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  1. Well, yeah, the state of affairs in VT is depressing, however, to even comically encourage yet MORE voter apathy will merely 100% ensure we can never defeat the alt right lunatics.

    More than enough people have been apathetic for decades – it’s probably best for the right to not further inspire their lack of motivation.

    • We can either vote for a moderate who can win…or we can stubbornly vote for hardline republicans and lose…while progressives and liberal dems continue to ruin everything. I say vote for the moderate!

  2. It’s sad but the cartoon is about right. There may be a few races where a true conservative has a chance, but I think in most cases the only way to “Take Back Vermont” at this point, is the same way you boil a frog, turn the heat up gradually.

    • There is a primary yet, to decide who will represent each party in each race. Personally I have not made my mind up yet. I may change it several times between now and then. There are a couple of things I can tell you for sure at this point. #1, and most important, I will vote, as a vote not cast is a protest not heard. #2, I will vote for whomever the most conservative candidate is in each race. That is in my opinion the best I (we) can do.

  3. Jim Jeffords was only a Republican by Vermont standards. In reality he was always a liberal democract, just not a progressive or socialist like Bernie Sanders.

  4. I know, we’ll vote for a lesbian Republican in a same sex “marriage” who’s probably pro-abortion. That’ll show those Leftist Progressives we mean business!

  5. If that’s the way you feel…don’t vote for her…that’s your right. But if you don’t vote for her…than you’ve got no right to complain about Peter Welch.
    I’m happily and proudly voting for Christina Nolan!

  6. Yes…there is another republican running for senate…but in Vermont…he can’t win a statewide race.
    And that’s a good point about 2016…but Trump lost Vermont in a pretty big way. The US Senate is a statewide race. If we want a conservative to win…it’s going to have to be a moderate.

  7. Could somebody explain what is a “far right-winger? Because it seems to me that we accept these right/left labels too easily.
    Whenever a Democrat’s electoral chances are threatened by an opponent, the easiest go to tactic is to hurl labels. Candidate R is X-ist so therefore unelectable.
    We fall for it every time.

  8. I would rather vote for someone who is a true conservative and lose than to vote for someone like Phill Scott or Christina Nolan only to get stabbed in the back later on. When Christina Nolan said she would appoint Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court that was all I needed to know about her. She lost my vote.