GOP Lt. Gov. candidates show off endorsements

Benning’s list long on elected officials’ endorsements, Thayer’s on backing from ‘everyday people’

by Guy Page

The pro-choice lawyer, State House veteran and Phil Scott supporter (Caledonia Sen. Joe Benning) and the pro-life Rutland businessman, grassroots activist and Phil Scott critic (Greg Thayer) have waged a spirited campaign for the hearts and minds of voters in tomorrow’s Vermont Republican Primary. Over the weekend, both published lengthy lists of Vermonters supporting their campaigns.

Benning’s campaign circulated a list of 43 current and former Vermont officeholders, candidates, and public officials, demonstrating the collegial relationships built over more than a decade as a member of the Vermont Senate. “Together, we’re going to bring meaningful progress to Montpelier, and restore integrity and experience to the Lt. Governor’s office,” Benning said.

By contrast, Thayer said “I do not want nor do I ask for political endorsements. I want the endorsements from “Everyday People,” you the voters – from Derby Line to Pownal and from Swanton to Vernon and every town and hamlet in between.” Here’s his list:

Tammy Lancour, Linda Kirker, Jim Sexton, Shirley Snelling Sexton, Jim Letourneau, Christopher Krackle, Ellie Martin, Glenn Martin, Laura Benner and Jason, Nancy Brault, Ann Marie & Gus Klien, Renee McGuinness, Ed & Anne Wheeler, Jon Cristinano, Dr. Jane Ross, Dr. Bob & Marian Burton, Mary Blum, Larry McEnany, Rosemary Averill, William Toborg, Katie & Brian Parent and daughters, Keith Sterns, Scott Frye, Michael Kell, Charles Wilson, Laura Benner, Jeff DeForest, Rich Hutchinson, William Doran, Royce Hill Farm, Nicholas Anagnos, Cody Hemenway, and

Terry Williams, Delores & Jay Lubke, Stuart Lindberg, George Wilson, John Henry Hubert, Kim Crosby, John Pedone, Angela & Butch Paul, Donna Jean Jackson, Tom Depoy, Tammy Beauchamp Eno, Sandie & Mark Losby, Jarrod Sammis, Michael Karaffa, Mike & Denise Hall, Colleen Harrington, Linda Falco, Jeannie Garrow, Tom Licata, Lee Thompson, Alice & Jeffrey Flanders, Bob Bates, Cindy Susan Bowen, Thom Hughes, Pam & Gary Pouliot, Zachariah Messier, Tom & Denise Hughes, Nancy Sprecht. George Clifford, Terry Morton, John Welch, Linda & Frank Dunn, and

Don Dame, Justin & Emily Sinkevich, Michael Gilbert, Brian Gillam, Dick Gallo, Nancy & Dale Gassett, Mark Coester, Patrick Gilligan, Marie Gilligan, Glenn Gilligan, Randy Gilligan, Ronda Bates Fenton, Martha Hafner, Nicole & Randy Delong, Rohan St, Marthe, April Kilburn, Stephen Bellows, Sharon Sterns, Mike Fritts, Andrew Howard, M/M Robert Howard, Jeff & Tammy Pitts, John Kalish, Amanda Susan, Milton Eaton, Angelo Napolitano, Jim Hetzel, Bill Brothers, Joe & Diane Baker, Ken Godzik, Jacob Sexton, John Seaver, Brian Judd, Bernie Graham, John J. Jasmin, Jr., Colette Groleau Page, Heather Kurtz-Hauke, Roger Bouchard, Jeremiah Watson, Brandy Cowan. A.J. Magro, and

Dr. Bart & Paula Bonazinga, Jacqueline Choinere-Luce, Richard Ley, Richard Lind, Neil Johnson, Lisa Bombardier, Jacqueline Schmelar, Morgana Segovia, Peter & Dawn Chilos, Lisa & Ty Naquin, Dawn Morgan, Shannon Morgan Burrell, Caitlin Gregory, Kevin Joseph Ryan, Michael Pease, David Anagnos, Jared Jones, Lisa Mangini, Tammy Fitzgerald, Lisa & Mike Gosselin, nad Peter Becker.

