Gates farm in Franklin wins blue ribbon for best milk

Photo credit: Screenshot from Across The Fence.

The Vermont Dairy Industry Association (VDIA) recently presented 2020 Vermont Milk Quality Awards to three Vermont dairy farms:

1st – Howmars Farm | Jonathan & Karen Gates – Franklin, VT

2nd – Steven and Leslie Brown – East Burke, VT

3rd – James & Sara Ackermann – Hardwick, VT

These cash awards are specific to milk quality. They are scored based on somatic cell count, and two bacteria counts; raw count and preliminary incubation count. A discussion of the criteria can be seen on Across the Fence.

“Vermont dairy farmers faced many difficult challenges in 2020.  We want to recognize the continued positive effort, impact and successes achieved within the Vermont dairy industry each year, but especially this year,” said VDIA Board Member Tony Kitsos.  “These farmers work to feed us year-in and year-out, and their continued excellence is emblematic of all Vermont dairy farmers.”

Beginning this year and continuing for the next five years, the A. Pizzagalli Family Farm Fund will provide $5K grants to support the VDIA “Milk Quality Award” program.  The grants are designed to encourage professionalism and quality in the industry and recognize dairy farmers for their daily hard work for Vermont.  For many years, Angelo Pizzagalli has focused the support of  his family on Vermont’s working landscape and its farmers, recognizing the importance of this segment of Vermont’s economy and shared heritage.

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  1. Congratulations to Howmars, Brown and Ackerman Dairy Farms! It’s not easy operating a Dairy Farm (or any Farm) that feeds the population. Best wishes for continued success in producing great quality milk!

  2. It would be interesting to know where the milk from these farms is marketed.

  3. And also, thank you for the hard work and efforts that put quality into the finished product each and every day of the year.

  4. How proud Vermont should be knowing there are farms like these who have survived and made it to the top. This is what it’s about people – this is Vermont Strong!! Congrats!!