Roper: If you really care about Donald Trump, don’t let him be the Republican nominee

Thoughts on the eve of the first debate

by Rob Roper

Many Donald Trump supporters I have had conversations and interactions with share an intense feeling of being cheated over what took place in 2020 that can only be assuaged by running – and this time winning – a Trump/Biden rematch in 2024. While I share the anger and frustration stemming from the multiple injustices inflicted on the former president (and Republicans in general) over the past seven years, I respectfully disagree as to that remedy. A Trump candidacy in 2024 is not the best thing for the country, the Republican Party, or for that matter Donald Trump.

In order for justice to be meted out, Republicans need to re-claim all of the internal administrative levers of power necessary to reform the DOJ, the FBI, and other problematic areas of the federal bureaucracy, as well as, from the former president’s perspective, having someone in place to pardon him should that become necessary. This, of course, requires winning the presidency.

And let’s be honest, a man who is a 100 percent known commodity, who the voters have long ago made up their minds about, who lost his last bid for the same office, who is spending all of his campaign donations on legal expenses instead of campaigning, who has an approval rating in the 30’s, and a recent poll showed 53 percent of voters would not vote for him under any circumstances does not represent our best chance to win the upcoming presidential election.

Moreover, in addition to the presidency, Republicans must win back the Senate (as well as increasing – and not losing — their bare majority in the House), which is critical for confirming key presidential appointments, controlling the committees that have the power to investigate the crimes and potential crimes that have been perpetrated over the past several years, and passing any kind of a conservative legislative agenda.

And, again, let’s be honest. Donald Trump does not have a stellar track record when it comes to picking winning candidates and/or helping others win elections. With Trump as the head of the Party, Republicans lost the House in 2018, lost the Senate and the presidency in 2020, and in what should have been a wave Republican year in 2022, woefully underperformed, especially in Senate races. Another round of Hershel Walkers, Blake Masters, Dr. Ozs, etc. would be a disaster for the Party, the country, and the former president.

In 2020, Republicans lost the Senate largely because Donald Trump allowed his feud with the Georgia governor and secretary of state to overshadow, spill into, and negatively impact the two special runoff elections we needed to win to keep the US Senate in Republican control. The consequences of that failure were humongous.

It delayed, for example, any serious investigations into the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and hence the Biden family bribery scandal by two years until the Republicans were able to re-claim a house majority – barely – in 2022.

It also killed any chance of investigations into the very voting irregularities Trump was upset about to begin with, as well as the “Russia-gate” fraud, censorship of conservatives by social media companies, etc. It made it impossible for Republicans to stop the Biden Administration and the Democrats from passing their own devastating slate of legislative priorities, such as extended Covid lockdowns, the fraudulently named Inflation Reduction Act, and undoing Donald Trump’s own positive legacy on issues like border control and energy independence.

Too often the man gets in his own way and is his own worst enemy. Trump did, after all, appoint Christopher Wray to run the FBI taking advice from Chris Christie, no less! If there is any evidence that he has learned from these mistakes, that his judgement has improved, or that he has grown more disciplined as a result, I have not yet seen it.

I want to see the people who have abused the law and our institutions to mistreat Republicans, our agenda, and our country brought to justice. But, like the lawyer who has himself for a client, I am not convinced at this point in time Donald Trump is the right person to do this job.

So, as the other Republican candidates take the stage tomorrow night, I will be looking to see, first and foremost, who has the potential to appeal to a majority of American voters and win. Additionally, who has shown the ability to bring coattails to elections and help other conservatives win as well. Who can think and operate strategically not just for themselves but as the leader of a team. Who has a vision for the country that will turn us back toward small, constitutional government, and the managerial abilities to execute this vision through a series of policy successes.

Too much is at stake for this election to be about anything other than winning a broad mandate for a conservative policy agenda. If Republicans lose the House and fail to win the Senate in 2024 because the nominee for president drags down the ticket, all the investigations into the crimes of the past seven years go away, probably forever, and justice will never be served. Worse the agenda our country needs to heal itself will never have a chance to be implemented. In fact, quite the opposite — as we have witnessed over the past three years.  

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  1. Mr Roper,

    It must be really nice to be such an all-knowing Monday Morning Quarterback.
    Do you allow all your good and bad day to day, year to year choices in life to be as equally scrutinized?

    Whether you are a person on one end of the spectrum who loves Donald Trump; or you are on the other end hating him with Trump Derangement Syndrome; it is NOT anyone’s place to make decisions for Donald Trump.

    We do have a United States Constitution that gives each person their own individual choices. Individuals get to decide if they want to run for government office and individuals get to decide who they choose to vote for.

    There are many ways to look at the 2024 Presidential Situation. It is a topic that I’m sure will make for many passionate discussions. We can each have a personal opinion about who to vote for and why.

    It’s unconstitutional, arrogant and oppressive to make someone else’s choice about whether they should run for office; especially if they are already in the race. Respect individual, Constitutional Freedom!

    • First of all, this grandeur of which you speak, namely the Republican party, pulling us out of anything is quite the fairytale. Both parties are corrupt, stop making it out they are not, 2 heads of the same snake. Open your eyes, this isn’t about two parties anymore, it’s us vs them. If this country wants real change, it needs repentance and Jesus. No “man,” unless directed by God’s will, is going to do anything. But Trump did go against everything the establishment stood, and stands for. Perfect? No, but cared for people, black, white, etc. Went through 4 years of persecution and now 3 more, defending himself, time after time. I do not worship Trump, but he is a heck of alot better than what we have now!

      • I do not see it as R vs. D. I see it as liberty vs. tyranny. Who is most willing to defend our freedoms and ensure the people run the government and don’t get sucked into the WHO’s and WEF’s 2030 adgenda? Donald Trump is most definitely high on that list and certainly has every right to run. This article is ridiculous.

  2. As far as the Republican candidates go, there is only one anti-war and pro-worker candidate: Donald Trump. And despite Roper’s assertion otherwise, Trump led and is still at the core of a real revival of the Republican Party as the people’s party.

  3. I am sorry you feel the way you do about Trump and I am even more sorry that you feel you have to write about it. The charges that have been brought against him to me are a clear picture of election interference and bogis just like the Russia scam. I remember just three long years ago what our country was like including the economy, closed boarders, getting us out of Afghanistan with a clear plan which Biden rejected, peace in the Middle East, which had never happened before and we were not the laughing stock of the rest of the world because of Biden’s completely disastrous policies and screw-ups. The Democratic Party does not want him in office to clean up the swamp on both sides of the aisle and are stopping at nothing to stop him. I will vote for Trump because I do know what he stands for and I also feel the country owes it to him just for the fact they have crucified him since even before he took office!

  4. Higalian Dialectic.

    Two choices that lead to the same outcome.

    Ying and Yang. Left versus right. Red versus blue. Liberal versus conservative. Black versus white.

    Let’s face it the whole thing’s increasingly rigged, and has been for quite a while. None of the people mentioned in this article run anything they are merely here to waste your time and misdirect you from the outcome which they’ve nearly accomplished.

    What is that outcome you ask?

    The same as it’s always been, control. Those who have everything they could possibly want want only one more thing, and that is control over others to ensure they continue to have everything they want.

