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Former lawmaker named Windham County side judge

Elected to term beginning in February, Partridge named to fill current vacancy

By Guy Page

A former House committee chair and Democratic caucus leader in the Vermont House of Representatives has been named as a Windham county assistant or ‘side’ judge by Gov. Phil Scott.

Carolyn Partridge

Rep. Carolyn Partridge, a seamstress and farmer from Windham, announced this spring she would not seek re-election. The chair of the House Agriculture and Forestry Committee was elected by county voters November 8 to serve as one of the county’s two assistant judges. She served as the Assistant Minority Leader in 2003 and 2004 and Majority Leader from 2005-2008.

Partridge’s term of judicial office won’t begin until February, but Scott appointed her to complete the term of a side judge who had resigned. 

The side judge is a uniquely Vermont institution. Not required to be lawyers, they originally provided traveling ‘circuit’ judges with helpful, local information. Modern-day side judges do not pass judgement alone on criminal or major civil cases, but some may sit alone in small claims, uncontested divorces, traffic offenses, and violations of municipal ordinances. They also oversee the courthouse operations and appoint some county officials. 

As a member of the Windham School Board in 2021, Rep. Partridge reportedly solicited out-of-town residents to vote in a local school vote. A House panel refrained from censuring her after taking testimony on the incident. 

Boards and commissions serve an important role in state government, giving Vermonters numerous opportunities to serve their state and communities. The governor’s office is currently soliciting applications to fill vacancies and upcoming term expirations. All those interested in serving on a board or commission should visit the Governor’s website.

Appointments made by the Governor over the last six weeks are listed below:

Clinical Utilization Review Board             

  • Colleen Horan, Montpelier

Travel Information Council        

  • Elizabeth Kennett, Rochester
  • Francis Heald, Rutland
  • John LaBarge, South Hero

Passenger Tramway Board

  • Scott Reeves, Stowe
  • Kirsten Ericksen, Mendon
  • Mike Tarricone, Shelburne
  • Tom Buchanan   Londonderry

State Program Standing Committee for Adult Mental Health

  • Alexis McGuiness, Norwich

Vermont Milk Commission

  • Fitzroy Beckford, Burlington

Criminal Justice Council

  • Rachel Lawler, Jericho 

Elevator Safety Review Board

  • Brian Marchegiani, Halifax

Vermont Community Development Board          

  • Gabriel Lajeunesse, Montpelier
  • John Kascenska, East Burke

Vermont Commission on Women

  • Annette Mackin, St. Albans

Artificial Intelligence Council

  • Philip Susmann, Northfield

Advisory Panel on Special Education

  • Tracy Rubman, Shelburne

Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

  • Anthony Sgherza, Cabot

Vermont Immunization Advisory Council            

  • Christine Payne, Peacham
  • Deb Doyon, St. Johnsbury
  • Ashley Miller, Norwich
  • Christine Yates, Morrisville

Vermont Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board

  • David Baker, St. Albans

Glastenbury Supervisor

  • Rickey Harrington, Shaftsbury 

Somerset Supervisor

  • Rickey L. Harrington, Shaftsbury

Buel’s Gore Supervisor

  • Jacob Perkinson , Burlington

Vermont Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision        

  • Meredith Pelkey, Waterbury

Vermont Milk Commission         

  • Mark Magnan, Enosburg
  • Randi Muzumdar, Libertyville, IL
  • Harold Howrigan, Sheldon
  • Paul Doton, Woodstock

Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities          

  • Lisa Elowson, Williston

Community High School of Vermont

  • Stuart Recicar, Colchester
  • Joan Lenes, Shelburne
  • Sarah Flynn, Williston
  • Grace Sweet, Waterbury Center
  • Heather Weinstein, Montpelier

Governor’s Veterans Advisory Council  

  • Alan Cook, Northfield
  • Adrianne Schulz, Randolph

Board of Professional Engineering

  • Gary Dillon, Waterbury
  • Jason Booth, St. Albans
  • Claus Bartenstein, Rutland

Vermont Veterans’ Home Board of Trustees

  • Larry Cupoli, Rutland

State Board of Education

  • Richard Werner, East Dover

State Board of Dental Examiners

  • Robert Ruhl, Wilmington
  • William Koch, Barre
  • Lucille Kelly, South Hero

Vermont State Housing Authority

  • Linda Joy Sullivan, Dorset
  • Jo Ann Troiano, Montpelier

Vermont Real Estate Commission

  • Samantha Lefebvre, Orange

Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel

  • Stephen Skibniowsky, Vernon

Windham County Assistant Judge

  • Carolyn Partridge, Windham

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  1. Pretty sure “republican” governors are supposed to be appointing republicans & conservatives: especially in a state that DESPERATELY needs them. In a couple of years when socialist Governor Ponytail is in office – he won’t be appointing any, that’s for sure.

    Rino’s do what Rino’s do best, I ‘spose.

  2. No shame. Partridge won’t admit her blatant effort to solicit election fraud — which was successful. But the elites appoint fellow elites with impunity: there is no accountability, and no public outrage….

  3. State is living in the 1800’s, 21st century is heading this way it won’t be stopped

  4. 159 Boards and commissions in this administration. With an average of 5 unelected individuals on each one you can see how this state is being run without elected officials being involved. This has got to stop, along with all of the free money (your tax dollars) being dumped here.
    The bottom line is that each municipality needs to put in an application for some of it before it’s all gone.

  5. Randi Muzumdar, Libertyville, IL – Linkedin page shows no connection to Vermont. Currently works for HP Hood starting 2020, after a one year stint at INTL FCstone (aka StoneX.) The longest employment with Kraft Foods, changing positions and titles every 3-5 years. One example of a drifter grifter, has an inside connection (lobbyist?), appointed by the Panderer-in-Charge,but will set policy and regulations through the VT Legislature. The list is long. If every person on this list is background checked, more connections will be found that raise legitimate questions of conflict of interest ethics violations. Vermont Immunization Advisory Council created in 2015 through Act 37 – refresh your memories on this act from the link provided: – Reads suspiciously like a Fauci/NIHS set up to me.

  6. Leave it to Gov Phil Scott to ignore ethics, general honesty, overall capability. His office puts no effort into appointing capable people. Just focuses on pleasing the liberal crowd. These should be elected positions anyway.