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Americanism & Marxism symposium Saturday in Brattleboro

An Americanism and Marxism symposium sponsored by Vermonters for Vermont Initiative will be held Saturday in Brattleboro. Details:

When:    Saturday, 27 November 2021 at 9am to 2pm.

WhereWhetstone Church 28 Birge Street Brattleboro, Vermont. Refreshments provided. 12 Noon lunch break for 45 minutes, please bring your lunch and there are eating establishments within five minute drive.

To Register: Email us at or Contact “Vermonters for Vermont” at 802.417.7734 &

When you see your country start to employ BIG government communism it is time to Rise Up.

The  symposium, developed by Ed Wheeler in Middlebury on Americanism & Marxism is ready to travel.  It’s message is one that people of all ages should attend and become aware of in this growing conflict.  Marxism is communism and a huge failure whereever tried around the globe. “We The People” here in America and other free society’s must stand-up for Capitalism & Freedom!

What is in the program: An interview with Ed Wheeler on the Symposium: 

Symposium on Americanism and Marxism

Part 1 – Definitions/Characteristics of Americanism and Marxism

Part 2 – The Spiritual and Historical Roots of Americanism/Marxism

Part 3 – How Marxism invaded the United States

Part 4 How to Strengthen Americanism and Combat Marxism in our Country

Below are three participants’ perspectives on this on “Americanism & Marxism:” 

The Americanism vs. Marxism” seminar with Pastor Ed Wheeler was eye-opening, to say the least. I already knew some of the devious activities that are going on in America under the guise of ‘social justice,’ ‘equity,’ ‘anti-racism,’ and other woke buzzwords, but to see the full extent of the infiltration and indoctrination in this one-day workshop just blew my mind. If we don’t wake up and stand up for God, liberty, and traditional moral values, there won’t be a country left to stand up for.  S. Johnson, Lamoille.

In a world that is growing increasingly complex with defunding police, covid recovery, gender identity issues, trillions more in debt, inserting racism into our educational system and more, it is growing that we have a serious look at what are roots have been and how it compares to alternatives that are surfacing.  Ed Wheeler’s symposium on Americanism and Marxism does this VERY well.   M. Hafner, Orange 

America is teetering on collapse from within, our founding documents, free-markets and our people are under daily attack from the Left. We The People must learn the facts and stand up for Freedom, liberty, independence, and our future now. Every Patriot must revisit America’s resolve, and how Marxism will destroy our great Nation.  G. Thayer, Rutland.

Sponsored by: “Vermonters for Vermont” Initiative & “Advocates for VT”, 802.417.7734

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  1. Awesome. THANK YOU to the organizer(s)! And I love the setting: Brattleboro – the “Marxist” capital of VT. VERMONT: Wake Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I recently attended this symposium in Middlebury. This symposium – contrasting ’Americanism’ against Marxism – is a well thought out and organized presentation. It highlights the irreconcilable worldviews of these two competing civilizational constructs. As our two major political parties vie for your vote, it is becoming evermore ‘self-evident’ that one party is on the side of ‘Americanism’ and the other on the side of Marxism and the stakes between these two political ideologies couldn’t be more commanding. I encourage those that can to attend.

  3. Pastor Edd , did a great Job on Saturday , Good Group , Grateful for Rick Morton , Hosting this Event