    What level of control do they want now?

    Total. And how do I know that? Simple, because we now have the technology to do so and what we don’t have will be available in the next few years. AI, massive surveillance network, big data, face recognition, trackers in the hand of everyone on the planet, biotechnology, energy weapons, nano tech, quantum computing. These are all converging at a rapid rate just like Ray Kurzwiels book says, just like Yuval Noah Harari explains.

    How are they to usher in this control??

    The same way they always have. War. famine. Division. Except this time they have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

    -Now more than any other time in history does the reach of the internet and it’s ability to deceive and our massive knowledge of psychological tricks enable them to program the masses like never before. Think how many people repeat exactly the words that are said on the news, like “safe and effective”.

    -Now more than any time in history, we have the ability to create destruction without bombs and massive armies. Go ahead look up energy weapons on Google. Just ignore the news outlets that told you every lie in existence during Covid that are trying to tell you that they don’t exist.

    -Now more than any other time in history, we have science that can slowly eliminate the enemy unknowingly to even the enemy themselves. This can be in the form of accidental chemicals on children’s toys, EMF waves formerly documented to cause great sickness now being implemented as cellular phone technology, nearly mandatory experimental “vaccines” that aren’t anything that they said they were, engineered “virus’s”/pathogens, and nano technology. Go look up what the gates foundation has done in Africa with the testing of some of these “vaccines”.

    These days they don’t even need to actually have a war. They just need to make you believe that there is one. Just like they just can panic you enough to make you panic buy toilet paper and suddenly there isn’t any toilet paper.

    As far as famine, Ukraine is the world’s bread basket, climate change and avian flu is how they want to eliminate all forms of meat, and replace it with something that they control. Shutting down the majority of dutch farms which is literally a farming community. Look at the amount of crops that were destroyed simply by it raining continuously in VT. Now do I believe that that’s climate change, sure, the climate’s always changing. Do I believe that the government did that on purpose? I don’t know what I do know is they have the ability to do so, and with all the other media narratives or actions that have happened in the past three years to create fear and instability in the American people, I believe it’s a real possibility that someone did.

    I think the real conspiracy here is why the general masses don’t see all of these converging together?

    As for Trump, he’s just the pretend hero in the story. He’s there to quietly continue their work in the background like make sure the “vaccines” don’t have to be adequately tested, warp speed if you will. There to set up the economy for absolute dismal failure underneath the next incoming selected resident all the while making you less confident in “the other side”. An actor there to make you feel good and give you some temporary relief from the slow downward spiral that is happening to the American peoples wealth and way of life.

    It’s a big club and you aren’t in it.

  5. Nope. Only Trump. After the insane four years of Russia Russia Russia and idiotic impeachment fiascos, after the obvious election theft, after the Jan 6 set up and the extended torture of prisoners from that day, and now the bogus attempts to jail Trump and supporters on nonsense charges, I won’t vote for anyone else. It’s Trump, or it’s the establishment bootlickers. No in between. I swore to vote my conscience. Did you?

  6. A solid majority of the 50 states have Republican attorneys general, A solid majority of the over 3,000 counties in the U.S. have Republican state’s attorneys or district attorneys. From all of these officials, who presumably would have the power to prosecute criminal election fraud if it was found, how many criminal charges of election fraud in the 2016 presidential election were filed in the whole country? I’m thinking that number is very, very close to zero. But you and many others keep picking at that “we were robbed in 2016” scab. Maybe, in addition to giving up on the idea of another DJT run, try giving that up on that one as well?

    • Genuine character-filled people will not “give up” on something they truly Believe in.

      Donald Trump is not just a candidate. He is a representation of what the all-knowing, elitist, overlords of our United States of America do to those who thwart their control and dare to Believe in our Constitutional Republic.

      Should we “give up” on our Constitutional Republic and Personal Freedom?

      • Keep voting for Dems and you’ll give up our Constitutional Republic and personal freedoms. Along with your first amendment right to voice a differing opinion.

    • Mr. Searles,

      If you do some research you’ll find our US Election Results have been challenged in ALL manner of ways by varied political parties and persons over the past years. One difference, no one was arrested for speaking out to question an election result. WHY NOW? WILL THE TRUTH COME OUT?

      NOTHING in the past has come close to what we ALL watched take place in the Presidential Election of 2020. The corruption was so blatantly obvious unless you are one choosing to be in denial of reality. There was counting of ballots for days in several places. There were more votes than registered voters in several places. What more do you need for proof?

      Do you care if your vote matters OR are you one of those Trump Haters that is willing to trash our whole Country’s Election System as long as Trump looses?

    • “A solid majority of the 50 states have Republican attorneys general, A solid majority of the over 3,000 counties in the U.S. have Republican state’s attorneys or district attorneys. …” That’s exactly why Trump is supported not as a Republican but for challenging that establishment.

    • And how will any of this come to light when we have a corrupt Biden crime family running the country and we have a corrupt DOJ prosecuting lawyers for attempting to find the truth..

      This is the most destructive administration ever in American history doing the most damage to America…

      If you or any one else that makes the claim no election fraud took place why aren’t you leading the charge to do a thorough investigation into the election…

      I remember when this was going on and they were questioning the election I believe in Georgia the Democratic party sent 17 lawyers there to stop it..

      Why is everyone so afraid of the truth and why aren’t we doing everything in our power to provide the truth to the people in America who have had their votes stolen…

      It’s unconscionable to defend voter fraud..

      It’s unbelievable that our DOJ goes after Trump worried about his personal taxes but they refuse to go after criminals who voted fraudulently in our elections…

      There’s absolutely no question in my mind that we need Donald Trump for president..

      They poked The beast and made up all kinds of lies about him and they were hoping the people would walk away from Donald Trump.

      Instead they have proven to Americans including Democrats who know will vote for Donald Trump for president that our government under the Biden administration is unfit to serve this country and criminal investigations should be taking place but do not because of his corrupt DOJ..

      We cannot afford to lose America because Robert Roper doesn’t happen to like Donald Trump because he’s not a rino.

      I hope everybody wakes up because under Trump we had some decent living in America we were safe from foreign enemies and some of the domestic enemies..

      Under The Biden crime family the domestic enemies are winning on a daily basis..

      We can’t allow this to happen and destroy the United States of America

  7. There are no Democrats.
    There are no Republicans
    There are only Progressives and Patriots.
    And this is what the Progressives want to do to us.
    This is what Samuel is talking about.

    UN 3030 AGENDA: 17 GOALS – The 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” that make up UN Agenda 2030 essentially serves as the recipe for the upcoming technocratic new world order. The UN plans to have nations to continue to impose new laws and initiatives upon their citizens in effort to achieve these goals which they lump under
    “sustainability”. Agenda 2030 is a ramp up from it’s predecessor Agenda 21, as it aims to control everything. Control of all Lands, Water, Food, Energy, Technology, Production, Information, Animals and all Humans through AI, 6G Blockchain and
    RFID. The “Elites” are setting the stage to enslave humanity under the rule of the Antichrist.


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: End poverty in all it’s forms everywhere.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. All will receive digital Universal Basic Income & identity on the block chain. 2. Wealth distribution from rich to poor. 3. The elimination of Lower Class.


