Vermont Liberty to discuss Covid and the Constitution

Steve Merrill, one of several scheduled speakers at May Vermont Liberty events

Four events planned in May are designed to educate and encourage Vermonters to defend the Constitution in the face of government over-reach during the Covid State of Emergency:

  • Saturday, May 1, Main Street Park in Rutland at 12noon.
  • Sunday, May 2, Gardner Park Bandstand in Newport, 2:00pm.
  • Saturday, May 15, Statehouse in Montpelier at 12noon.
  • Sunday, May 16, Burlington (location to be announced) at 2:00pm.

Each event will include several speakers on the topics of rights of citizens to assemble, have privacy, have autonomy over our own bodies and to free speech. All Vermonters who are concerned about personal liberty are welcome to attend. Bring a flag and a neighbor!

Speakers at each event include:

  • Steve Merrill, NEK-TV host of “It’s News To Us” and the first reporter in Vermont to cast doubt on the Jay Peak fiasco a few years ago.
  • Alice Flanders, an Aero-space engineer, Naval Master instructor and language expert who ran for the Vermont House in 2020.
  • Ericka Redic is an accountant and small business owner in Burlington who ran for VT Senate in 2020.

These events are organized by the newly formed Vermont Liberty Network, details can be found at or on Facebook.

For details contact: John Klar: 802-673-4852

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  1. This is what we need. Thank you! I pray that there will be a huge positive turnout as everyone needs to be informed of their rights, defend the Constitution and stand up to government over-reach.

  2. We desperately need to take a stand en masse! This once beautiful and safe state is on a rapid decline thanks to all who kowtow to the leftist Illiberals!

  3. Thank you! It will be a challenging to get reach the critical mass but we have to start somewhere. The sheeples are so brainwashed. The government tells them what to fear and they buy it without any critical thinking.

  4. 100% agree! Good vibrations and Beverly on point about critical thinking – People need to turn off their Tell-a-vision and seek alternate sources fast. Programming of the masses needs to end.

  5. We had a great turnout here in Rutland. I was a speaker for John Klar. I spoke on America being a Constitutional Republic, NOT a democracy. Other speakers were great too: John Klar of course; Mike Lannon on CoVid-19 effects on our children and Lynn Roberts on Frederick Douglass.

    It was a great day in Rutland for Liberty and Freedom and our Constitution! Thank you,


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