Gas stove replacement in state buildings proposed

By Guy Page and Tim Page

A Senate bill introduced Feb. 3 would require non-fossil fuel stoves, space heaters and hot-water heaters in all state-owned buildings when current systems are replaced.

S59, sponsored by Sen. Andrew Perchlik (D/P, Washington) and 16 other Democratic or Progressive senators, but no Republicans, would “install in any building owned or controlled by the State: (1) a renewable space or water heating system when any space heating system is replaced or when a new space or water heating system is installed, and (2) a non-fossil fuel cooking appliance when any fossil fuel cooking appliance is replaced.”

The bill has been referred to the Senate Committee on Institutions. 

Government-ordered replacement of gas-powered stoves was first raised by the Biden administration last month. The administration has since backed off, in part due to grassroots and Congressional pushback – including from an influential Democratic senator.

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, led two bipartisan efforts to prevent the Biden Administration from banning gas stoves in households across West Virginia and America, his office reported Feb. 2. In January, Senator Manchin released a statement in opposition to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC’s) consideration of a gas stove ban.

Senators Manchin and Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced the bipartisan Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act, which would block the CPSC from banning gas stoves. The legislation would also prevent CPSC from using federal funds to impose regulations that would substantially increase their costs and make them unaffordable for millions of American families.

Other recent Senate bill introductions would:

Establish public pre-K schooling and offer financial child-care assistance for non-citizens. S56 would establish the public prekindergarten education program, designate a second Deputy Secretary within the Agency of Education, establish a property tax exemption for child care providers, reorganize the Department for Children and Families and establish the Department of Economic Empowerment, increase family eligibility and provider payments in the Child Care Financial Assistance Program, establish the Noncitizen Child Care Assistance Program, and provide child care workforce retention grants.

The bill was sponsored by Sen. Ruth Hardy (D-Addison) and 16 other senators, and sent to the Health & Welfare Committee. 

Toughen sentencing for repeated dealing of hard drugs. S58, sponsored by Sen. Richard Sears (D-Bennington), would require drug dealers convicted of second and third offenses, and offenses with death resulting, serve the full term of at least the minimum jail sentence for the offense. Sears is the only sponsor. Other bills under consideration would reduce sentences for possession and other ‘user’ drug crimes. The bill was sent to Senate Judiciary, which Sears chairs.

Create the Vermont Climate Corps. S53, sponsored by Sen. Kesha Ram Hinsdale and sent to the Economic Development Committee (which she chairs), would allocate $5 million to “create the Vermont Climate Corps to implement a work program that would provide employment [for youth 18 and older] doing climate resilience and adaptation work.”

All bills introduced into the 2023-24 session to date. Current through February 3, 2023. For more information see http://www.legislature.vermont.gov

