Hartford, CT drug dealer arrested for murder: police

Following an extensive investigation that began more than three years ago, the Vermont State Police has identified a suspect in connection with a double homicide that occurred in Woodbury on Oct. 30, 2018.

A judge on Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 24, issued an arrest warrant on charges of aggravated murder and first-degree arson for Manuel Gomez, 32, of Hartford, Connecticut, in connection with the killings of 29-year-old Carol Fradette and 48-year-old David Thompson at their homes on Bliss Road in Woodbury.

Gomez is in custody at the Otisville Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York, on an unrelated federal conviction for illegal possession of a firearm. He is scheduled to be released next week, at which time he will face arrest on the Vermont charges.

A joint investigation by the Vermont State Police and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives began after Fradette, Thompson, and their three dogs were shot and killed, and their residences set on fire late Oct. 30, 2018. Fradette and Thompson lived in separate residences on the same property in Woodbury. Their bodies were found in their homes, which had both been set on fire. Investigators believe the fires were intended to conceal the homicides.

Investigators determined that Gomez was selling large quantities of heroin to Thompson, who might have owed Gomez more than $20,000. Digital evidence shows that Gomez traveled to the Woodbury area from Hartford, Connecticut, on the evening of Oct. 30, 2018, and arrived at Thompson’s residence shortly before a neighbor called 911 to report a fire at the home. According to investigators and court paperwork, Gomez has denied knowledge of or involvement in the homicides. Statements from Gomez regarding his whereabouts on the evening in question contradict digital and physical evidence obtained during the investigation.

The Vermont State Police worked with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and with Washington County State’s Attorney Rory Thibault throughout this investigation. Participating in the case were VSP’s Major Crime Unit, Bureau of Criminal Investigations, Crime Scene Search Team, Narcotics Investigation Unit, and Victim Services Unit; the Department of Public Safety Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit; the Vermont Forensic Laboratory; the Vermont Chief Medical Examiner’s Office; the ATF; and the FBI.

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  1. Most Vermonters and northern New Englanders will settle financial disputes and debt collection with a pointed conversation or at worst through an attorney, using the legal system Unfortunate that this autumn tourist from one of the larger urban enclaves of southern New England brought with him his more abrupt way of resolving a financial obligation. Opioids are a dirty business.
    So fortunate that we have such effective and resourceful leaders in Montpelier and in some of our State’s Attorneys offices who deal with the opioid issue with intelligent slogans like : “you can’t arrest your way out of a drug problem” and “drugs are not a legal issue, they are a health issue”.
    Please let’s just let the Feds handle this prosecution so this individual can be locked up until he reaches room temperature and Vermonters dont have to hear any more stupid slogans.

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