Former UVM prof to speak on Diversity, Inclusion & Equity effect on children

Psychologist Aaron Kindsvatter will speak on the effects of DEI training on young people at the fourth SPEAK VT public forum shedding Wednesday November 8 at 6:30 PM at Holy Family Community Center, 28 Lincoln Street, Essex Junction.

Kindsvatter will help illuminate the nature and impact of the DEI ideology proliferating throughout the K-12 curriculum. He will illustrate the nature of the misguided assumptions that inform DEI, and the impact that these assumptions have on children and their families. He will also share some ideas and resources for helping schools get back on track.

Kindsvatter is a former faculty member of counselor education and supervision at the University of Vermont. He is a Founding Member of Free Black Thought, of Critical Therapy Antidote and of the International Association of Psychology and Counseling. Dr. Kindsvatter is one of the chapter leaders of the Vermont Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR).

SPEAK VT is a community group in the Essex Westford School District. Part of our mission is to educate the public on DEI policies and their consequences for students and families.

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      • Reverse discrimination and manipulatiton tactics to create dysphoria, cognative dissonence, conjures fear, hatred, violent tendencies, and emotional destabilization. In a nutshell, crimes against humanity. All encouraged, supported, and funded by our government.

  1. Where have you been, a cave? How about a simple web search.