Gray deflects questions about campaigning while still employed by Attorney General

The Scott Milne for Lieutenant Governor campaign today released a transcript of an exchange yesterday between WPTZ reporter Stewart Ledbetter and Democrat Lieutenant Gov. Candidate Molly Gray in which she refuses to answer directly his question about working on campaign activities while on the job at the Vermont Attorney General’s office.

At a recent debate, Gray criticized Milne, a Republican, for a Freedom of Information Act request seeking all emails and other communications about campaigning while she was employed by the Attorney General. She called it a waste of taxpayers’ money at a time when state funds are in short supply. Milne countered that use of the FOIA process is an example of much-needed transparency in state government.

The link and transcript of Ledbetter’s Oct. 5 interview with Gray appear below.



SL: A list of Twitter posts emerged Monday, with time stamps suggesting Gray conducted some campaign activities during the workday as far back as February, well before taking leave from her $69,000 a year job as a state prosecutor.  Asked about that: 

MG: What I can say is my opponent has a history of attacking opponents.

SL: About the list of tweets, Molly?

MG: This is just another attack.

SL: They weren’t posted by you?

MG: This is just another attack. 

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ZUCKERMAN WOULD HAVE ENFORCED MASK BAN SOONER: “Zuckerman sold his soul to Big Pharma. It’s pretty sad.”

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  1. It is amazing how when they get caught it is “an attack” —an assistant attorney general who is breaking the law! She should withdraw from the race. And then the Senate Majority leader says they endorse her because they need a tiebreak vote — ridiculous— with the mix in the senate by political party if the votes need a tiebreaker then it is really a bad bill! And what does Ms. Gray think about Zuckerman not disclosing where he deposited the alleged Hoffer check identified on Hoffer’s financial disclosures when he got caught accepting email lists from Prog buddy Zuckerman? Zuckerman’s campaign said his campaign didn’t give the emails to Hoffer, that they were his personal emails— well that’s funny — Hoffer cut the alleged check to Zuckerman’s campaign— but that’s right — doesn’t matter if they get their stories mixed up — at the end of the day if there was even a transaction, Hoffer gets to pay himself back and Zuckerman skates without showing where the check, if it exists went. Accountability! Save Montpelier! Ethics! Save Montpelier!

  2. Several years ago, didn’t Martha Rainville have to resign as the adjutant General because she was running for Congress? Oh wait- yes, she was a republican and Gray is a democrat- different rules apply for them