2A group builds war chest to challenge gun control laws in court

John Cragin Jr. and John Cragin Sr. of Cragin’s Gun Shop in Rutland present a check for almost $2000 to VTFSC President Chris Bradley

A Rutland gun shop raised almost $2000 in a firearm raffle, presenting a check to a Second Amendment advocacy group October 31.

The check presentation at Cragin’s Gun Shop shows how the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs is nearing its ambitious fundraising goal for mounting a serious legal challenge to Vermont’s gun control laws.

In late June, The Federation announced it was building a war chest to file challenges against Vermont’s existing high-capacity magazine ban, as well as a new 72-hour waiting period that was just passed this year.  

“We are confident that neither of these laws will pass constitutional muster under the [U.S. Supreme Court] Heller & Bruen decisions,” VTFSC President Chris Bradley said. 

Across Vermont, citizens who believe that their rights have been more than just infringed have stepped forward with donations to this fight, with over $230,000 collected so far.  At Cragin’s Gun Shop owners John Cragin Sr. and John Cragin Jr. conducted a raffle for a firearm on their own initiative, with all proceeds going towards the lawsuit, which raised almost $2,000.

“It is through the selfless actions of the Cragins, and thousands of other Vermont individuals and businesses that we are going to challenge unconstitutional laws – and win,” Bradley said.

Further information on our challenge can be found at

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  1. Excellent. I would encourage anyone reading this to follow the provided link and donate to the cause of freedom from a tyrannical Vermont Progressive legislature. Let’s beat this unconstitutional foolishness.

  2. What a shame to have to collect private funds to defend the basic Constitutional Rights of law-abiding Vermonters. There will no doubt be more assaults on our basic gun rights coming down the legislative pipeline after the massacre in Maine so those who care need to stay vigilant and pony up to VTFSC:

    VTFSC Defense Fund
    c/o Marcia Marble
    14 Stafford Ave, Morrisville VT 05661

  3. What I see as the impetus to situations such as this, is the lack of consequences for law makers that write, and pass laws that they know are not constitutional. These disingenuous “public servants” take an oath to protect the constitution, not desecrate it by intentionally passing laws which are contrary to it.

      • In any normal society (not present-day Vermont), the “punitive damages” would be applied at the next election.

      • Personally I think that any Legislator that knowingly introduces legislation which is unconstitutional should be impeached, and prevented from ever running for office again. There is a proper ways to change the Constitution, and it ain’t standing back ten feet to throw excrement at a wall to see what sticks.

  4. When my father died and left me his gun collection, the Craigin’s helped me appraise and take car of all the paperwork. They were so courteous and professional. Class acts!