Listen to Donald Trump, Gov. Scott tells Essex County vax skeptics

At the one hour, 57 minute, 20 second mark, Gov. Scott is asked whether there’s a connection between Essex County supporting Donald Trump in 2020 and showing ‘vaccine hesitancy’ in 2021.

By Guy Page

Essex County, the rural heart of the Northeast Kingdom, was the only county to vote red for Donald Trump in the November, 2020 general election. State officials say many residents also are showing ‘vaccine hesitancy’ – the term for unwillingness to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Is there a connection?

At his March 23 press conference, Gov. Scott promised skeptics vaccination “won’t be by forcing.” And he urged supporters of Pres. Trump to heed his advice. 

Vermont Daily asked Gov. Phil Scott March 23 if there’s a connection – see video at 1 hour, 57 minute, 20 second mark: “Essex County, the vaccine resistance county, is also the only county that went for Donald Trump in November. Many people who voted for him believe they have good reason to be skeptical about whatever their government and media is telling them. Do you see a connection between skepticism about government and the media and resistance to vaccination? And if so, what would you tell them?”

Gov. Scott answered: “ Ifully appreciate the independent nature of those in the Northeast Kingdom. I think this has been historic. What we need for them to understand is that this

this vaccine is safe. Even former president Trump has come out and said and supported

people being vaccinated. He said it’s safe and it’s a good vaccine. I think those were his exact words. So hopefully they will listen to him or anyone that they have faith in and get the

vaccine because it truly will help them, their families, and get us back to normal.”

“There’s not much I can say to them,but we’ll continue to look for different approaches and hopefully they’ll come around,” Gov. Scott concluded. “But it won’t be by forcing. It’ll be from them wanting to receive the vaccine.”

Regardless of Trump’s advice and Scott’s promise that vaccination “won’t be by forcing,” skepticism about the vaccines themselves remains a serious concern for Vermont’s vaccine-hesitant. Elsewhere in today’s Vermont Daily, NEKTV program host Steve Merrill – the same chap who was booted off of the press conference queue for supposedly being a ‘hobby entertainer’ – reports his research on concerns about the makeup and experimental testing of the vaccines. 

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  1. Due to a number of medical issues and DISTRUST of the government . I will NOT be Getting a COVID shot.

  2. “Even” President Trump supports getting a vaccine?

    Sorry Governor, but here are the actual REALITIES:

    1.) President Trump is the SOLE reason we even have Covid vaccines today, so….”duh”???

    2.) People in BOTH parties comprise the “anti-vaccer movement” not ONLY Republicans. Change your channel. PLEASE.

    3.) Most are getting vaccinated, but this is STILL (for the time being) a “free” country, and therefore if a small number of Americans make the conscious decision to opt out – THEY are responsible if they become ill or worse; not you – or me.

  3. Governor Scott, you mean you are telling us to the listen to the man you mistrusted so much that you, as a Republican governor, voted for his Democratic opponent Biden, and were proud to tell us that you did? Oh, now you want us to listen to Trump? I smell the scent of your political hypocrisy here.

  4. I voted for Pres Trump and will again if he runs. I voted for the RINO Scott once and never again. I will not get a covid-19 shot. It’s my choice not anyone else’s. I have a mind and I will not let anyone tell me I have to have the shot. I never trusted that little weasel Fauci and I don’t trust Levine either much less Scott the RINO. So flip flop Scott needs to change the R after his name to a D and MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS..!!!

  5. Such a hypocrite. Did he address the crowd as white supremist’? After all, isn’t this what he called all of us who voted for Trump? I called his office and wrote his office and demanded an apology. Nothing. How dare he label us with such a hideous title and then USE the very person he defamed (along with that person’s supporters) to push his point. I wish his office would be FLOODED with demands for an apology. Such a hypocrite.

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