‘Hobby entertainer’ Merrill would ask Levine: HIV part of Moderna vaccine?

By Steve Merrill

As many may now know, recently a Catholic Diocese has requested their parishioners to avoid the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine due to its use of fetal kidney cell lines. This prompted me to review the Moderna patent application to see what comprises their mRNA (or mmRNA) vaccine components. 

Steve Merrill, speaking Saturday at Vermont Liberty Network event at State House

Normally I would have asked the Vermont state expert, Dr. Mark Levine, about these components at Governor Scott’s bi-weekly news briefings. But I have been “banned” since 2/4/20 for being a “Hobby Entertainer” so I am left to (try) and figure it out on my own from the patent application, US 10,703,789 B2, dated 7/7/20. 

The vaccine or “Abstract” is listed as “a pharmaceutical composition which has a plurality of lipid nano particles.. (the sizes then are given)..& contains a modified mRNA encoding a polypeptide. They include a cationic lipid, a neutral lipid, a cholesterol, & a PEG lipid.”

I am NOT an anti-vaccine adherent. Many of the world’s most horrific and debilitating diseases have been eradicated through vaccination, such as typhus, smallpox, diphtheria, and polio. But I want to know what comprises their formula, how they work, and how they “kick start” an immune response. 

Over the past 11 years of producing a weekly cable news show on NEKTV, or what Governor Scott & his people have derided as “Hobby Entertainment,” I have watched as the field of DNA & RNA research has grown increasingly complex. “CRISPR” methods that now seem like Model-T tech let scientists “cut & paste” new drugs and therapies that target disease at the cellular level. Some are custom-tailored for specific patients. 

This is a great and wonderful thing for mankind. Yet unaccompanied by strong ethical oversight, it allows some scientists to create virulent pathogens. Twisted minds could see Frankenstein-like “military applications.” Lab accidents and ethical oversight stopped some of this “research” under Obama. It resumed domestically right after Trump took office. 

Genetically-engineered mouse growing a human ear. Photo credit University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin.

Banned here in the USA but funded by US taxpayers in China, this work is no longer a “conspiracy theory.” US Embassy cables have surfaced warning of lab “problems” specifically in Wuhan. There are pictures of “humanized” mice where a cartilage substrate was inserted into one that grew into a human ear, presumably for transplantation to a patient that had lost one. 

It seems to me that we are close to playing God. We need more, not less, “bio-ethics” looking over the shoulder of people and companies to keep things, for a better word, “real”. Matching or “marrying” this research with computers & algorithms adds to lightning-fast “recipes” for newer drugs and therapies. Which brings us to #21 and #22 of the Moderna patent.

Here they mention “biologics” (#21, paragraph 60) “a polypeptide based molecule produced by their methods” and/that “may be used to treat, cure, mitigate, prevent, or diagnose a serious life threatening disease or medical condition…..These biologics..include..blood components, gene therapy products, human tissue, or cellular products.” They then mention Monoclonal Antibodies..”which include chimeric antibodies” (best described as right & left handed, looking identical but as different as one’s right and left hand)..derived from a..species..identical with another well as fragments of such antibodies..derived from non-human primates and human..sequences.”

This is a slog through biology for this “Armchair Epidemiologist,” as Vermont Dept. Of Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine once alluded to me. I’m just an old Machinist/Tool & Die Maker whose background is geometry, trigonometry, blue prints and making parts, device, and assemblies from metals, plastics, and other materials. But I CAN read and luckily, thanks to the internet, I can look up terms/explanations in an instant. And what really caught my eye was #26.

#26, para.’s 40/45 mentions using AMP’s or “Anti Microbial Polypeptides” that “may block fusion/viral entry by one or more enveloped viruses, (e.g.: HIV/HCV)”. Ok then, for those that don’t know HIV is the AIDs virus and HCV is the Hepatitis-C virus. They previously mentioned the numbers of these “AMP’s” as 5–60 “amino acids of the transmembrane submit of a viral envelope protein, e.g.: HIV—1 GP 120 or GP 41” and that “these are described in Kuiken (2008) HIV sequence compendium.”

 Alright, is anyone still awake from slogging through all this?  If I were still “allowed” to participate in Governor Scott’s news conferences, the question I would ask Dr. Levine: 

“Are there HIV (AIDs, incurable) and HCV (Hep—C, curable) “parts” in this vaccine?” 

And, as I don’t believe either HIV or HCV crosses the placental barrier but are transmitted by blood at delivery of a baby, 

“Were these HIV/HCV “parts” gleaned from fetal cells if they are indeed in this vaccine?”

 As I mentioned earlier, I’m not anti-vaccine, I do not wish to contribute to vaccine “hesitancy.” But I think everyone should be allowed to know what’s in a vaccine for a virus that has a 99% survival rate for people without co-morbidities when drug-resistant TB’s survival rate is around 85%. My body, my choice after all.

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