Bill #IntroducedTitleLead SponsorSponsor partyCommittee
S.592/3/2023Requires renewable heating systems in all current state buildingsPerchlikDem./ Prog.Institutions
S.582/2/2023Increases penalties for repeat drug trafficking, death resultingSearsDemocratJudiciary
S.572/2/2023Allows towns and cities to limit firearm use at gun clubsClarksonDemocratGovernment Operations
S.562/1/2023Expands public pre-K educationLyons/ HardyDemocratHealth & Welfare
S.552/1/2023Allows government bodies to meet online, no physical location necessaryClarksonDemocratGovernment Operations
S.542/1/2023Maintains separation of insurance markets in VT Health ConnectCummingsDemocratFinance
S.532/1/2023Creates a Vermont Climate Corps work programRam HinsdaleDemocratEconomic Development
S.521/31/2023Ensures State health insurance eligibility regardless immigration statusHardyDemocratHealth & Welfare
S.511/31/2023Amends authority to investigate claims of abuse of vulnerable adultsLyonsDemocratHealth & Welfare
S.501/31/2023Protects patient access to, payment for health careCummingsDemocratFinance
S.491/31/2023Genetic and consumer health information privacyLyonsDemocratEconomic Development
S.481/31/2023Regulates sale of catalytic converters to scrap metal processorsChittendenDemocratEconomic Development
S.471/27/2023Transport of individuals to psychiatric careLyons/ SearsDemocratHealth & Welfare
S.461/27/2023Ensure rights to independent auto repairGulickDemocratEconomic Development
S.451/27/2023Establishes elective income tax on pass-through businessesChittendenDem./ Rep.Finance
S.441/27/2023Manufacturers pay for household hazardous products collectionBrayDemocratNatural Resources
S.431/26/2023Legal representation in the child protection systemRam HinsdaleDemocratJudiciary
S.421/26/2023Prohibits State retirement systems from investing in fossil fuelsRam HinsdaleDemocratGovernment Operations
S.411/26/2023Eliminates life without paroleRam HinsdaleDemocratJudiciary
S.401/26/2023Regulates firearm usage, storage, and purchaseClarkson/ HardyDemocratJudiciary
S.391/26/2023Legislators’ pay and benefitsClarkson/ HardyDemocratGovernment Operations
S.381/26/2023Municipal planning permitsMcCormackDemocratNatural Resources
S.371/25/2023Access to abortion and gender-reassignmentLyons/ Hardy/ Clarkson/ Ram HinsdaleDemocratHealth & Welfare
S.361/25/2023Permits arrest without a warrantSears/ LyonsDemocratJudiciary
S.351/25/2023Hartford’s infrastructure financingWhiteDemocratFinance
S.341/25/2023Kindergarten enrollment ageChittendenDemocratEducation
S.331/25/2023Miscellaneous judiciary proceduresSearsDemocratJudiciary
S.321/25/2023Ranked-choice voting for presidential primary electionsRam Hinsdale/ HardyDemocratGovernment Operations
S.311/24/2023Open carry and self-defense with firearmsRam HinsdaleDemocratJudiciary
S.301/24/2023Sister State ProgramHardyDemocratEconomic Development
S.291/24/2023Military protection ordersRam HinsdaleDemocratJudiciary
S.281/24/2023Restrict litigation against abuse survivorsWhiteDemocratJudiciary
S.271/24/2023Reducing usage of cash bailsRam HinsdaleDemocratJudiciary
S.261/20/2023Removing residency requirement from assisted suicideLyonsDemocratHealth & Welfare
S.251/20/2023Banning certain harmful chemicals from cosmetic, health productsLyonsDemocratHealth & Welfare
S.241/19/2023Implementing the Clean Fuels ProgramWhiteDemocratNatural Resources
S.231/19/2023Prohibiting certain forms of discriminationHardyDemocratEconomic Development
S.221/18/2023Posting of land, hunting/ fishingPerchlikDem./ Prog.Natural Resources
S.211/18/2023Safety zonesPerchlikDem./ Prog.Natural Resources
S.201/18/2023Basic Needs Budget and minimum wage calculationRam HinsdaleDemocratEconomic Development
S.191/18/2023Tobacco prohibitionsRam Hinsdale/ LyonsDemocratEconomic Development
S.181/18/2023Flavored-tobacco banLyonsDemocratEconomic Development
S.171/17/2023Sheriff reformsSears/ HardyDemocratJudicial
S.161/12/2023Exceptions for clergySearsDemocratJudicial
S.151/12/2023Presumptive probationSearsDemocratJudicial
S.141/12/2023Justice expendature reportingSearsDemocratJudicial
S.131/11/2023Referral of cases to community justice centersHashimDemocratJudicial
S.121/11/2023Union electionsRam HinsdaleDemocratEconomic Development
S.111/10/2023Persons prohibited from firearmsBaruthDemocratJudicial
S.101/10/2023Water filling stations in schoolsChittendenDemocratEducation
S.91/10/2023State Auditor examining State contractor recordsBrayDemocratGovernment Operations
S.81/6/2023Counsel for the legally insaneHashimDemocratJudiciary
S.71/6/2023Public defender expanded accessHashimDemocratJudiciary
S.61/6/2023Police interrogation of juvenilesSearsDemocratJudiciary
S.51/6/2023Affordable Heat Act mandateBrayDemocratNatural Resources
S.41/6/2023Violent crime reduction for juveniles through gun controlSearsDemocratJudiciary
S.31/6/2023Prohibiting paramilitary training campsBaruthDemocratJudiciary
S.21/6/2023Payment, case management for developmental disability servicesLyonsDemocratHealth & Welfare
S.11/6/2023Act 250 and aircraft hangarsSearsDemocratNatural Resources

