic voters likewise fed up with growing violence, retail theft and homelessness. 

Predictably, Sarah George harrumphed about Dugan’s use of the word ‘crack house.’

“Her approach to prosecution has ‘absolutely nothing to do with the number of quote unquote crack houses in Winooski,’ she said, calling the use of such language a concern,” VTDigger reported. 

Ah, yes. “The use of such language.” Pull up a chair and see how it’s done by George-backing media pundits like William Schubart, a successful businessman and author and former chair of the Vermont Journalism Trust, the parent organization for VTDigger. (His website bio says Schubart lives in the Chittenden County exurb of Hinesburg, a safe remove from Malletts Bay Avenue in Winooski.)

In yesterday’s VT Digger op-ed, Schubart bashes the “lock ‘em up crowd advocates for tougher, faster prosecution and sentencing based on Old Testament punishment doctrine and an imagined public safety.”

Pay attention now: you’ve only been imagining that Greater Burlington’s drug dealers are shooting people at an unprecedented rate. Send them to jail and keep them there? You might as well be gouging out their eyes. 

Tomorrow, many of the longsuffering, law-abiding residents of Malletts Bay Avenue, the wealthy shop owners of Burlington, the suburban soccer moms of the new City of Essex, and frustrated first responders – but not the county’s college students, who are still on summer break – will deliver a referendum on the future of criminal justice in Chittenden County.

George Soros, are you paying attention?

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  1. Great article, Guy! Sara George is every bit as dangerous as bernie, just less lethal, at this point.

  2. I keep hearing about the “Soros” connection, and yet no denial, or explanation, just crickets. Must be she’s okay connection. I’m not.

    • Pat, I published several previous stories in which George (along with a rogues gallery of other prosecutors)
      is specifically mentioned as part of “The Movement” by Fair and Just Prosecution, a not for profit group explicitly created and funded by Soros. All out in the open, and no denial by George.

  3. Kudos Governor Ron Desantis for taking out Florida’s Soros-backed AG. They are all going to be removed – God is moving his hand.

  4. Taylor Small: “I’m disgusted and disappointed in @winooskivt Police Department for offering this political commentary in the line of duty…..“This accusation is abhorrent and unacceptable, especially for public servants.”

    How very interesting to see Rep Taylor Small declare an accusation by a public servant as abhorrent and unacceptable.

    In a May 28, 2021 on the VDC I wrote a Commentary which was titled (by a distinguished editor) “Winooski rep wrong: white COVID death rate highest”.

    In that Commentary I quoted a statement by Rep. Small that appeared in a VT Digger article:

    “Look no further than the COVID-19 pandemic, Small said, to see how Vermont needs these kinds of measures: higher rates of illness, higher rates of hospitalization and a higher rate of death among people of color than the general population.”

    In terms of DEATH, the most defining aspect of any pandemic, that is an absurdly false statement. Non-Hispanic White Vermonters have ALWAYS had the highest rate AND highest absolute number of deaths associated with COVID.

    As of a week ago 97% of all COVID deaths in Vermont had occurred in non-Hispanic White people. Considering the latter group of of individuals represent 89.8% of the Vermont population, Rep. Small is the one who, as a “public servant”, is making abhorrent and unacceptable statements.

    To all: To the best of my knowledge I have NEVER heard the Governor, nor any member of the Legislature, nor any member of the Vt Dept. of Health state that non-Hispanic White people have died in both the greatest numbers and at the highest rates proportional to population.

    Why is that?

    • speaking of “disgusting and disappointing” by Rep Small, guess who is one of the people in drag that appears in public places, including local libraries. Oh yes, they are reading to the children and introducing them to a welcoming culture. And he/she is one of the representatives in Mont-queel-ier.

      As to Sarah George, she does not seem to be doing her job as the county prosecutor who is supposed to be representing the people / victims of crimes. I agree with the comment that she is doing a dual role of prosecutor and defense attorney.

  5. The court system was designed to have a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Sara George acts like a defense attorney when she’s paid to be a prosecutor. The system doesn’t work when both sides act like defense attorneys. Hence, the revolving door and rising crime. As Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would say ” Know Your Role, Jabroni”.

  6. Tomorrow, it is up to the voters whom choose the Democrat Primary ballot to condemn or condone the current Chittenden County criminal justice system. I do hope these people choose wisely.
    I would, if a resident of Chittenden County, pick the Democrat ballot- just to affirm my view that laws matter and need to be enforced. We are told that there is “Equal protection under the Law”, the 14th amendment-
    But Ms. George deems some more equal than others.

  7. You should note the statement “…not the county’s college students, who are still on summer break – will deliver a referendum on the future of criminal justice in Chittenden County.” These college students are not residents of Chittenden County nor are they likely residents of Vermont and as such should not be voting in Vermont. Another question to ask is if these students are paying instate tuition?

    • Lester, I’ve brought up this very topic time & time again – this State is being mismanaged by gangs of out-of-state youths who are still largely living with mommy & daddy and yet are enabled and encouraged to cast votes in Vermont. I “dormed” in college too. And I voted in my HOME State.

      Not only are these kids likely paying the higher out-of-state tuition rendering their home state NOT Vermont, but I bet they also vote in their home state as well – as long as nobody is checking…..Where is the GOP with all this? It would be easy peasey to catch them, but no one does anything, of course. There’s some more crickets for ya from the Grand “Ol Party”..

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