Babylon Bee: Psaki Reminds Reporters That Biden Doesn’t Speak For The President Of The United States

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a tense press conference Monday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki faced pointed questions about several Biden misstatements that led to chaos during his trip overseas. Psaki quickly reassured the gathered press that Biden doesn’t speak for the President of the United States.

“The President has clearly said, and we agree, that Joe Biden does not speak for this administration,” said Psaki to the confused reporters. “Nothing said by Biden should be misconstrued to reflect the official foreign policy of the President. This administration has been clear from the beginning, that we have always been clear about what we have been clear about, clearly.”

“But Jen!” said a feisty Peter Doocy, “Don’t you think these inconsistent statements could cause World War III and unleash CRT on our kids all at once? Why did Biden have to walk back his statements?”

“We would like to walk back the statement that we have ever walked back any statements,” said a frustrated Psaki. “But if you find any statements that we have walked back let me know and we’ll circle back later to walk back our walk-back.”

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  1. LOL! Of course not! But he does speak for the Chinese Communist Party & the LGBTQWHATEVERYOUPRETENDTOBE crowd.

  2. With this type of pretzel logic no wonder gas is $4 a gallon, store shelves are empty, people can’t afford to heat their homes and we are closer than ever to a nuclear showdown. Keep voting for idiots like welch, sanders, gray and old joe robinette bidumb!! peppermint patty’s statement defies all sensible reasoning.

  3. I did not realize that the loss of cognizance was a communicable disease, but Ms. Psaki has obviously caught what ever mentally degenerative condition that the President suffers from.

  4. Is this the Biden Administration’s equivalent of: ‘Who’s On First?’