Fox News can’t take drone video from the border – now here’s America’s reporter, Sen. Ted Cruz

by Guy Page

Last night, Fox News reported that the Biden’ administration had declared a drone ‘no fly zone’ over the Del Rio, Texas International Bridge, where more than 10,000 Haitians have gathering since the Biden administration cancelled its deportation policy. Hence no more overhead ‘drone’ news footage – surely no accident.

In response, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) put on his ‘on the spot’ reporter hat and last night provided his own video. No, it’s not drone coverage, but having a U.S. senator reporting like Dan Rather from the Kyber Pass sends a message to the would-be government controllers of the free press that Americans are wise and won’t stand for it.

Yesterday – perhaps feeling the heat from watchers of Fox News and ‘Cruz TV’ – the administration rescinded the deportation ban.

Normally Vermont Daily Chronicle doesn’t cover late breaking news on the Texas border. Texas and Vermont are far apart, in more ways than one – just ask Vermont’s Elected Representatives from Planned Parenthood what they think about the Lone Star State’s anti-abortion laws. But in the interests of supporting a fair, free and open press, we’re republishing one of Sen. Ted Cruz’s tweets. Because whatever the federal government is trying to hide is probably worth covering.

Haitians are gathering in Del Rio because eight days ago, the Biden administration cancelled deportation flights to Haiti in the aftermath of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that on August 16 further disrupted the already precarious lives of citizens of that Caribbean nation.

For whatever reason, the deportation ban was rescinded yesterday – much to the consternation of ‘Squad’ member Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA): “That ICE would continue to carry out the mass deportations of our Haitian neighbors—with Haiti in the midst of its worst political, public health, and economic crises yet—is cruel and callous.”

This 24-hour-news story offers no long-term solutions to the decades-old illegal immigration crisis that official Washington seems unwilling to solve. But it does show that – for now anyway – our federal government can’t completely control the news. And that’s good news for everyone.

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  1. Anyone seeing a pattern here:100,000 Afgan refugees last week, 10,000 Hatian refugees this week, plus the endless stream of refugees from all over the world streaming into America, since the Biden Administration took office. Ultimately, America will no longer be America. My thought is that you can’t have a one world government, unless you dilutea a country’s population to the extent that it is unrecognizable, with no dominate democratic population.

  2. Where are the children? Heard the thousands of children crossing the border have “disappeared.” Does anyone care? Crimes against humanity.

    • It’s just my take, but I suspect that the aspect of the conditions that the children endure is why we have heard less about them of late. No one can or should be able to turn a blind eye to this, and say, “oh well”. No I suspect that it is still happening, but as with the attempt to control the narrative by shooting down the Fox drone, the press has been blind deaf and mute (the three monkeys) to placate the Democratic political machine.

  3. It’s pretty obvious what is going on here. Fox’s drone flights have been happening since the beginning of this boarder crisis. Now with the onslaught of Haitian refugees at the boarder, and a report of somewhere between 10, and 20 thousand more hitting the boarder in the next few days, along with the what has become the “normal” 1-2 hundred thousand illegals who have been crossing every month, the present administration does not want the debacle that they are encouraging being the lead story on every network’s 6 o’clock news. This not so well planned failure is becoming not just a Fox news story, but it’s become such a disaster that even the lame stream, Democratic controlled media is, and should not be able to turn a blind eye, lend a deaf ear, or a mute voice (picture three monkeys) to this misrepresentation of the conditions, and numbers at our Southern boarder, and who caused it. (remember the Democratic party primary “debate” where the question was asked who is in favor of free health care for undocumented aliens?) Freedom of the press ? Every media outlet should be questioning this unconstitutional act, as if allowed to stand, it will be just a matter of time before such unlawful incursions into our Constitution become acceptable, and even CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, etc. will be no more than a mouth piece for the government. Oh you think they are already ? You ain’t seen nothing yet if this allowed to stand without being challenged. God bless America, we need you more than ever !

  4. U.S. policies have certainly created World problems. However, so have the policies of numerous other nations. Conditions in countless countries in the Third World have never been equitable for their people. E.g.: Afghanistan has been oppressive of women throughout its history, except during the U.S. occupation. Without the technical expertise of more advanced nations, particularly the U.S., there wouldn’t be cities flourishing in many parts of the World that remained backwards until relatively recently.
    If the U.S. becomes untenable through massive influxes will our own civilization survive?
    A number of years ago a crowd of immigrants from Haiti arrived in the U.S. and camped out near the border crossing in Derby Line. People from the UU Church were friendly to them. The word is that they weren’t poor, but simply wanted to leave Haiti. Were they refugees? Were they people who were prospering and simply wanted more? Who knows.
    There are paradoxes in history that need to be, at least, considered. If this country keeps going on as it has, the Republic may not survive for our lifetimes.

  5. So it’s illegal to fly a drone but legal to enter America illegally?? Sounds like pretzel logic to me. We really need a change in leadership and our justice system which is void of any logic.

  6. Ted Cruz Get-R-Done Thank you Sir 👍🗽🇺🇸
    For the one’s that voted for Biden and support his Administration you are at Blame too !!
    Biden quote: THE BUCK STOPS HERE A LIE!!
    Stay tuned for more Looney Turns from this So-Called Biden and his Administration that’s all Folks!!

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