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: End hunger, achieve food security & improved nutrition and agriculture.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. More synthetic lab grown Frankenfood, GMOs & Nanotech that effects DNA. 2. Those with RFID chip will be able to buy food resulting in “Zero Hunger”.


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Ensure healthy lives & push wellbeing.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. More job production & propaganda for future plan-demics to alter DNA. 2. Biometric sensors to monitor the body. 3. Medical history will be on a blockchain.


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. Dumb-Down education to indoctrinate. 2. Upskilling and Reskilling for a new lifelong learning GIG economy, as AI and robotics will replace many jobs.


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Gender equality and empower women.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. Replace human intelligence with AI to avoid “incorrect judgments”. 2. Promote radical feminism, the Trans-Sodomite Agenda & multiple genders. 3. Teach women to have less or no kids. 4. Abandon gender identity and promote trans-humanism as the new gender.


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Ensure sustainable water management.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. Control and monitor all water systems. 2. Metals, fluoride & Nanotech in water.


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. Monitor all energy systems in homes and corporations in real time. 2. Cities and towns to institute blackouts to save energy.


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Promote sustainable economic growth, productive employment & decent work
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. Replace workers with robotics and AI. 2. Connect workers to VR headsets, as the metaverse will be the future of work.


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Build resilient infrastructure, promote industrialization and innovation.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: Use robotics and AI to fully automate infrastructural projects and innovation making people useless in the industries.


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Reduce inequality within countries.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. Bring developed countries down to near poverty levels, while raising poor nations slightly above poverty level. 2. Set up short term GIG jobs in a race to the bottom economy .


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Make cities safe & sustainable.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. Move everyone into smart cities with a social credit score system. 2. Everything connected via Blockchain, 5G, 6G, IOT, IOB & AI.
    3. Constant surveillance and gun control.


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. Food & Water are ration based off of social credit score. 2. Punish those that throw away food. 3. Consumption of Frankenfoods & GMOs


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Take urgent action on climate.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. Create a circular economy. 2. Both natural and manmade disasters to be blamed on climate change, thus keeping draconian measures in place, 3. Carbon Footprint Taxes


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. Monitor and restrict access to the open seas, lakes and rivers with sensors and satellites and punish those found guilty. 2. Feed people genetically modified farm bred and lab grown fish.

    15. LIFE ON LAND

    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Protect restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystem.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. Force people off of rural lands, ranches, forests and farms into smart cities. 2. Restrict and minimize travel to natural land habitats and forests.


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Promote peaceful societies and inclusive institutions for sustainable development.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: 1. Only those with RFID chip and a digital ID Passport with bio metric data on a blockchain can be a part of the peaceful society. 2. Social credits will be used to get the population to obey the New World Order and punish unwanted behavior. Those who do not comply will be imprisoned or have all benefits on the blockchain turned off.


    WHAT WE ARE TOLD: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize global partnerships for sustainability.
    WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: In order to implement all 17 SDG’s and maintain global partnerships for the goals, a number of key technologies need to be further pushed on society, such as CDBC, blockchain technology, CRSPR gene editing, AI monitoring sensors, AI and bio metric facial recognition cameras, 5G, 6G, Smart Cities, RFID Chips, IOT, IOB, robotics, etc, to fully control the world.

    • Thank you. I have been calling this agenda out for some time. Equity is the redistribution of wealth within Nations and globally. Central Bank Digital Currency is a means to redstribute wealth during the conversion of assets, control consumption and compliance with the 17 sustainable development goals. The executive order for CBDC (also a sustainable development goal) states that the system needs to address equity and human rights. Both of these are components of the UN sustainable development goals.

    • Everything you said is spot on… The sad part of it is the most of the people don’t have a clue what is being planned for them because they don’t pay attention or they are filled full of bull crap by people like Rob Roper…

      We have seen the Republican party in the state of Vermont destroyed by people like Rob Roper who are dragging their liberal agenda into Republican politics..

      Another out of stater who could care less about Vermonters but supports those in the uni party that could care less about what happens to our beautiful state as long as they remain in control.

      Just look at the governor in our state a Republican governor who voted for the destruction we are now witnessing that is being supported by Robert Roper.

      I’m glad Vermonters are finally waking up and saying no to these people that are so used to leading them around by the nose without question..

      We are on the verge of losing America and there is only one person qualified for president to stop it dead in its tracks and that is Donald Trump.

      I have to question Rob’s motives when he wants to bring down the best option we have to save America..

      I saw on Twitter last night that even Gerald Malloy who ran for senator is now hand in hand with these turncoats in the state of Vermont.

      I fought hard for Gerald Mallory doing many things to bolster his campaign.

      I stood in downtown Rutland Vermont when a bus came from I believe America’s first voice to get support for this Republican candidate for Congress…

      Who was there from the Republican party?

      Were you there Rob Roper cuz if you were I didn’t see you?

      Are Peterson were you there you supposedly we’re backing him in his campaign..

      Nope none of our elected Republicans showed up to show support for Malloy..

      I have made a decision The only Republican I am voting for is Donald Trump..

      When these people in the state of Vermont call themselves Republicans and tell us we must vote Republican they know we know that they are not Republicans and this is just a push to get us to accept their lies and More false promises..

      That’s a lifelong for monitor I’m sick of those that came to our state to destroy us and Roper is one of them…

      I have to question why anyone wouldn’t be supporting Donald Trump 100% at this time in history when he puts his own future on the line to protect us from those we are well aware want to destroy us..

      May God open our eyes and may God bless America..

  8. I will only vote for Donald Trump. I will write him in if I have to and there are millions like me.
    I am your voice
    I am your warrior
    Iam your justice
    I am your retribution.

  9. I want to begin by saying that I am mightily impressed with the comments listed above. You guys get it.

    Here’s my two cents.

    Rob’s False Premise #1: “Many Donald Trump supporters I have had conversations and interactions with share an intense feeling of being cheated over what took place in 2020 that can only be assuaged by running – and this time winning – a Trump/Biden rematch in 2024.”

    No, it’s not that the Trump supporters Rob has spoken to don’t feel this way. It’s that the Trump supporters I know, including me, don’t agree with Rob’s perspective.

    And Rob and I have traded thoughts on the matter – a fact he conveniently ignores here. I don’t care who the Democrat nominee is. It’s my opinion that Trump is the right person, the only person, for this moment in time. The gorilla in the room isn’t Joe Biden. It’s the entire government autocracy.

    False Premise #2: That Trump’s motivation is“…having someone in place to pardon him should that become necessary. This, of course, requires winning the presidency.”

    This is speculation at best. In my opinion, as one of the Trump supporters Rob has discussed this with, it clearly isn’t Trump’s only motivation.

    False Premise #3: “And let’s be honest, a man who is a 100 percent known commodity,”… etc., etc..

    ‘A 100 percent known commodity,’ Honestly? I agree that Trump is as well known, and transparent, as anyone running for president I’ve ever encountered. But who would be so bold as to say they know anyone 100%. ”Consider the caution from C. S. Lewis – ‘It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies’. If anything, knowing Trump as well as we do is all the more reason to support him.

    False Premise #4: “… who is spending all of his campaign donations on legal expenses instead of campaigning,”

    This is a patently false statement.

