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Heat-seeking drone finds lost two-year old

State police used a heat-seeking drone to locate a two-year old child in Montgomery.

At 9 pm on August 21, State Police in Saint Albans received a report of a missing 2-year-old child from Creager Rd in Montgomery. The family contacted State Police after being unable to locate the child who they believe walked away from the residence and possibly went into the woods. 

State Police responded to the area and were accompanied by Swanton Village Police who brought their K-9 unit to aid in the search. State Police activated their “Unmanned Aircraft Systems” team as well as the Search and Rescue Team. Montgomery Fire Department sent some units to help in the search. 

Shortly after the UAS Team deployed their aircraft, the pilot was able to identify a heat signature in the woods nearby. Troopers went directly to that area and determined it was the missing child and were able to recover him safely. Enosburg Rescue came to the scene to evaluate the child before returning him to his parents.

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  1. Praise the Lord. Most often our great men and women in blue are faced with situations that are difficult to say that about. They put their lives on the line every day just by putting on a uniform and dealing with other people’s problems that they can’t manage.

    This 2-year-old should be the poster child for a “fund the police” movement.

    The article had a truthful, eye-catching headline, in a day when many headlines are misleading and don’t resemble the story. I am not referring to Vermont Daily Chronicle with this criticism. Their headline was not only great, but the article was also short, sweet, reported professionalism and had a happy ending. They should win a Pulitzer for that.

  2. Great effort coupled with newer technology makes for a very happy ending for a toddler reunited with their loved ones. Thank you to all involved for a job well done!

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