Here is Benning’s list:

Governor Phil Scott
Former Gov. Jim Douglas
Scott Milne, Former GOP Candidate for Lt. Governor
Senate Minority Leader Randy Brock (R-Franklin)
Sen. Corey Parent (R-Franklin)
Sen. Brian Collamore (R-Rutland)
Sen. Josh Terenzini (R-Rutland)
Former Sen. John McClaughry (R-Caledonia)
Former Sen. Rob Ide (R-Caledonia)
Former Sen. Carolyn Branagan (R-Franklin)
Former Sen. James McNeil (R-Rutland)
Former Sen. Peg Flory (R-Rutland)
House Minority Leader Pattie McCoy (R-Rutland)
Rep. Tom Burditt (R-Rutland)
Rep. Larry Cupoli (R-Rutland)
Rep. Peter Fagan (R-Rutland)
Rep. Jim Harrison (R-Rutland)
Rep. Butch Shaw (R-Rutland)
Rep. Heidi Scheuermann (R-Lamoille)
Rep. Scott Beck (R-Caledonia)
Rep. John Kascenska (R-Caledonia)
Rep. Marty Feltus (R-Caledonia)
Rep. Anne Donahue (R-Washington)
Rep. Rob LaClair (R-Washington)
Rep. Patrick Brennan (R-Chittenden)
Rep. John Palasik (R-Chittenden)
Rep. Christopher Mattos (R-Chittenden)
Rep. Larry Labor (R-Orleans)
Rep. Woodman Page (R-Orleans)
Rep. Brian Smith (R-Orleans)
Rep. Vicki Strong (R-Orleans-Caledonia)
Rep. Mark Higley (R-Orleans-Lamoille)
Rep. Rodney Graham (R-Orange)
Rep. Felisha Leffler (R-Franklin)
Rep. Harvey Smith (R-Addison)
Former House Majority Leader Connie Houston (R-Addison)
Former House Minority Leader Don Turner (R-Chittenden)
Former Rep. Linda Myers (R-Essex Town)
Former Rep. Dick Lawrence (R-Lyndon)
Former Rep. Don Bostic (R-Caledonia)
Jeffrey Bartley, Former VTGOP Executive Director
Anne McClaughry, Former Commissioner of the VT Commission on Women
Louise McCarren, Former Chair of the Vermont Public Service Board

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  1. I know enough about both men and where they stand to say ” Gregory Thayer all the way”

    Benning has used Democrat-style rhetoric and gaslighting techniques in the last year to disparage ANYONE who doesn’t see things HIS way. Especially if you voted for Donald Trump.


    • If you are a pro-life Republican, please vote for Greg Thayer. Joe Benning voted for Prop 5.

  2. On one side, we see the political establishment. The insiders. The status quo.

    On the other side, we see our friends and neighbors. What the status quo used to be.

    Do we really want the same old same old? Or is it time to bring in ‘we the people’ for a change?

    Put it this way… what do we have to lose by going with the insiders?…. other than our self respect.

    What can we gain by going with our friends and neighbors? …. our self respect.

  3. You can add my name to the list of Benning supporters. I have worked with Joe in several different capacities, and I have him thoughtful, competent, and willing to listen to all views. I haven’t always agreed with him, but I know that when he makes a decision, he has in mind what he sincerely believes are the best interests of the people of Vermont.

    Greg’s campaign has been concerned mainly with tearing Benning down, and as to that, I am reminded of Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any Republican.”

    • Mr. Koch: You express the insider’s typical double standard. Consider these remarks taken from Joe Benning’s interview with VT Digger.

      ● In June, Benning told VTDigger that he was well aware of the conspiratorial and extremist ideology “that has injected itself into the party.”

      ● “That is just ignorance at the highest level. And for that to become a narrative in a politician’s campaign is something that has to be stopped.”

      ● “They are rife with extremists.”

      ● “I find it gravely troubling that Mr. Thayer has continued to defend the indefensible, courting those that promote conspiracy theories, fascist iconography, and white nationalism,”

      ● Thayer told VTDigger that if Benning wins the primary, he will vote for him in the general election “because I support Republicans.”

      ● Benning doesn’t say the same of his opponent. “That’s not the kind of individual that I want to see representing the Republican Party,” Benning said, referring to Thayer.

      Or are you talking about some other Joe Benning?

    • Hold on there, Mr. Koch. What about the editorial from Mr. Benning calling him an insurrectionist and chided him for going to DC to an historical event. Or the time Joe Benning called republican voters all insurrectionist for travelling by bus to DC. Or trying to suggest that Pepe the frog was a white supremacist symbol and certain flags as the same. I think your good old boy club is hurting Vermont and has destroyed the republican party. You have been there too long and we need new people and a new direction because your gang of RINOs has virtually become the uniparty. Top republicans voting for Joe Biden who has been and still is a disaster for our country.

    • Joe benny is a liar and he will lie right to your face.

      He is one of the most disgusting political candidates I have ever met in my life.

      Maybe you could explain to us what a Phil Scott republican is… Is that a farce that votes for Joe Biden and the destruction of america?

      Joe benny claims to be a protector of the second amendment yet remains silent about the gun grab by his favorite guy Joe Biden.