    I could go on with false premise #5, #6, #7, … etc.. Polls change, or that winning back or keeping the congress in Republican hands is the only measure of success, or that Trump’s record for picking candidates is flawed (compared to who? … and why?), or that Trump somehow caused Biden’s DOJ to not investigate the Biden Crime Family, or that his political sin was listening to Chris Christie, or that Trump is anything ‘like the lawyer who has himself for a client’, etc., etc., etc..

    This is all conjecture, and not what the Trump supporters I know are thinking.

    Suffice it to say – Rob doesn’t ‘like’ Trump. But we’re not electing a high school student council president or a prom queen. Polls are but snap shots in time. That Trump may, from time to time, be ‘rude, interrupting and unlikeable’ (Rob’s words) is a character flaw I’m willing to accept. It’s going to take a pit bull to save this country from the corruption that has clearly been in place now for decades. And if Trump’s legacy is only that he was able to expose the corruption and neutralize it, we’re better off with him as president than anyone else currently running.

    • Jay,
      All of your claims of false premises are false…

      Rob’s False Premise #1: “No, it’s not that the Trump supporters Rob has spoken to don’t feel this way. It’s that the Trump supporters I know, including me, don’t agree with Rob’s perspective.” So you admit that my premise is correct, you just don’t agree with my perspective. I never said Trump supporters agreed with me. If they did, I never would have felt the need to write the article.

      False Premise #2: That Trump’s motivation is“…having someone in place to pardon him should that become necessary.” False accusation. I never said it was Trump’s motivation. I said winning the presidency is in the best interests of “meting out justice” (as well as appointing federal law enforcement officials, etc) should it become necessary. You disagree? Is your premise that Trump and the country would be better off with someone in office who would never pardon him from these politically motivated legal attacks? Explain your logic. Or do you actually agree with my premise?

      False Premise #3: “a 100 percent known commodity,”… etc., etc.” You then go on – again – to agree with the premise of my premise: “that Trump is as well known, and transparent, as anyone running for president I’ve ever encountered.” Yeah, that’s the point. What is anyone going to learn about Donald Trump between now and November 2024 that will change their opinion of him since the last election – which he lost.

      False Premise #4: “… who is spending all of his campaign donations on legal expenses instead of campaigning,” Um…

      “I could go on with false premise #5, #6, #7, … etc.. Polls change” [Not so much when you are dealing with the most “well known, and transparent, as anyone running for president I’ve ever encountered.”]

      “or that winning back or keeping the congress in Republican hands is the only measure of success” [Again, I did not say it was the “only measure of success.” I don’t think I described it as a measure of success at all, but that it was necessary to keep the investigations into political corruption by the Democrats against not just Trump but the American people going via control of congressional committees. What other way is there? Please tell.

      “or that Trump’s record for picking candidates is flawed (compared to who? … and why?),” [The proof is in the pudding: they lost. And lost to really bad candidates. Your premise is a that a good candidate lost to John Fetterman?]

      “or that Trump somehow caused Biden’s DOJ to not investigate the Biden Crime Family,” [Trump, A) allowed there to be a Biden DOJ by running a terrible campaign in 2020 and losing to dementia patient hiding in a basement. And B) kneecapped a Republican senate’s ability to investigate all the corruption surrounding and leading up to the 2020 election by sabotaging the Georgia runoff elections and handing the majority to the Democrats. You deny these things happened?

      I would love to see you lay out a coherent roadmap for how you think Donald Trump gets to 50 percent of the vote plus one, and what you think a Trump cabinet might look like, and how you think he’s going to govern if he’s the only real conservative patriot in America and every other Republican office holder is just a RINO establishment bootlicker — – including, apparently, pretty much everyone Trump hired first time around.

      Your debate style here seems to be one of trying to split hairs and and turn them into straw men. But my overall premise is that Donald Trump is not in a good, fundamental position to win re-election, or to help others who share his policy vision for the country from getting elected to down ticket offices, which is a necessary component to fulfilling that vision. I welcome a sound, reasoned refutation of that premise.

      • Okay VDC readers. Here we go again. Please bear with us. Double-speak is an art-form requiring some patience.

        Re: “I never said Trump supporters agreed with me.”

        Neither did I, Rob. Clearly, so far at least, no one on this forum agrees with you.

        On second thought, I’ll let VDC readers decipher your retort as they will. It’s clear what I said and didn’t say. As I mentioned at the start – VDC commentors get it.

        If anyone else doesn’t ‘get it’, just say so and I’ll elaborate further.

    • Repeat: I would love to see you lay out a coherent roadmap for how you think Donald Trump gets to 50 percent of the vote plus one, and what you think a Trump cabinet might look like, and how you think he’s going to govern if he’s the only real conservative patriot in America and every other Republican office holder is just a RINO establishment bootlicker — – including, apparently, pretty much everyone Trump hired first time around.

      Can’t do it can you.

      • I’m not claiming to know what sort of roadmap you, of all people, would find to be ‘coherent’, Rob. Or what Trump’s cabinet might look like. Or how he’s going to govern. Again, I’m not an omnipotent moral busybody.

        Nice try though.

      • Mr Roper,

        How can a fair winner be known with the cheating, chaotic and corrupt, election systems that exist throughout our United States? This is especially true in Vermont. Every manner and avenue of cheating and corruption is allowed for 40+ days of unrequested ALL mailed ballots circulating around the state of Vermont and some report beyond.

        How do you “KNOW” who is really winning? The controlling elitists and overlords think we are stupid as they control who wins by “selection” rather than allowing the true results of a real “election” by We the People.

        If you and others are blind to reality and think this is a “conspiracy theory,” take away the “counting” machines, give us back paper ballots with ONE Election Day, and allow real people to count the ballots.

        If there’s REALLY NO CHEATING, it won’t matter, RIGHT?

      • “I would love to see you lay out a coherent roadmap for how you think Donald Trump gets to 50 percent of the vote plus one.” Hah, he’s already done it twice!

      • Jay, hard-core Trump supporters have not abandoned him. Clearly. But hard-core Trump supporters do not make up a majority of the electorate. Maybe 35%. In order for him to win, he has to convince a bunch of people in demographic groups who either voted for him the first time and didn’t the second or never voted for him in either of his first two elections to vote for him this time. I am — and have been here — asking you, as a Trump advocate, to explain how you think he’s going to convince that 16% or so of the electorate he needs to persuade to vote for him in 2024. Because I don’t see how he does it. What is the path/plan to victory? What’s the message that convinces more suburban, college educated women to vote for him this time around? What’s the message that gets more millennials to support him this time around? Is there some other pathway that I’m missing? And is he spending his campaign dollars in such a way as to bring these voters on board? Again, I’m not seeing it. Enlighten me.

        Still waiting and looking forward to it!

    • Jay, a coherent argument is one based on observation, data, and facts. What has Donald Trump done to demonstrate to you that he can win over the voters who abandoned him in the last election, allowing Biden to win? Has he raised a solid war chest, and is he spending it successfully? Is he operating a disciplined and organized campaign team? Is his message resonating with voter blocks he lost last time, but will need to win this time? While I agree he had more crap thrown at him than anyone in history and that it was not fair, it is also a fact that he was not able to overcome it. What have you seen that makes you think he will be able to overcome it this time? Who is he surrounding himself with and do they give you confidence that this is a team that can move into jobs such as Attorney General, Secretary of State, etc and execute an agenda?