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    • The devil is always in the details. Not many state controlled housing units have provisions installed for two energy sources for stove/ranges. If currently LP or natural gas- and mandated for electric only- new wiring will assuredly need to be installed. Not necessarily just from electrical panel to appliance, but the electrical panel and wiring feeding that may need to be upgraded- and upstream to the utility transformer. A somewhat daunting and very expensive task, say in one of Burlington’s 4+ story Section 8 housing complexes.
      A simple replacement of a range could easily exceed four or five thousand dollars per unit, in this situation.
      As we should have learned in decades of legislating by emotion in Montpelier, these
      folks no longer even attempt to get things right or think of consequence to their diktats.
      A challenge to sen. perchlik: Please inform your fellow senators and rep’s of the comparative efficiency of LP gas burners and resistance electric range burners/ovens. It would be relevant as to the total amount of CO2 emitted by gas ranges in Vermont, as well. Here’s a hint: ANR Secretary Julie Moore can’t even tell you. Over at The Div. of Fire Safety, Michael Desrochers can tell you about the building and electrical code requirements needed to make your dumb idea work. Like so many of the claims made by climate evangelists and grifters, the devil is in those details too.

  1. Nice! While we mere mortals are distracted by the gas/electric stove controversy,
    ms. ram hinsdale has seen fit to introduce legislation to fund administering a workforce of “ethnically diverse” teens to “weatherize” Vermont.
    That’d be $5,000,000.00 spent to set up administration for another state run program.
    Five Million dollars in 2024 without so much as actually installing a piece of weatherstripping or a square inch of insulation. That happens in 2025, presumably after an even larger appropriation to actually do some sort of “weatherization” Yet I see some folks enthusiastically supporting ms. ram hinsdale’s expenditure as good fiscal and environmental policy- such is the power of the climate evangelist.

  2. Absolutely let’s waste more taxpayer money replacing functional equipment because it hurts your fragile feelings.

  3. More stupidity from our democratic state politicians. I think we have more important things to worry about than gas stove replacement. We also have better things to use our taxes on than this dumb idea. If they want them replaced then they can pay for it entirely. Maybe we should do a study to see how much this will cost to do And then how much it will cost to operate electric ones. Bunch of idiots. I’m sorry to call names but I’ve had enough of these stupid ideas. The lack of common sense in our state leadership is mind boggling.

    • Karen, great advice to everyone, Write Them!!! let them know your thoughts. I just sent an email to Hardy, etc, about their Free Healthcare bill. Voicing your opinion on Guy’s articles is great and I read alot of them and most of you have really good concerns BUT you also need to write them as well.

  4. I have not seen any reference to the regulation of wood or wood product fuel for cooking, heating, decorative or other use, either indoors or outdoors. Applicable on private or public property, camp or picnic grounds, commercial or personal! When are these regulations going to be made public?

    • That one is probably next. Electric crappy stoves are the warm up before they tell us our wood burning stoves are affecting the “climate” or that there’s a wood shortage in VT.

  5. If I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it a thousand times. People (rightfully) complain about this or bitch about that. yet we keep getting more of the same. I can see it in the liberal enclaves, but in the Vermont I know, the majority opinion leans conservative. Always has, always will. And we vote. So how exactly are these dem super-majorities achieved? Do they really represent the feelings and wishes of real Vermonters who scrounge out a living day to day? Think about it. Methinks something is rotten in Denmark.

    • Allowing students to vote in Vermont, universal mail in ballots, zero management and clean-up of voter roles, no ID required to vote, ballots mailed out of state to people no longer living in the state, motor voter (register your car or get a license and you are registered to vote legal or not. These are just a few problems that could be fixed if our politicians were honest. Guess what they count the votes and they win. No possible way to prove voter fraud or no voter fraud.

  6. Instead, how about we replace democrat progressive legislators with gas stoves instead?

    Any extant gas stove is far more useful than any of these knuckleheads; you can’t even heat up a Hot Pocket with them or anything.