Fighting the climate emergency agenda

To the editor: My friend Charles Wilson is running for VT State Representative in Caledonia County 3 district. Charles is a Pro Life, Constitutional Vermonter who has spent a great deal of time going to events and rallies around the State.

He is running for State Rep because he wants to get Vermont back on track by teaching reading, writing and arithmetic in schools instead of the agenda creating confusion and division among our children and grandchildren. Supporting law enforcement and our military. Stepping up and fighting for your constitutional rights which so many in the Legislature are trying to destroy.

Charles will fight the climate emergency agenda in Montpelier that will raise the cost of fuel for Vermonters’ home heating and their vehicles. The State budget has exploded and must be brought to a realistic number. Biden’s economic disaster is costing every Vermonter $500 – $1000 every month just to maintain what they have now.

Charles has stood up multiple times in Montpelier to make this voice heard. The election is just a few weeks away. Jim Sexton, Essex Junction.

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