      These are the kinds of questions that need to be asked and answered before an intelligent, informed decision can be made about who is best to, in fact and not just in rhetoric, “Make America Great Again.” It’s telling that you can’t answer them.

      • Re: “It’s telling that you can’t answer them.”

        Who is ‘them’?

      • Re: “What has Donald Trump done to demonstrate to you that he can win over the voters who abandoned him in the last election,..”.

        Voters who abandoned Trump? What are you talking about? Trump is reported to have received 62,979,636 popular votes in 2016, and 73,559,030 votes in 2020.

        So, just how many voters does your data analysis tell you abandoned Trump in the last election?

        This is what false logic looks like, Rob. How many times do I have to point this out to you? What I’m saying has nothing to do with my thoughts on “the kinds of questions that need to be asked and answered”. This isn’t about me. What I’m saying is that you persist in misrepresenting what it is were discussing.

        This isn’t about Trump, or me. It’s about you.

      • What, not who. The questions posed in my previous post. Don’t play dumb. I know you’re not.

      • Jay, it’s not about me. Or you, or even Donald Trump. It’s about the country, and who can get elected and deliver a real freedom agenda for the future. Yes, Trump got more total votes in 2020 than 2016, but as I’m sure you are aware, total turnout was way up for both parties. Percentage wise the demographic groups who supported Trump in 2016 and then abandoned him in 2020, based on percentage decreases in support, were young people, moderates, and suburban voters. If he can’t win those folks back in 2024 he’ll loose the election again. I’m asking you what you’ve seen him do that makes you think those voters will give him another chance. It’s a pretty straight forward question. And you can’t answer it.

      • No, Rob. It’s about your persistent misdirection.

        And I just demonstrated how nimble one must be to keep up your inarticulate manuevering. ‘Them’ means ‘What’.

        Okay, so how do you answer your question about all of the Trump supporters who have abandoned him when, clearly, they haven’t abandoned him?

      • them /T͟Hem,T͟Həm/ pronoun
        1.used… to refer to two or more people or things previously mentioned or easily identified.

        The sentence in question: “These are the kinds of questions that need to be asked and answered before an intelligent, informed decision can be made about who is best to, in fact and not just in rhetoric, “Make America Great Again.” It’s telling that you can’t answer them.

        “Them” clearly referring back to “questions”. No misdirection on my part. Basic english grammar. But, as I’ve pointed out, your debate tactic seems to be to be split imaginary hairs and turn them into straw men. This is, in fact, a means of misdirection, and in this case misdirection away from your inability to form a coherent argument in favor of your candidate.

        Still waiting and looking forward to it!

      • I don’t know about you, but I vote for a candidate who respects human life, doesn’t VIOLATE the US Constitution or Federal Laws, (don’t EVEN try: The US border with Mexico WIDE open!) and his or her general ideology & principals – NOT based upon their “ability to win” or an “organized campaign team”? Sorry…..MAGA.

        I have begun to see why Democrats & “progressives” always were & continue to be the group most associated with promoting drug use and legalizing drug use/abuse.

      • OK.
        Okay, so how do you answer your question about all of the Trump supporters who have abandoned him when, clearly, they haven’t abandoned him?

      • Kathleen,

        I am with you 100 percent on your principles. So please consider….

        “I don’t know about you, but I vote for a candidate who respects human life,”

        Ron DeSantis delivered in Florida a “heartbeat” bill banning abortion after 6 weeks. Donald Trump said that bill was “too harsh.” Do you agree with Trump’s or DeSantis’ position here?

        “doesn’t VIOLATE the US Constitution or Federal Laws,”

        Following the 2020 election Donald Trump called for “…the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” Trump wrote on Truth Social on December 3, 2022. I hope you would agree per your post that is not what someone who genuinely respects the Constitution and our laws would ever say under any circumstances.

        “(don’t EVEN try: The US border with Mexico WIDE open!)”

        Here’s what Ron DeSantis delivered in Florida with SB 1718:
        • Banning local governments from issuing identification cards for people who can’t prove citizenship.
        • Requiring hospitals that accept Medicaid to include a question on intake forms about the patient’s citizenship status.
        • Banning undocumented law school graduates from being admitted to the Florida bar.
        • Increasing penalties for human trafficking-related offenses.
        • Beefing up the required use of E-Verify, a federal database employers can use to check a worker’s employment eligibility.

        While Donald Trump did some good things on immigration, he didn’t deliver anything like this kind of slate of policy victories.

        “and his or her general ideology & principals – “

        Ron DeSantis delivered anti-woke laws in Florida, successfully going after school indoctrination and taking on corporations such as Disney – for which Donald Trump criticized him. “Trump speculated that “Disney’s next move will be the announcement that no more money will be invested in Florida because of the Governor. In fact, they could even announce a slow withdrawal or sale of certain properties, or the whole thing. Watch! That would be a killer.”

        Do you agree with Trump’s position on woke corporations, that we should be looking at the bottom line and supporting their businesses if opposing them means losing money, or DeSantis’ position of doing the right thing by our children, even if it means potentially losing tax revenue?

        Also regarding ideology and principles, Ron DeSantis pushed and signed legislation “targeting drag shows, transgender kids and the use of bathrooms and pronouns.” Donald Trump, on the other hand, was a pioneer advocate for the transgender movement when in 2012 he overruled judges in the Miss Universe pageant he owned and allowed a biological man to compete in a women’s beauty contest.

        Who’s values are you more aligned with here? Trump’s or DeSantis’?

        “I have begun to see why Democrats & “progressives” always were & continue to be the group most associated with promoting drug use and legalizing drug use/abuse.”

        But not the only ones associated with legalizing drug use! In 1990 Donald Trump gave a speech in which he advocated legalizing ALL drugs. He backed off that position as president, and I can respect people who learn and can change their positions on issues as they gather more facts, but he did hold that position for a long time before he ran for office.

        “NOT based upon their “ability to win” or an “organized campaign team”? Sorry…..MAGA.”

        A candidate who can’t win or isn’t prepared to win can’t Make America Great Again. You have to win first in order to do that. That’s just the reality of our system.

      • Re: “Okay, so how do you answer your question about all of the Trump supporters who have abandoned him when, clearly, they haven’t abandoned him?”

        “Still waiting and looking forward to it!”

  10. Re: And, again, let’s be honest. Donald Trump does not have a stellar track record when it comes to picking winning candidates and/or helping others win elections. With Trump as the head of the Party, Republicans lost the House in 2018, lost the Senate and the presidency in 2020, and in what should have been a wave Republican year in 2022, woefully underperformed, especially in Senate races. Another round of Hershel Walkers, Blake Masters, Dr. Oz’s, etc. would be a disaster for the Party, the country, and the former president.

    Really? Before the election on the tube I saw Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell say he didn’t think the Republicans would take the Senate because of the quality of the Republican candidates. This was a blatant rebuke of all the Trump endorsed senate candidates.

