Fear of drag queen show prompted Canaan school threat: court records

Shane Gobeil (left) allegedly threatened to ‘kill a lot of people’ in the tiny Northeast Kingdom town of Canaan if a drag queen show is held at one of its schools, court records say.

By Guy Page

On June 13, Shane Gobeil of Canaan allegedly told people at a Stewartstown, NH store he would ‘kill a lot of people’ at a Canaan school if it ever held a drag queen show with his children present, New Hampshire court documents say. The threat led to his arrest on harrassment charges by New Hampshire police. 

“Within a week after Gobeil was trespassed from Canaan, VT school property, for harrassing/intimidating students, other parents, and staff regarding mask recommendations, Gobeil communicated to people inside Solomon’s Store a threat to kill a lot of people at Canaan school, and he expressed concern about a potential ‘drag queen show,’” court records say. 

Gobeil does not face charges in Vermont, because the event occurred in New Hampshire. However, a Vermont judge Thomas Devine on June 15 granted Essex County State’s Attorney Vince Illuzzi’s petition for a six-month civil order for extreme risk protection, according to Vermont court documents. 

Both his New Hampshire bail conditions and the Vermont extreme risk protection order prevent him from possessing firearms. The Vermont order also prohibits him from “purchasing, possessing, or receiving a dangerous weapon.” 

Gobeil doesn’t own a gun, court records say. The order does not check the box requiring him to relinquish any dangerous weapon in his possession – presumably because according to court documents, Gobeil does not possess a weapon.

As well as not owning any guns, Gobeil is not “Brady disqualified” from owning one under federal gun laws – although he does have a Class B felony assault conviction on his record. Neither was his threat to kill students necessarily deemed “imminent,” court records say. However, he reportedly said he “intended to exercise his right to own firearms” (Vermont state police say in court documents) if his children are exposed to ‘transgender and drag queens’ at Canaan schools. 

In his court petition for the extreme risk protection order, Illuzzi argued that the threat posed by Gobeil did not need to be imminent for the order to be necessary and granted. Under the circumstances, what matters is that his access to firearms is imminent, the prosecutor argued.

“Once Respondent learns that there are already transgender students attending Canaan schools, the risk posed by Respondent’s ability to possess a firearm is imminent because Respondent may purchase or otherwise obtain firearms,” Illuzzi wrote. 

Gobeil is out on bail and will face the charges against him in New Hampshire court in August.

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  1. Even in this age of doxing, cancelling and intimidation for daring to express certain opinions, there are effective and tolerable ways of publicly expressing one’s derision about recent changes in cultural norms pertaining to children. Threatening violence is NOT one of them. It is ENTIRELY UNDERSTANDABLE that some parents have deep feelings about having their children exposed to “drag queen story hour” which objectively really must be seen as a sexualized performance meant for minor children. Would it be considered appropriate to bring a child into a strip club, casino or brothel? Those who consider a “drag queen” event for children wholesome enlightenment and an act of “celebrating diversity”, I can only suggest you seek professional help. In a “less enlightened” age of maybe 40 years ago, the idea of deliberately exposing one’s child to such an event would have been considered child abuse. There, I said it…

  2. Regardless of anyone’s personal opinions about sexuality in all its forms or any of them: drag queens are people who identify as male but enjoy presenting themselves in stereotypically feminine guise: clothes, hair, makeup, accessories, the works. The typical drag queen is over-the-top, exaggerated, theatrical, and exuberant; the goal is not to look “like a woman” but to look like a burlesque fantasy—much in the way, in our recent past, women themselves were encouraged to look, and/or to imitate actual female exemplars like the Gabor sisters, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor et al.—at least when putting on evening dress, if not for, say, a day at the office or on the assembly line. I’ve known several professional drag queens, all gentle men (and gentlemen) whose gifts included dramatic flair and a sense of humor—as well as acknowledgment that the way people choose to express gender and gender identity is cultural and need not be fixed. One of my friends, when not in drag, looked a lot like your average white guy in chinos and a button-down shirt. (He didn’t even have long hair, though he did shave his chest. Which some non-drag and very very straight guys also do.) I am saddened that Mr Gobeil feels so negatively as to make threats about drag queens and trans people (and many drag queens, BTW, are not trans, some are not gay, and all are free in this country to dress and act as they will within the law. Thankfully, the cross-dressing laws that I remember from my girlhood, sixty years ago, are no longer on the books, so men (or women) who cross-dress, whether in drag or just in daily habit, cannot be arrested and jailed for what they wear any longer. I remember well when that was the case! And, as far as drag queens being “sexualized performance,” I encourage people to go back and watch a classic old film, “The Girl Can’t Help It,” from 1956, and tell me that Jayne Mansfield’s character, appearance, and role in that film is just good old wholesome American girlhood on parade.

    • Your examples point to films, celebrities, and show business parody. Old time Hollywood and J. Edgar Hoover brought us to exposing minor children to a lifestyle at a time when they don’t understand much about life to begin with? I saw Milton Berle in a dress when I was young. We pointed and laughed at him…it was a joke! The problem with Pervmont and the rest of the nation “normalizing” gender benders is the populace being bamboozled to accept something for centuries was considered either a joke or eccentric behavior. The minority digs in their heels and demands we must accept this behavior toward children as normal. Yet, they will not accept the majority doesn’t want it pushed into children’s faces. Before, it was considered child abuse to expose children to sexually explicit materials. Why have movie ratings? Why have no foul language on network broadcasts? Why don’t we fling the doors wide open and let us all do whatever we want and say whatever we want? Welcome to societal collapse. Please refer to Sodom and Gomorrah to see how that worked out for them.

    • Burlesque, Marilyn Monroe, the Gabor sisters and other performers of that time were geared toward adult entertainment and not for children. Like another commenter says here, you can do as you please privately and you can perform in adult settings for adults, and no one cares. The backlash from regular parents and others not accepting your argument just do not want these people sexualizing their children. How hard is that to understand? Some of these performers might be talented and wonderful gentle people but they should limit their trade to consenting adults. Parents who expose their children to adult, sexual entertainment are destroying the child right to be a child and should not have adult entertainer forced on them to appease their parent’s sexual liberalism.

  3. What a person does in their own home is their business. My question is “why do they find it necessary to bring their sexual beliefs and behaviors into the schools. Can everyone bring their beliefs and behaviors into the schools. If so, can the Christians bring their bibles in to the school and read stories from it to the children?

  4. I understand your sympathy towards “Drag Queens” since, evidentially, you number them among your friends and/or acquaintances. Regardless, they are not a legitimate group considered qualified for diversity consideration. Again, why do you hide behind the “Anonymous” moniker? what are you afraid of? Perhaps you fear losing your job. Maybe a teacher, town official, state representative, perhaps a member of the clergy. Obviously you refer to yourself as a woman.


    • I totally agree Wyneta Levine.. What are the school’s doing to our children. I was under the assumption that schools were there to teach the basic Math, reading, writing, history, geography, etc. When did sex of any kind enter into the curriculum of any school. Who is pushing this agender? Does this have anything to do with the reason teachers are leaving all the school? What other things are they teaching the children. It is time for parents to wake up and investigate the subjects your kids are being indoctrinated with and if it contains this stuff then find another way to have your child educated unless you agree with it. Your tax dollars are paying for this.

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