Rutland hospital drops vax, mask mandates / State House mostly mask-free

The Vermont State House cafeteria is virtually mask-free this week, for the first time since March, 2020. Page photo

by Guy Page

Rutland Regional Medical Center (RRMC) has dropped its pandemic-era mandatory masking and vaccination policy, a spokesperson said Monday.

“At the present time, COVID-19 infections rates in our community and among our staff are low,” Director of Communications and Community Relations Kevin Robinson said. “As a result, the hospital has made several changes including relaxing our visitation policy to allow two visitors per patient, lifting mandatory masking in non-patient, non-public areas, and suspending mandatory testing for unvaccinated staff. Should infection rates creep up again, we stand ready to reimplement these policies because they are extremely effective at reducing the spread of COVID.”

The VT Dept. of Health Covid-19 dashboard for today shows 87 cases in Rutland County, compared to the state’s three triple-digit ‘hot spots’ of Chittenden, Washington and Windsor counties.

The Vermont State House also rescinded its mandatory masking policy – except in some employee work spaces and in committee rooms. Masks are still strongly recommended, but not required, in the cafeteria, hallways, and other public spaces.

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  1. Meanwhile at uvmmc, the “unclean” must go to uhc building and be tested at designated (and limited) times. Once a week. Many of these folks have natural immunity. A staff member vaccinated in Dec of 2020- no testing. uvmmc is following The Science.

  2. …and meanwhile I know more vaxed and boosted people who have gotten covid or had terrible colds and flu symptoms than unvaxed.
    At this point I’m beginning to question if it’s even safe to be around my vaxed family and friends, let alone go to a hospital that insists on testing only unvaxed employees. What’s up with that?!

  3. To summarize: hospitals, government officials, educational institutions, and businesses are retaining the unconstitutional option of imposing masking, testing, and vaccine passports should bogus positive covid tests exceed their ever-shifting level of scientism comfort.

  4. If weekly testing for the unvaxed is mandated is an institution received Medicare or Medicaid payment, how is Rutland Regional Medical Center skirting this? Asking for a friend. She is still required to test weekly because it is “Mandated by Medicare.”

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