    A few days after that statement on Newsmax Dick Morris said that what McConnell is trying to do is destroy all of the Trump endorsed America First candidates, the reasoning being he would rather be Senate Minority Leader than Senate Majority Leader because that majority might have the vote to remove him as leader and give it to Rick Scott-R-FL. When the red wave didn’t happen, McConnell trashed the MAGA candidates again.

    How could this be? A republican that didn’t want to take the Senate and put a halt to the Biden agenda, with the biggest reason that being Biden would not be able to get judicial nominees, federal and supreme court thru the Senate. Was there a conspiracy between the Democrats and McConnell? The Democrats funded several MAGA candidates in the primaries with the hope that they could beat them in the general by labeling them extremists. Now all the swamp creatures are coming out to say it was Trump’s fault and that his candidates lost the Senate. Really?

    McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund had over 100 million dollars to help Republican senate candidates get elected. So, what did he do with the money? Let’s start with Arizona. McConnell gave zero dollars to Blake Masters. Masters was outspent by 64 million dollars. Kelly 73 million Masters 9 million. In Pennsylvania OZ was outspent by 15 million dollars. Fetterman 52 million OZ 37 million. In Nevada Laxalt was outspent by 34 million dollars. Cortez Masto 46 million Laxalt 12 million. In Georgia Walker was out spent by 43 million dollars. Warnock 75 million Walker 32 million. In New Hampshire Bolduc was out spent by 34 million dollars Hassen 36 million Bolduc 2 million. McConnell stopped sending money to Bolduc after he was endorsed by Trump. Republican governor and rino Chris Sununu won election by a wide margin but didn’t lift a finger to help Bolduc. McConnell gave ZERO dollars to Vermont’s Gerald Malloy who also was endorsed by Trump. Now we get to Alaska where the Alaskan Republicans censured Lisa Murkowski. Then Murkowski’s friends put in ranked choice voting to make sure that Sara Palin and Kelly Tshibaca both Trump endorsed candidates would be stopped because Murkowski couldn’t win in a straight up election. McConnell funded Murkowski because she would vote for him as minority leader. This is even after Murkowski said she would be voting for Democrats. Murkowski had six times the funding of Tshibaca.

    Now the Trump trashing starts. It was the election deniers. It was abortion. We have to go in a new direction. Trump’s time is passed. His candidates can’t get elected. Why? It’s because they fear Trump. He is a threat to people like Mitch McConnell’s and the Uni-Party’s power. If you recall when he was elected in 2016, he had to rely on the Republican establishment’s recommendations to fill White House and cabinet positions, FBI, CIA, etc. And they made sure they put people around him to weaken his authority. Not so this time. If he should get elected again, he will be able to drain the swamp by coming in with his own staff, cabinet and appointees that will greatly diminish their power. Tucker Carlson’s interview with former congressman Steve King from Iowa King said Paul Ryan did everything he could to thwart funding for the border wall.

    So, what is the Republicans angle? The angle is the Republicans are using conservatives like the Democrats use Blacks. It was the Republican RINOS like McConnell, Romney, Ryan and Murkowski that bit their noses to spite their faces.

    • James, thank you for putting this together. I can’t believe how easy it is for people to forget what Trump accomplished while under constant attack by the media, the democrats, the intelligence community and the traitors in his own party. What they all hate about him the most is that they don’t own him, and he wasn’t the establishments pick for president.

      Washington is full of yes men and women, backstabbers, snakes and cockroaches that scatter when the lights come on but are always willing to lift a finger to enrich themselves and their donors. The truest statement is If you want a friend in DC get a dog.

      Can you hear the silence from our republican so-called leaders here in Vermont, the good old boys club? We can all write off any common sense coming from this state. 242,000 Vermonters voted for Joe Biden. Our governor and top republicans did also. They told us old criminal Joe would be good for America.

      Eighty percent of Vermonters believed the Safe and Effective lie and had poison injected into their bodies and their children’s bodies without question. Our politicians are going to heal the planet and make you drive a fire hazard EV. They are going to make life more unbearable than it already is for working families and the elderly, but the fools in this state will continue to vote with their heads stuck where the sun doesn’t shine.

      Rob Roper has gone to the dark side, and it’s probably related to his years at the Ethan Allen Institute where old republicans run the show. He’s lost me now until commonsense returns to his writing. Trump is going to win and I’m sticking with the man whose been chosen by a higher power to lead this country away from the dystopian road that the world’s diabolical billionaires will take it unless we fight back. MAGA 2024

      • Among all the good comments here, IMO you say it best. I like much of what Rob writes, but in this case his rejection of election rigging and interference means he has a big blind spot. Just because a fair court and honest (and courageous) judge cannot be found to hear the mountains of evidence only speaks to the weaponization of our justice system. We’ve already seen plenty of videos and heard first hand testimony, but much of it has since been censored and memory-holed by all google-based search engines and media, of which 90+% is owned by 6 international mega-corporations.
        We’ve learned how the CIA & FBI maintain editorial oversight staff at Google/Facebook/Twitter/Wikipedia, censoring and rewriting history Orwellian style; how they train and equip their cadets to conduct false flags, impersonate white supremacists and “right-wing terrorists”, how their paid army of antifa thugs march when called to riot and destroy, and blame it all on MAGA supporters. Worst of all is the shameful loss of the lives of our finest young men and women in pointless endless wars, where CIA black ops fund subversives and supply arms to both sides.
        As noted in a previous comment, without Trump exposing all the corruption, most of us would have never learned, and there is much more to be revealed over the next months and years. That is why the UniParty is hell bent on making sure he is not on the ballot; they cannot risk the loss of control over their source of wealth — us. Many are waking up now, but still so many cannot handle the truth — understandable given the depth of lies built around the illusion of choice.

      • “The people that voted for Trump are never going to abandon him. I don’t care what Mueller does. I don’t care what the media does. They’re never going to abandon him. Know why? They elected him knowing who he is. And in many cases, they admire who he is. He is the one person standing in the way of them losing their country. In their minds, that’s what’s at stake”.

        Rush Limbaugh

      • Hi Grandmadder,
        Far from rejecting election rigging, I think I can fairly say I have done as much as anyone in Vermont in trying to expose vote fraud in our state going back long before 2020. I have no blind spot here. Quite the opposite. But what I witnessed following 2020 is that Donald Trump and the legal and PR teams he chose to deal with the irregularities and illegalities with voting in 2020 were so inept and incompetent in how they handled the issue that they blew a golden opportunity to expose what was happening and start building a pathway to reform. They did such a poor job that it is now harder to address these issues than it was before.

        Even up to now, Donald Trump has not said what he would do to reform elections so that vote integrity can be restored. What’s his plan? I don’t know, do you?

        And, sadly, Donald Trump is such an unsympathetic victim in the eyes of so many people — call it Trump derangement syndrome if you will — that they are willing to turn a blind eye to injustice — lying by the media, voter fraud, abuse of the legal system — so long as it keeps Trump from being elected. The country cannot survive this dynamic. It is precisely because I don’t have a blind eye to these injustices and want to see the system fixed — a process that will require competent, sympathetic people with a plan and the skills to execute it — that I felt compelled to write this article.

