Farmers get best price for milk, ever

but costs for the three F’s of fuel, feed, and fertilizer sky high, too

Vermont dairy farmers are getting a record-high price for milk, according to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Farmers in May received $26.58 per 100 pounds of milk sent to dairies, up 51 cents from April. A year ago the price was $18.34. But farmers’ costs for fuel, fertilizer, and feed are up, too, due to reduced supply from Ukraine/Russia and inflation in general. 

Amtrak’s Ethan Allen Express train will begin passenger rail service from Burlington to New York on July 29. “Very soon, we will be able to climb aboard a train in downtown Burlington, and arrive in New York City in time for dinner,” Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger enthused. “This long-desired service will give a boost to our economic recovery at a critical time, and give travelers a new, lower-carbon connection to New York and the rest of the Amtrak system.”

44.9% of Vermont small businesses are having a hard time finding new workers, tied with Missouri for the highest rate in the nation, according to a recent study by HelpAdvisor. “Some are calling it the ‘Great Resignation,’ others the ‘Great Reshuffle.’ But no matter how you describe today’s job market, one thing remains true: small businesses are having a hard time finding help,” the study said. Only three large metro areas – St. Louis, Detroit, and Jacksonville – have a higher rate than Vermont. 

Tomorrow at noon, Gov. Phil Scott will highlight workforce development initiatives passed in the 2022 legislative session at Vermont Precision Tools, Inc. in Swanton. He will be joined by Administration officials, business leaders, stakeholders, and community partners to discuss the workforce challenges facing the state, as well as the investments made this year to help address them.

Former Danville lawmaker and Democratic challenger for Lt. Governor Kitty Toll has 13 siblings, she revealed in a June 15 press release. “I know how to bring people together to get things done.” One of those siblings is Sen. Jane Kitchell, who as Senate Finance Chair often would hammer out the state budget with Toll, the House Appropriations Chair. She’s running against a full slate of candidates, including former LG David Zuckerman, in the August 9 primary. 

The State of Vermont wants your help with the Vermont Turkey Brood Survey. If you see a flock of turkeys in Vermont during July and August, the department asks you to go to the turkey brood survey at and report your observations including where and when you observed the turkeys along with the number of adult and young turkeys, or poults you observed.

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