      Benning made it pretty clear when he said he knows all the players in montpelier… And then you pop up

      This should expose to people how deep the corruption in montpelier Vermont runs.

      I guess having low standards is better than no standards at all if you decide to endorse such a corrupt man in our Vermont state government.

      In an article earlier I saw Mr Benning called the sleaze… In my eyes that was a compliment that Mr Benning should hold in high esteem..

      Anyone that believes our government should be free from corruption should not cast a vote for any of these turn codes to our beautiful state and to the united states of america.

      Please get out and vote for Gregory Thayer and let’s bring some decency and honesty to the golden dome in montpelier Vermont.

    • Unbelievable how deep the corruption and montpelier Vermont runs.

      Mr Benning is a proven liar who claims to be a Scott republican whatever that is.

      He claims you didn’t vote for Joe Biden but he is a man that can’t be trusted.

      Bennings endorsements exposed the players in montpelier and whoever they are they should be completely ignored because they certainly do not have the best interests of the people in the state of Vermont at heart.

      Joe benning claims to be a big second amendment supporter however he supports Joe Biden who wants to take guns away from every American.

      His hatred for the people in the state of Vermont and the American people is unparalleled…

      He calls us white supremacist and insurrectionist to bolster himself up in the eyes of those foolish enough to believe a word he has to say.

      Anyone that cares about the state of Vermont wouldn’t even consider about for the turncoat Joe Benning.

      Please get out and vote Gregory Thayer he doesn’t know the players he knows the patriots

    • Tom, where did at ant time tear down my opponent? Never once sir. He attacked me repeatedly. I was asked by many to go that way, but I stayed above his garbage, lies and hate. He’s a 12 incumbent. He spent nearly $25K to my $3,500 and only won by 2,200 votes statewide. And you people want me to endorse this guy! This is my first run, I won the five southern counties and did pretty well in the North. He’s done on 9 November, I’ll be back!

      As for our 40th President’s 11th Commandment, you need to share it with your buddy my opponent or force-feed it to him, because he constantly said negative and bad words about me and every Vermont Trump supporter, all 117,000 of us calling us “insurrectionist, not real Republicans, the problem with Vermont Republicans, and haters etc…” There are names for people like that, but I choose not to use them. He’s the problem sir!

      • Mr. Thayer: I’m curious as to why you posted this statement at this time? Tom Koch’s comment was posted two months ago. And, as you can see, I went to bat for you.

        For the record: Mr. Benning invited me to interview him a while back. And I did so. We spoke for more than 2 hours. I asked Mr. Benning, face to face, about some of the points I referenced in my response to Mr. Koch. And his answers will surely interest everyone. But I have resisted saying anything until now, because I emailed one corroborating question to you a month or so ago that you have, to date, not answered for me. Specifically:

        When you were at the January 6, 2021 demonstration, did you, at any time, go past the barricades (such as they were) and trespass on the restricted Capitol grounds? The importance of your answer should not be discounted.

  4. George Carlin lamented, “It’s a club and you aren’t a member”! The political class sticks together, and they are the club. What a surprise, politicians endorsing politicians. While they gather and promote each other, they forget who sent them there and who can fire them, us.
    I’ll go for the man who is endorsed by the people that really know him and not the guy who will be beholden to his political supporters down the road. A government of, by and for the people. Membership in the club is determined by the voters. How many lawyers does it take to make up a legislature of the people? None, and that’s the way it should be.

  5. After reading the above list of supporters for each candidate, I am more convinced than ever that Greg Thayer should be our next LT Governor.

  6. Benning voted for Prop 5, he also voted for Biden, he also called my wife and I insurrectionists and he is endorsed by Phil Scott, enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Joe Benning lied “there’s no question the election was valid” and called patriots defending their stolen votes “insurrectionists.”

    President Trump said the “real insurrection” was the November 3, 2020 election theft.

    That makes Benning the insurrectionist.

    Joe Benning is a liar and a traitor against the people, the lawful President, and the United States of America.


  8. Looks like the “Good Old Boys” (and girls) Club. Ask yourselves this, “what have the good old boys and girls done for me?” “Is my life better with the political establishment representing me?” “Are my views and beliefs reflected in their bills, propositions, mandates and laws?” If they represent your values, then by all means, vote for them. But if you’re tired, worried, frustrated, and wonder what’s happening to our little corner of the world, then what do you have to lose by voting for the every day, hard working, common sense, Joe?

  9. If you vote for Benning, you are voting for the establishment. If he is so good why hasn’t he displayed his intentions before? Stop voting for the establishment.

  10. Greg Thayer is a good man, someone with principles that are directed towards truth, not self preservation.

  11. Benning will get the ceremonial position because he has lots of friends in low places. I won’t vote for him. Thayer has better friends.