      • Rob, who are those competent, sympathetic people with a plan and the skills to execute it? With everything that has been exposed over the last 6 years, where are those people who you expect to turn all this around. The evidence presented related to election fraud wasn’t inferior it was buried, censored and ignored by corrupt courts. Even the supreme court rejected evidence. The republican leaders in this state and others all wanted to move on and that’s what they did and now America is more of a mess for not dealing with the theft of an American Presidential election. Professional, career politicians are not going to fix the corruption we are witnessing. Either we do this within the corrupt system or eventually the people will have to fix it. Trump is the best option right now.

      • Dano, I hope some of those competent people were on the stage last night. If you look at Ron DeSantis’ record on election reform in Florida (good policies that started before him, but he continued and improved upon), he’s clearly competent and motivated in this area. This is a guy who has aggressively — and successfully — removed Soros backed prosecutors for failure to uphold the law. That gives me confidence in his ability to execute. DeSantis stood up to the left and the courts regarding redistricting in his state, and would allow himself to be rolled — he’s got backbone. He’s had success in getting woke educational materials out of public schools with both good policy and an ability to help get solid candidates elected to local school boards. His policies on immigration are working — especially forcing businesses to use e-verify in hiring (something Trump promised to do but did not deliver). Nikki Haley was a great economic/free-market/fiscally responsible governor of South Carolina, who, among other impressive accomplishments, got a Voter ID law passed in her state in 2011. Tim Scott is probably the most sympathetic candidate running at this point given his backstory, though I’m still waiting to see what meat he puts on the bones of his policy proposals. I don’t know much about Doug Burgum, but what little I have learned so far is intriguing — came out of nowhere to win a governorship in his first race. Republicans have a really good bench of candidates — something we should be grateful for.

      • Rob, everyone on stage last night are all swamp dwellers except Vivek. You blame everything on Trump who was under attack from even before he won election and to finish him off, a plandemic and two fake impeachments were added. Why are these people so afraid of DJT? Because the uniparty and establishment corruption where career politicians and those connected can make a fortune. Why do politicians stay in DC so long after they run out of solutions to our problems? Because they join the Washington corrupt machine and become yes men and women to their respective parties. Does life get easier for Americans? No, because most elected people fall in line or are obligated to whoever helped or paid their way to get to the power base, DC. The same professional politicians that you back are just like the politicians who have destroyed America with $32.7 trillion dollars in debt crushing the buying power of the dollar. There was no one on that stage that has the guts and fortitude to take on DC. The public is sick of professional political grifters. But as smart as you are, you can’t or refuse to see that you are wrong. Electing another swamp rat is your path to change? Please!

      • Dano, I hear you regarding that $32 trillion in debt. But you do realize that Donald Trump racked up nearly $8 trillion of that total during his one term. And, it’s not fair to say no one on that stage will take on DC. Listen to this interview by DeSantis where he laysout in detail his plan for dismantling the deep state.

      • Rob, how easily you and others forget. Trump took over after Obama and Biden had decimated the military. That had to be rebuilt, the border wall needed to be built and other areas of concern ruin by the previous administration needed attention (dollars). And to top it all off a planned and executed pandemic to throw everything out off. Hindsight is always much clearer than when problems or actions occur. Joe Biden has increased the national debt by $7 trillion dollars in 2.5 years and the swamp keeps printing money crushing the value of the dollar. There’s a big difference between adding debt for the benefit of the country as opposed to destroying America by fighting Russia in a proxy war to cover his and Obama’s crimes in the Ukraine and to hide the illegal 11 biolabs that Russia found as well as the money laundering taking place. This is not about Trump; it’s about exposing all the corruption we’ve been living under while the corporate media dumbs down Americans. The free corporate press is dead, and all of our institutions have been ruined as a result. It’s either fix it or live under the thumb of corruption, the theft of our freedom and our sovereignty as a nation. The debate just reenforced the fact that Trump will be the nominee and Biden will not be the democratic candidate.


    • Yes, Trump did as so H. Jay Eshelman and other commentators.
      One day voting.
      No mail in voting.
      Paper ballots only.
      Do absentee ballots without signature verification.

  12. Complete hogwash and a pretty piss poor hack job, at that ,in all due respect.
    I’ll be Trump by a landslide and a lot of Dems will vote for him too.
    They are also Americans , after all, and want to live safely.
    Just look at VT, after years of Dem rule ,over run with murders, drugs, gangs ,robberies, broken medical system, all the youth fleeing to other states, gangbangers from down country setting up shop across the state, food and basic goods prices through the roof…I can go on and on but you get my drift.
    Enough is enough, it will be Trump by a landslide.
    You have this one wrong Mr.Roper.

    • William, I truly wish I could agree with your assessment, but if living with the horrific consequences of electing Democrats was a recipe for voters coming to their senses and choosing the other party, Vermont would be the reddest state in the Union.

      • And it looks as though we can’t agree with your assessments nor can the over 154 MILLION viewers who decided to forgo watching the much lesser-regarded GOP candidates debate the stage last night and who instead watched Tucker Carlsen’s interview with President Donald Trump that aired simultaneously.

        Well, I do have to hand you kudos for you dudes doing your darndest to knock out the frontrunner of the 2024 race (thus far anyway, until Gavin Newsom “saves the DNC” by graciously stepping forward after Biden is ever so “suddenly” found unfit to serve four more years & leftists and the fake media drool over his totalitarian take-over).

        You guys certainly LOVE the D.C. swamp, huh? Tell me though, what’s in it for someone like you?

      • Mr. Roper,

        It’s a good thing you weren’t around when it was time for the American Revolution! You clearly don’t have the capacity to see, hear or know the much, much deeper value and meaning of the present circumstances that are way ……………………………. beyond a man named Donald Trump.

      • Time will tell, but as an old hand, going back to Dutch’s days, and an active one at that ,knowing Washington, and the globe well, Trump is the only one with the gonads ,street smarts, brains, and experience, to hit the ground running, with team in place, ready to rape, plunder and pillage, that what needs raping, plundering and pillaging, and were I younger, I’d be standing by his side, broadsword in hand, longboat standing by, ready to assist, where, and when needed, and I advise you folks to do the same, as it is do or die time, in the swamp! I’m all in and if you love what our country used to stand for, you’d best be all in too!

        In all due respect Robert.

      • VTBeleiver, I most certainly understand that the issues at stake are way beyond a man named Donald Trump, which is precisely why I am willing to look beyond the man to find the the best person for the job of dealing with the present circumstances, which are beyond dire. What I see in the comments section here are people unwilling to look beyond the man — or even at the man in an honest, evaluative manner. This is not a good way to pick a candidate for president.

    • Being a retired gentleman I get to watch a lot of the news and I go to many different channels to try to get the truth..

      One thing I have noticed more and more is that when reporters are speaking to people in the audience there are Democrats who claim they have never voted for a Republican in their life that will be voting for Donald Trump in the next election..

      This happens all of the time to the people who haven’t been brainwashed by cronies like Rob Roper and the rest of the members of the uni party..

      Donald Trump is well loved as a great following and people admire him for what he did for America and the American people…

      He is the only candidate that believes America belongs to we the people…

      I visit Florida frequently and I used to like Ron DeSantis until he ran in this election and if I ever become Florida voter I can guarantee you I will never vote for him…

      Let’s remember one thing DeSantis can promise the world it’s going to be a quite a different thing for him to deliver it…

      Suggest otherwise would prove the point that everyone says that he’s a member of the uni party and a puppet..

