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Publisher: Readership WAY up! Your help needed!

Vermont Daily Chronicle readership climbed steadily during 2021 and has skyrocketed in October and November. To continue to reach more readers with news and commentary, reader support is needed.

Dear Vermont Daily Chronicle reader:

October and November have been breathless months at Vermont Daily Chronicle. Until October, Vermont Daily Chronicle had never exceeded 100,000 views per month. But October hit six figures for the first time. November is already at that number, with almost five days to go.

Readers’ comments also hit a one-time monthly record in November, with 1,164 as of this writing.

Guy Page, Editor and Publisher

What happened? More readers are recognizing we provide Vermont news and commentary the rest of the media just won’t cover. For example, on Wednesday we ‘broke’ the confirmation that a first-grader had, against the will of his parents, been vaccinated for Covid-19 at a VT Dept. of Health clinic in a Brattleboro public elementary school. Every week we publish news that – for whatever reason – you won’t find anywhere else. Stories like this find an avid audience in Vermont and, increasingly, nationwide. Through us, Vermont’s successes and failures are reported to the rest of the nation.

Now let me say it plain: we need your help. Vermont Daily Chronicle is my challenging, full-time job, one for which I’ve passed up more lucrative opportunities. I write most of the ‘front page news’ myself. A growing number of volunteers help with writing and copy-editing. But growth is not sustainable at our current level of funding. Inflation has hiked the cost of rent, transportation, software, and more.

Even more important, we need your support to take our next BIG step: hiring a reporter to cover Burlington and its challenges with unaffordable housing, higher taxes, growing homelessness, police defunding, and an ideologically-driven city bureaucracy and council. When Burlington coughs, the rest of Vermont catches cold. The Queen City’s left-leaning policies are highly contagious to Vermont lawmakers, media, and not-for-profit and business leaders.  

I was born in Burlington. Graduated from BHS and UVM. Bought my first home there in 1986 ($50,000!). Volunteered at and sat on the board of directors for a North Street homeless shelter. Been part of two prominent faith communities. Started the city’s only true ‘community newspaper,’ the North Avenue News. The city I see now has changed much. What’s happening there cries out for responsible, independent news coverage.

I’m asking you to support Vermont Daily Chronicle by donating on a one-time or monthly basis. Here’s how you can do it:

  • PayPal. Click on this link on our website, then click on the yellow DONATE button in the middle of the page. That will bring you to our PayPal site. You may choose a one-time or monthly gift. Many, many thanks for your contribution. 
  • A Check. Please mail to Vermont Daily Chronicle, P.O. Box 1547, Montpelier, Vermont, 05601.

Vermont Daily Chronicle has no sugar daddy, no rich aunt, no corporate sponsors writing big checks. We are supported by a small but growing number of advertisers, and by people who care enough to give: $108 for an annual voluntary subscription, or more or less as your heart and means direct.

I probably don’t mention our ongoing revenue needs often enough. I’m often urged to ‘say it plain.’ So here it is. If you believe Vermont needs a growing Vermont Daily Chronicle, please say so with your wallet. For whatever you can do, we thank you!

Free Speech Forever,

Guy Page, Editor and Publisher

Vermont Daily Chronicle

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  1. Sending a check today; what I WON’T be donating to anti free speech FPF anymore!

    • I too was kicked off Front Porch forum, and I tried for weeks to find out what I said, wrote, what they heard,- and never any answer back.

      I valued their service, bought sold, gave away,- and donated $125 to them.

      Pompous Progressives Punishing the proletariot

  2. Wish I could do more !! You do an awesome job ! I love hearing the news as it really is !!

  3. Just donated. That so many Americans want to get rid or alter our Constitution, or dismiss our first two amendments, doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy. Am reading Carl Sandburg’s Pulitzer Prize winning biography on Abraham Lincoln. The second volume, The War Years, reminds me quite a bit of our America today. Lincoln has been in office for only a month and Fort Sumter has already fallen. The Confederates want to secede from the Union. Not comparing Sleepy Joe to Lincoln. I wouldn’t compare ANYBODY to President Lincoln, but “I see a bad moon arising…I see trouble on its way….”

  4. Thank you is not enough to express how grateful Pete and I are that you go the extra mile to dig deep to get the truth out about so much we care about. Truth telling is love in action so that others can do the same. You’re a special man “Charlie Brown”! In our prayers!

  5. Just sent my first donation, Guy. Thanks for the tireless reporting and for asking the tough questions in the government press conferences.

  6. Trust me. As one of the few Conservative voices in VT, you’ll be ROLLING in dough soon. Many Vermonters will be waking up to the liberal agenda and the covid scam over the next year and they’ll leave garbage like digger, wcax, the Free Press and VPR in the dust. Congrats and I’ll be sending you some Moolah.

  7. I will be sending a check this week also. When I’m going through my email I always look for
    The Vermont Daily Chronicle. Keeps me informed on what’s going on in Vermont.

  8. Hi Guy – Would you consider publishing your P&L here? Transparency is a good thing.

    • I can tell you I’m a small businessman running a sole proprietor business, working hard to earn less than half of what I earned as a contract lobbyist for 10 years or so. I earn less than I did when I published the Colchester Chronicle for 15 years (1988-2002). But I’m not complaining because I love being my own boss, creating a good daily news product, and, I hope, making a difference.

      • Tks Guy. I respect your answer. And long ago I learned to give only to organizations that are transparent about source and use of funds.

        You might consider creating a non-profit entity for the operation. Some tax advantages and you can pay yourself a salary. Non-profits do file public 990s each year which detail control, source/use of funds, and balance sheet. A tax professional could tell you if it makes sense.

        Tks for creating this site. I’ve long felt that a small minority of wokists/progs in media and legislature ram unwanted change down the throats of the large majority of Vermonters because they have a complete lock on the media narratIve. They convince the majority that they’re really the minority. It’s an effective trick. Control media, control minds. It’s true.

        Keep fighting the good fight!

  9. I’ve been looking for a source of “non-liberal bias” Vermont news — I’m hoping htis is it. Thanks for your hard work on this. The Digger drives me up the wall–appears to be written completely by children. Vermont conservatives need a source of news and a place to “gather.” I mean, 100,000 people voted Republican in 2020. And I see bales of hay around the area with “Let’s Go Brandon” spray-painted on the sides. There’s a lot of “us” around, but you wouldn’t know it from the local media….

    Have you consider publishing something on Substack? Perhaps the more general or sarcastic pieces? Substack has a global reach — and $6 a month from even a few thousand people could really help, I’m sure. And with all the Big Tech censoring going on right now, people all over are clammoring for “sensible” Covid news. I’m on Substack on the time, following “covid realists” there, such as Jeff Childers and Alex Berenson — and a few anonymous folks as well — many Vermonters are also lurking there. People ask me about Vermont a lot. I see a possible income steam for you there. Shoot — you’ve already got the content, and that’s the hard part….

  10. Just donated via PayPal and so much appreciate the difficult work you’re accomplishing. VT is such a basket-case of “progressive” dystopias that it is a breath of fresh air to see people like yourself willing to push back against the mainstream disinformation. If it were not for you and the folks at the Ethan Allen Institute our citizens would be even more cowed by the overseers of our Green Mountain Animal Farm.

  11. I pay for integrity and honesty! I did not hesitate after reading this and shared nationally with our network. The truth is, and should be, a valuable commodity in our present condition. I look forward to reading more articles from the Vermont Daily Chronicle for some time to come. Well done!

  12. Hi Guy,
    Thank you for your hard work and the great resource you are providing to inform Vermonters with important factual information. I will make a contribution to support your work
    Linda Kirker