      All he does is repeat the promises to do things that have already been done by Donald Trump.

      And Donald Trump had to do them in spite of the resistance from every person around him including the rinos…

      I truly believe Trump will win this election by a landslide…

  13. How come you did not consider that the election was stolen? Did you bother to investigate that aspect? Find just one case and that is all that is needed to shed the possibility of more. And one case cannot be tolerated just because it is the only one found. I went to bed with Trump as my president and sometime in the wee hours the biggest thief ever known was elected.


      Dead Voters – CONFIRMED

      Corrupted Tabulator Software – CONFIRMED

      Dominion executive part of Biden Team – CONFIRMED

      Poll watchers illegally removed – CONFIRMED

      Mathematical impossibilities – CONFIRMED

      15,000+ Ballots missing in Georgia – CONFIRMED

      More voters than people in a County – CONFIRMED

      Fake Signatures – CONFIRMED

      Whistleblowers alleging wrongdoing – CONFIRMED

      Hundreds of Sworn Affidavits – CONFIRMED

      Voting system processing parts from China – CONFIRMED

      Voting machines vulnerable to hacks – CONFIRMED

      Mail In voting fraud – CONFIRMED

      Stuffing of Drop Boxes (2000 Mules) – CONFIRMED

  14. MAGA, Mr. Roper – but nice try. Never seen so many people so scared of one lone man.

  15. The same folks who don’t think President Trump will drag down the Republican Party, especially here in Vermont, believe in Dr. Frank’s farcical election fraud wackology.

    • The point is, Mr. Arnold, that many of us would like to see the Republican Party ‘dragged down’… assuming that means purged of the patrician elites who believe the commoners among us can’t handle freedom, liberty, or the truth.

      Now, with regard to election fraud.

      Can you tell me the process town clerks use to verify the signatures on the mail-in ballots they receive?Could it be akin to the storied “6th-degree polynomial”?

      • Most Vermonters despise President Trump, and a quick glance at his previous election results in the state speaks volumes. Could Trump’s presence be a help or a hindrance for Republican candidates in Vermont? Can solid, viable GOP contenders prevail in spite of the president’s mannerisms and attitude, which Vermonters simply do not appreciate?

        Election Fraud Conspiracy – totally mishandled by Vermont Republicans. Vermont Republicans should have provided a concrete and impartial blueprint for assessing the State’s election protocol. Although it’s possible to manipulate the system, it doesn’t necessarily mean that anything immoral is taking place. In truth, the process requires some restructuring and needs to be looked at holistically. Engaging a process consultant would have been a wiser decision for the Republicans than bringing in Dr. Frank and his dubious, laughable views.

      • Mr. Arnold, I’ll cut to the chase.

        The reason you don’t explain the process Vermont’s town clerks use to verify signatures on the mail-in ballots they receive, is because there is no process to do so. Vermont Town Clerks don’t have verified signatures on file.

        And that, “…it’s possible to manipulate the system,” certainly doesn’t mean something immoral isn’t taking place either.

        Why else would our legislature and election officials incorporate a flawed voting system that can be manipulated, if they didn’t want to be able to manipulate it?

        And if they’re so stupid as to follow such a flawed system, who keeps electing them?

        No. I can’t prove the election was stolen. But you can’t prove it wasn’t stolen either. This is what’s immoral about this whole thing. We have a flawed election system, and no one will fix it.

        Trump received 10 million more votes in 2020, when he ostensibly lost that election, than he did in 2016, when he won. He received more votes in 2020 than any incumbent president in America’s history. And Joe Biden, the articulate Joe Biden, the incorruptible Joe Biden, who campaigned from his basement, received 81 Million votes!??

        If you think Dr. Frank’s methodology is dubious and laughable, what about our current procedures?

        Don’t pay any attention to that man behind the curtain, Tom. Rob Roper and the great and powerful Oz have spoken.

    • Dear Mr. Arnold,

      I know it has become difficult to know what is true. Please open your mind to the reality that our votes are being manipulated. I know denial is a comfortable place to be, but take a long, hard, honest examination of our Vermont Election System. Is was designed to be corrupt and chaotic just for people like you who refuse to “see” the obvious.

    • If the states like PA, GA and others who changed their election laws without being changed by those states’ legislatures in violation of the U.S. Constitution, those elections are Unconstitutional, therefore illegal. PERIOD.

  16. So tired of hearing this from part time Republicans. Voting Trump, supporting Trump and anyone who spews this crap in the above can pound sand. MAGA

  17. Well Mr. Roper Amen! And unfortunately, too many of these comments prove your point. The other strategic failure at play is that candidates should be promoting their visions and not campaigning against Joe Biden because he is a straw man decoy that will be long gone by the time ballots are printed.

    • Mr. Comstock: Because you’re the only commentor to agree with Rob, so far at least, would you be kind enough to elaborate on those comments that ‘prove Rob’s point’?

      • Jay – I have long appreciated reading your material. However, the foundation for my support of Mr. Roper’s premise is that it’s clear the path forward for many people is a Trump/Biden rematch. In my view, this is not the path to conservative success.

      • Jeff: For what it’s worth, I don’t believe a Trump/Biden rematch is in the cards either. But the reason I asked you the above question was because I assumed you agree with Rob, that Trump shouldn’t be the nominee, and something in the comments here ‘prove’ Rob’s point. Was I mistaken in that assumption?

    It’s Trump or China?
    Freedom or freedom lost?
    Use your voice before you have no choice!

  19. A Trump supporter dies & goes to heaven. St. Peter greets him at the pearly gates.
    “You lived a good life so I will grant you a completely honest answer to any question you have.”
    Trumper: “Who really won the 2020 election?”
    God: “Biden, in a fair election.”
    Trumper: “This goes even higher than I thought”

  20. Mr. Roper,

    Sounds like the numbers show that most do not agree with your assessment.

    Reports say 11 to 12 million viewers watched the first Republican Debate last night while 80 – 100 million tuned in for Tucker’s interview of President Trump.

  21. Rob,
    There’s zero chance enough Republicans will over any other candidate other than Trump. That’s the beauty of their design. He’s a shoe in on the right.

    Now what they’re going to do on the left still remains to be seen a little and you got RFK you got new some you got election cheating…. Who knows how they’re going to play it this time.

    What I can tell you is pleading with other people to vote. Anyone other than Trump is going to end up with Trump not being elected absolutely. Another thing I can tell you is that getting Trump elected it’s going to lead to their outcome. Absolutely.

    You’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t you just don’t know it yet

  22. Wow – this commentary sure got some major blowback to and fro. The minority uniparty really are shaking in their expensive designer shoes and dry-clean only clothing. They can’t beat 45 legitmately, so the only tactic left is to smear him, arrest him, villify him, and make jackasses of themselves because 45 lives rent free in their corrupted heads 24/7. The Uniparty is exposed and the establisment, as it stands currently, is falling headlong into it’s own implosion. Gator rolling bigly. Hallelujah! Psalm 112:10: The wicked shall see it, and be grieved; he shall gnash with his teeth, and melt away: the desire of the wicked shall perish.

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